Radiance and Ritual: Skincare and Self-Care for the Winter Season

Winter is a season of beauty and serenity, but it can also present challenges for our skin and well-being. In “Radiance & Ritual,” we invite you on a journey through the winter season, exploring the art of self-care and skincare to help you thrive during these colder months. Within the pages of this book you’ll find a range of engaging sections to enrich your experience: you’ll delve into the essence of self-care, immerse yourself in mindful practices, and embrace the nurturing warmth of physical and cozy self-care. You’ll also be introduced to the joy of quiet moments, think about how you can apply self-care to your finances, and find valuable skincare guidance, including instructions, ingredients, and moisturizing recipes.

Meet Carrie Scharf

Hi! I’m Carrie an author and skincare maker. I love experimenting with ingredients and finding ways to solve skincare issues and creating products that work for your skin. I believe that less is more, and I like to create recipes that use the minimum number of ingredients that still product the desired results. Carrie’s Herbal Infused Skincare Cookbook is for beginners to learn about plants and ingredients and how to make products that benefit their skin type. I began making skincare because of my son’s painful eczema. He has down syndrome and a heart defect and going through his difficult heart surgery and therapy made me realize the importance of self-care. Through “Radiance and Ritual,” I share my knowledge, personal experiences, and unwavering passion for self-care with the world, empowering readers to priorities their well-being and live a life of radiant vitality.