Dressed in the Best!

Know someone who is ALWAYS right…even when they are not? 
When arrogant Emperor Boxham refuses to believe that he is parading in just underwear, he sets out to market his ‘special new clothing’. Can his horrified staff help him to see the truth before they too are expected to parade around in their underwear?

‘Dressed in the Best!’ is the latest addition to the popular Fairytale Fraud series and is a hilarious retelling of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’. Enjoy unexpected twists, playful humour, and delightful illustrations, while igniting a fun conversation about listening and learning! 

Loved by children and parents alike, the Fairytale Fraud well-being series is ideally suited for kids aged: 4, 5, 6, 7 8, 9, 10.

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Gabriella, the Tale of a Misfit Fairy

When Gabriella falls from the villainous Dream Master’s bag, Lore Valley will be forever changed.

Gabriella is no ordinary fairy. With iridescent wings, bells at the tips of her toes, and an impression of a wand coloring her forehead, her appearance alone sets her apart. Intrigued, the fairies welcome her with open arms, but as she grows up, some of her behavior disturbs the residents of the Lore Valley. Queen Pasha, in particular, worries that Gabriella may not have arrived in the valley accidentally. Could she be part of the Dream Master’s plan to destroy the fairies?

Full of quirky characters living in a whimsical world that the maniacal Dream Master seeks to destroy, this novel takes the reader on a roller coaster of emotions as Gabriella explores the Lore Valley and then the greater world beyond it when she takes it upon herself to confront the world’s most formidable creature.

From oddball bats to ghost cats, trolls to polka-dotted hens, Sirens to rouge eagles, you will find characters both lovable and treacherous within the pages of this book. Many of the characters have tidbits of wisdom to impart while others will amuse you with unique approach to the world.

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