The Land Investor’s Playbook: A Powerful Game Plan to Scale to 7 Figures and Beyond!

Unlock the Secrets to a 7-Figure Land Investing Empire!

Are you ready to catapult your land investment business into the realm of seven-figure success? Do you find the volatility of the real estate market daunting, yet yearn to make that bold leap into higher earnings?

Forget the conventional path of basic real estate and land flipping. To join the elite top 1% of investors, you need a game-changing strategy.

The average land investor, often tutored by generic courses, targets modest properties under $10,000. But how can significant gains—like $50,000 or even $100,000 per flip—be achieved with such small stakes?

Enter the world of high-stakes land investing. Myself and my coaching clients have been quietly dominating the market, securing entire portfolios, making six-figure waterfront flips, and quadrupling profits through savvy subdivisions. These insider secrets, once exclusive to my personal coaching clients, are now unveiled to you!

This is not just another guide, or some cute-ebook lead magnet written with AI; it’s a treasure trove of tried-and-tested strategies, refined through my own successful journey in land investing. Inside, you’ll discover:

  • 7 Key Strategies + 4 Bonus Combos: Target the most lucrative properties, sellers, and buyers for maximum profit.
  • Prospecting Mastery: Unearth valuable insights for identifying top-tier deals and carving out a profitable niche.
  • The B.O.S.S. Play: My exclusive approach to consistently earning 5-figure returns on every deal.
  • Commander Mindset: Transform from a lone investor to a strategic commander, mastering 4 essential skills.
  • Reputation Building: Become the go-to assignor in the land investing community.
  • Portfolio Takedowns: Learn how to acquire entire land portfolios through streamlined negotiations.
  • Trophy Property Flipping: Discover how to identify and flip high-value properties for six-figure profits.

If you’re tired of playing small and ready to elevate your investing game, “Boss Up” is your catalyst to soaring success. The market’s unpredictability becomes your playground, where you not only survive but thrive.

Take this vital step now. Add these winning plays to your land investing playbook and witness a transformation in your business!

Are you prepared to harness the power of these groundbreaking strategies and dominate any market?

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Flipping Main Street: How To Flip Houses Without Going Upside Down

Do you want to make money investing in Real Estate? You are not alone!!! Like us, there are countless people out there that have made millions from Real Estate Investing.

There is an obvious challenge though. Where do you start? Have you ever opened an Escrow or worked with a Title Company? Have you ever partnered with a Real Estate investor? Do you want to buy Real Estate outside the United States? Have you ever wanted to own your own AirBnB™ portfolio? Have you ever even written an offer to purchase real estate? Why are you doing this in the first place?

The fantastic news is that we have done all of these things and more. We have invested in Real Estate for over 25 years. We have flipped hundreds of houses and completed so many home remodels and home renovations that if you lined up all of our projects they say you could see them from outer space. We have navigated countless Real Estate escrows. We can show you how to approach Real Estate Investors as potential partners. We have written thousands of offers and we can show you the right way to structure and present your own.

This is a book on how to be a Real Estate Investor and how to consistently make money doing something that benefits you, benefits your partners, your homebuyer clients, and your community as well. It is an A-Z book on Real Estate that will guide you from your initial motivation through Closing on your first property and far beyond.

This is NOT a book on double closings, straddles, white elephant investing, tying up properties and wasting everyone’s time. We want you to be able to be proud of the way you conduct your business and the Real Estate Investment Portfolio you are building. You can create a Win-Win Real Estate Business and we will show you how.

We look forward to being your guides on this journey of Real Estate Investing. Cheers and here’s to your great success!!!

Meet Jerry Agee & Terence Davis

Jerry Agee began his Real Estate investing in 1995 turning his small condo in W. Hollywood into a multi million dollar real estate portfolio that included properties not only in the US but internationally as well. Jerry achieved financial independence at the age of 32 in 2003. Jerry divides his time between Nosara Costa Rica and Park City, Utah with his two children.

Terence Davis has been a full time Real Estate professional since 1997 as a broker and investor. He has been involved in the acquisition, renovation and sale of 100’s of properties throughout California. He is a graduate of UCLA and presides in Redding California with his wife and 3 children.

Terence and Jerry began partnering in Real Estate in 2001 and have participated in over $100 Million in Real Estate Transactions.