the darkest of times, the darkest of thoughts

gray, empty but i let the words grow and my heart, i let show but with separation came the anxiety, the pain, the journey within confinement. i wasn’t ever my own and my many faces had me so alone, i thought i might drown. it started before i even knew what puberty meant: at twelve, i wrote my first lines. now, at twenty, i want you to read my warning signs.

Meet Megan Diedericks

Megan Diedericks is avid writer, and the writing bug bit her when she wrote her first creative essay in school. She is situated in South Africa, and is proudly part of the LGBTQ+ community. This poetry collection details her dealings with grief, loss, love and heartbreak – a storm we all experience, yet feel alone inside of the eye of it.

The Epiphany Colony: The Murder of Vincent Cortez

Journalist Vincent Cortez was found murdered in his home via a gunshot wound to the head, allegedly slain by his young wife, but the speed of the investigation and the relative silence of reporting surrounding the incident never sat right to police detective Elaine Seol, who handed the case off to her childhood friend and colleague private detective Brad Asher, if for no other reason than simple peace of mind. Now it’s up to the two of them to quickly discover what truly happened that night and stop it before another life is claimed, or worse.

Meet Aaron Cahoon

BA from Brigham Young University-Idaho in International Studies, Aaron Cahoon broke into the independent self-publishing scene with The Epiphany Colony, a quick sci-fi detective story taking place on a space colony in orbit around Mars. He lives in Oregon with his wife and cat Julius.

The Hunted

Talon pulled the note from her pocket, staring at it with dread, then forced herself to open it. An icy chill ran down her spine as she read, the words on the paper as cold as ice: “I am going to kill you, young assassin, but you will not die in peace. You will first suffer the horror of knowing that your death is imminent, but without knowing where or when you will die…” When the assassin’s guild made Talon an offer she was willing to kill for, she had to accept. Join them, and she would have the chance to hunt down the bandits who had brutally murdered her parents. Her life would never be the same, and a secret world of crossbows and daggers would become the norm, but it was a price she willingly paid for an opportunity she never thought possible. A death threat was never part of the bargain. She had always been the hunter, the one stalking her prey, but now the roles were reversed. Why did someone want her dead? How long did she have before they came for her? The clock was ticking, and questions went unanswered. Yet somehow, she had to uncover and stop her unknown assailant before time ran out. THE HUNTED is a low fantasy story with an unlikely and intoxicating mix of assassins, wizardry, and love that keeps you enthralled, chapter after chapter.

Meet Robert G. Schweiner

Rob was born and raised in the football-rich city of Green Bay, Wisconsin. And it’s where he continues to live, staying close to family and friends. His love of science fiction and fantasy spans decades – a craving that led to joining a Dungeons & Dragons group when the game was still in its infancy, and where he met his wife of over 30 years. During that span, he designed and ran some of his own campaigns, ultimately writing a novel based on one of his many D&D adventures. His enjoyment of that experience inspired The Hunted – his first original creation. When Rob isn’t writing, he enjoys fishing and golfing (“surf & turf”), softball and basketball, running and biking, and has dabbled in paintball, dirt biking, radio-controlled airplanes, and homebrewing (yes, he’s somewhat of a beer snob).

Their Summer Fling

Hazel Phillips plans everything, so why not a summer fling? She has a good life- a perfect job and great friends. Only one thing is missing- a little meaningless fun. Her sexy new neighbor with six-pack abs might be just what she’s looking for…

When Leo Chapman moves into the Greenview fourplex, he only wants to save money on rent. He doesn’t expect his hot new neighbor to give him an offer he can’t refuse. A summer fling, no strings attached. It’s every guy’s dream, right? It should be. But the sweet, feisty librarian makes him happier than he’s been in years. Too bad she put an end date on their relationship…

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: There are a few steamy scenes

Meet Juliana Stevens

Juliana Stevens is close with her family and grew up in a small town outside Austin. Her favorite pastime is going to the beach and spent many summers in Rockport and Port Aransas, Texas growing up.
She used to write short stories for her friends in middle school and has been an avid reader since elementary.
She lives in Texas with her husband, three kids, and three dogs.

Find her on Facebook and Twitter in order to get the latest updates on her books!

Alfie Brown: The Boy With Purple Eyes (Who Discovered He Can Do Magic) [Part One]


A whole new wizarding world. A tested friendship. The greatest of magical quests.

Alfie Brown doesn’t really care that he has different colour eyes to everyone else, he feels normal in his normal school, normal town, normal grandparents and normal(ish) best friend Tommy.

But things take a turn for the strange at the start of their last year of school that throws them into a world of magick (with a K), wizards and evil demons…

After following a white rabbit, Alfie and his best friend Tommy stumble into a corridor in their school that wasn’t there before, before being saved by a man, or more a Wizard, in a cowboy hat.

There is a whiff of destiny in the air as the mysteries about his purple eyes, the whereabouts of his parents and the existence of real magic are set to be revealed…

But when Alfie is attacked and makes an enemy of an evil demon that is intent not just on killing him but on ending the entire world, Alfie knows he needs help.

Just in time, he meets the charismatic wizard Nikolas Wiseman, who introduces Alfie to the magical world, taking him to the magical city of Magicity and helping him in his quest to defeat a very tricky killer demon.

With double crosses at every turn, Alfie struggles with who to trust.

Will Alfie live up to the pressure and save the magical world he’s just found?

Will he find out where and why his parents disappeared when he was a baby?

If Alfie and his friends don’t work out the ancient magical mystery and defeat the demon then everything he knows and loves could be lost forever.

Alfie Brown: The Boy With Purple Eyes (Who Discovered He Could Do Magic)”is a standalone fantasy novel. If you like Harry Potter, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, The Sword in the Stone and The Magicians, then you’ll love a book that combines all of their best traits in a fast-paced, captivating, magical adventure.

Buy the book to start reading Jack Simmonds tale of magick, wizards and demons today!

The Car: a sonnet sequence with illustrations


An owner’s workshop manual for servicing your life.

Reading poetry may help you step back from the troubles of your life and understand your experiences. It can bring solace at difficult times by offering a fresh insight into life.
These poems of human experience can help you understand your problems by analogy. Sometimes we understand problems better when someone can say: you problems are like this, and put it in another form so that you can see the whole thing working in a different light.
Each poem is easily understandable, often witty and humorous, and each carries an illustration of a car component that mirrors the problems we face every day.
Stuart Larner worked for thirty-five years as a clinical psychologist in the health service, and was brilliant at developing fresh humorous and witty insights with his clients. This bibliotherapy volume carries those insights one step further into the realm of poetry by the symbolism of the motor car.
A sequence of twenty-eight illustrated Shakespearean sonnets describing the human condition in terms of each of the mechanical components of a motor car.