Author interview with Rebecca Carpenter of ‘Butterfly Bones’

Author Interview with Rebecca Carpenter

Fifteen-year-old Bethany Keatley’s life is anything but perfect. Yet despite a rare bone disorder cursing her with the body of a ten-year-old, a dead mom, and being a target for the school bullies, things could be worse. She owes her life to her scientist father and the butterfly hormone racing through her blood. But nature has other plans, a sacrifice for Bethany’s life.


In this award-winning incredible debut, Rebecca Carpenter brings to life the “haunting and twisted story” of one girl and an ending that will blow your mind.



Will Bethany have to sacrifice her life, or will there be another way? To guide us through the twists and turns of the tale, ‘Butterfly Bones’, Rebecca Carpenter, the creator of this scientific experiment has joined me today. Rebecca, just in the summary of this book we’ve combined a teenager, a rare disorder, bullies and a little genetic manipulation together to create something of wonder. Looking back, what inspired you to pursue this creation?           

The idea for Butterfly Bones came while listening to a song called “Caterpillar” by The Cure. At first, it started out as a horror story, but it wasn’t long before the main character put her foot down and let me know what she wanted the story to be about–her story. Bullying is a main theme with a sub-theme of acceptance woven throughout.



Were those themes directly inspired by events in your life?

I drew on the experiences that my children went through while attending school. My daughter especially was bullied, and even though schools have adopted a “No Bullying” policy, it still happens, and with the huge increase in smartphones and social media sites, bullying has taken on a new face.



I don’t envy the schools who are trying to implement ‘No Bullying’ policies these days. With the new technology, they really have an uphill battle. With your keen understanding of this new environment, how did you find the characters developed?

As soon as I started plotting the book, the characters popped from the woodwork, taking on 3-dimensional qualities and each one telling me their side of the story.



When you combined all of these differing stories together, what do you feel that they say to readers?

That each of us have our own issues of doubt, low self-esteem, and figuring out who we are.



What did you figure out about yourself as you were writing about issues including doubt and low self-esteem?

To take my time, revise, and listen to the advice of other writers.



Awesome tips! Do you keep these tips in mind as you write?

The point of view character and what their goals are remain in the forefront while writing. This keeps me on track and focused on where the story needs to go. I also love to listen to music while I write. Breaking Benjamin, Hurt, Cold, Seether, and Evans Blue, and Blue October are some of my favorite groups to get me in the mood of teen angst.



With your music on and pumping, would you say that you find writing energising? Or does the gravity of those topics get a bit exhausting after a while?           

Both. When the words flow and I don’t even have to think about what to write next, I find the process energizing and empowering. But if I have to fight to get the words out, it can be quite exhausting. But both are fulfilling.



What’re the best and worst parts of writing?

The best part is definitely the connections made with readers and other writers. The worst part is the self-doubt that comes with being a writer and always questioning if what you wrote is good enough.



Despite your battle with self-doubt do you feel that your voice as an author has improved or at least changed as you’ve kept writing?

I think my voice gets stronger with each book. But voice is all about who your character is and how they respond to the world because of the things that they’ve been exposed to. Figure that out, and you’ll nail voice each time.



You’ve obviously spent a fair bit of time perfecting the voice of both your characters and yourself as a writer. Have you also put similar effort into promoting and branding your voice?

I do have an author brand. It’s “Novels with a beautiful darkness.” Whenever a reader picks up one of my books, I want them to know what they’ll get, and a beautiful darkness is the best way that I know how to describe my style of writing. I have created a banner on all my social media sites with my author brand, so any site that a reader might visit, they’ll be met with my brand.



I love the simple clarity of what you intend to deliver to your readers. I think that solid, clear statements will get you far. And of course, it will help you with new writing projects as the aim is so clear. What can you tell us about your next project?

I’m working on book three in the Metamorphosis Series. Butterfly Bones is book one. Butterfly Blood is book two. It comes out August 28th, 2018, and is available for pre-order on Amazon now for only $0.99 cents.



That’s not long now! Book launches can be tiresome hauls at times, so let’s energise you a little before you leave today by changing gears and moving towards the festive fun of the quickfire round. And we’ll get firing with, if money doesn’t grow on trees then why do banks have branches?

Because money is made from paper, and paper grows on trees. Makes the money feel at home.



*Laughs* It’s important to make that money feel happy! Can you cry underwater?

Yes, but I blame it on the chlorine.



Sounds like a good excuse to me! What happens if Batman gets bitten by a vampire?           

The vampire dies of rabies.



Ewwww, not a pleasant death at all! If space is a vacuum, who changes the bags?

The man in the moon.



I’m glad to hear that he’s suitably occupied. Our final occupation of today is one of my longtime favourite questions that I think can really show the mark of any author. What’s your favourite word?




*Laughs* Love it! Rebecca, thanks for dropping into today to share your latest contribution of beautiful darkness to the world, and I’ll be awaiting your next release with anticipation!



Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘Butterfly Bones ( ASIN: B01M1E9854 )‘.

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