The Manual For Humanity Thriving In The New Earth

We are in a global transition in all areas and aspects of our lives. The necessary adjustments and practical ideas are needed for more people to align with the current changes. The Manual For Humanity Thriving In The New Earth contains essential wisdom for the current new phase of our human evolution and transition to the new paradigm. What and why is happening in our new reality is explained in detail, and how we can adjust to be in harmony and benefit from these monumental times, designed for our acceleration. Mother Earth’s frequency has changed, and it is accelerating rapidly. The higher frequencies of light are available to humanity and all beings. There is a need for adjustments to our belief system and psyche (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies to align with the current global alteration of consciousness. Together with all planets, stars, galaxies, and universes, we are on the acceleration path. The old is falling apart, it is a process of rebirth and reconstruction for all. Exactly our evolution happens through a shift from solely the mind to the heart-based consciousness and awareness moment to moment. This is when we are liberated and in alignment with this new reality. The fact is everything we need to evolve is already within us. ‘The Manual For Humanity Thriving In The New Earth’ contains knowledge, wisdom, and practical ideas for new skill set to assist the process of our unification within and with the outer world. Let us join hearts and souls together through wisdom, understanding, and cooperation in creating a better world and the new reality to be an opportunity for all.

Meet Tat Jane Bego Vic

For most of her adulthood Tat Jane Bego Vic was a singer/songwriter and recording artist studying deeper meanings of human life and psyche. She understood early on that spiritual and physical life are one, receiving Certification as a Soul Teacher and Practitioner. In 2017, she founded the wellness and awakening company Soul Light Universal in NYC, helping people heal, transform, accelerate, awaken to their higher potential and purpose. Currently, her focus is on the opportunities to join forces with like-hearted visionaries to expand the essential wisdom, knowledge, and new skills set for our current reality to more people nationwide and worldwide. Tat Jane is a humanitarian, the truth seeker with a deep desire, through her work, to help people accelerate and in this way bring more light to the world. Her seeker spirit in pursuit to positively impact human lives brought her to New York City, where she resides most of her life. The City’s energy, passion, and multi-cultural environment opened her heart to its fullest and inspired her in every way. On her journey of discovery and this pursuit, she started as a singer/songwriter and co-founder of Bego Energizing Art in the mid-nineties. Bego Energizing Art’s concept was to create art that is decorative but also helps people focus and connect them to the source within. Some of the paintings can be viewed and purchased in our Etsy store today. After fifteen years of being in the art world and as a songwriter and mostly recording artist, in December of 2012, Tat Jane suddenly realized that her music and pursuit in the art world will not fulfill her life intent to better this world. Consequently, she turned the focus to the world within and studying. After reconnecting to her essence and powers while attending the Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment for five years, she founded the Soul Light Universal healing, transformation, and awakening company. In one sentence, the Soul Light Universal Company holds groundbreaking knowledge and methods to empower and liberate people from the limitations of their current state and lead them to realization within. Soul Light Universal is a way-shower to what is possible for our healing, transformation, and acceleration journey today. Tat Jane feels most grateful to admit that her first book, ‘The Manual For Humanity Thriving In The New Earth,’ contains all the wisdom, knowledge, and the new skill set needed for accelerating and thriving in these transition times on. She admits that she published the book to assure that no one is left behind on the healing, awakening, and realization journey. Ultimately, to gather as many people to join together in co-creating the new life and world on Earth based on excellence, love, care, and cooperation.