Three Weeks to Thin

Have you ever wondered WHY weight loss was SO MUCH EASIER when you were younger?

Wondered why your body just doesn’t respond to working out and eating right like it used to?

And are you ready to heal your body and get back to your true weight once and for all?

Then this book is for you.

Professional transformation specialist and best selling author Diana West debunks the MYTHS and reveals the TRUTHS about losing weight fast and TRANSFORMING your body once and for all.

The big secret of the diet industry is most diets work against your natural biology… working in the short term but leaving you worse off than you started a few months down the road.

But that ends today!

West takes you through the 7 step proven blueprint to turn heal your body, turn stress mode off…

And get back to how effortless weight loss used to be.

If you’re a woman ready to take back control of your health, this book will help.

In 3 Weeks to Thin you’ll discover:

  • Delicious & satisfying low calorie, high protein recipes
  • The proven 7 step plan to get your biology (AND your WEIGHT LOSS) working for you over the next 21 days
  • Which supplements you SHOULD take and which ones are a waste of money
  • What fitness experts really do to get lean AND STAY LEAN year round
  • The #1 reason most diets fail, plus how to ensure it NEVER happens to you
  • A trick to lose 500% more weight than everyone else during the holidays, even if you’re at parties drinking and eating cookies and cake
  • How to speed up fat burning by 50% WITHOUT dieting at all
  • The 3 biggest myths around weight loss and why the TRUTH about them will get you
  • PLUS, 3 unusual tricks to lose weight by ADDING to your diet instead of SUBTRACTING
  • And so much more

It doesn’t matter how slow your metabolism is, how many times you’ve dieted in the past, or how much weight you have to lose, with 3 Weeks to Thin the answers you’ve been waiting for are just one click away.

Imagine what it will feel like just three weeks from now…

To be losing weight simply, consistently, and easily. It’s not magic. It’s just science.

If you’re ready to for a flat belly and a great looking butt, then grab this book TODAY!

Your purchase includes access to the 3 Weeks to Thin Starter Kit which includes:

  • How to lose 500% more weight than everyone else over the holidays. Almost all our yearly weight gain happens between November and January – the holidays! This simple 5 minute, bed-time routine has proven to not only keep you from gaining weight during the holidays but dramatically increase your weight loss too
  • Easy online Nutrition Tracker and Journal – Plot your weight loss week by week with this incredible online tool. Just enter the information it asks for and track your progress. Super simple and fun to follow
  • “48 hr Belly Bloat Reverse” Guide – if you struggle with bloating, this quick guide will tell you everything you no to flatten your stomach quickly
  • West’s “At Home Bubble Butt Workout” – Use this before you go out on the town in a pair of tight jeans and prepare to be amazed by people’s responses. This quick reading glute guide will show you step by step what to do to get a peach perfect backside all from the comfort of your own home
  • “25 Mouth Wateringly Delicious Low Calorie Desserts that Won’t Blow Your Diet.” You have to try these desserts. They are clutch at satisfying that sweet tooth and keeping you on track
  • And much, much more

Meet Diana West

Best selling author and transformation specialist Diana West brings you the truth about losing weight loss quickly. After being part of hundreds of transformations, Diana shows you exactly how to harness your biology to get the fastest possible weight loss.

Love to Eat Organic Cooking: Discover the Delicious and Nutritious World of Organic Cooking

Love to Eat Organic Cooking is a comprehensive guide to cooking with organic ingredients. This book is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about the benefits of organic food and how to incorporate it into their daily cooking routine. From breakfast to dinner, snacks to desserts, this book offers a wide range of delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes that use fresh, whole, and organic ingredients. The book also covers the basics of organic cooking techniques, including the differences between organic and conventional food, factors affecting the quality of organic food, and best practices for cooking with organic ingredients. In addition, the book provides valuable tips for meal planning and preparation, grocery shopping for organic ingredients, and storing organic ingredients properly. Moreover, this book offers advice on sustainable cooking practices, such as reducing food waste and supporting local organic farmers. Whether you’re a seasoned home cook or new to the world of organic cooking, Love to Eat Organic Cooking is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to make healthy and delicious meals using the freshest and most wholesome ingredients available.

Meet Slava Ukraine

Slava Ukraine is a professional chef and culinary expert with a passion for organic cooking and sustainable living. With years of experience in the culinary industry, they have honed their skills and developed a deep understanding of the benefits of using fresh and organic ingredients in cooking. They have worked in various restaurants and catering businesses, gaining invaluable experience and knowledge about cooking techniques, menu planning, and sourcing ingredients. Their commitment to sustainable living has led them to advocate for the use of organic ingredients, reducing food waste, and supporting local organic farmers. Through this book, they hope to inspire readers to embrace organic cooking and discover the many benefits it has to offer. Their love for food, combined with their passion for sustainability, has made them a leading voice in the organic cooking movement, and “Love to Eat Organic Cooking” is a testament to their expertise and commitment to making the world a healthier and more sustainable place.

Eclairs and Executions

Famous literary critic, George Dixon, is found dead. The murder weapons are several manila folders. The killer might be one person or a committee. This guy had more enemies than Julius Caesar. The only witness is PI Claire DeNardo, who spotted Iola Taylor, well-known author, fleeing the scene of the crime. Too bad earlier that day Iola became Claire’s client. When Iola insists she was merely in the wrong place, wrong time, Claire sets out to discover the truth. Hampering her investigation is the involvement of Michael Bucanetti, the notorious gangster Claire tangled with in previous cases. He’s throwing his mobster weight around and it may crush the life out of Claire and everyone she cares about. As the body count rises and the danger mounts, Police Detective Brian Corrigan pressures Claire to step back from the case and step up their romance. But can’t a girl have it all? And stay alive?

Meet Carole Fowkes

I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, where my cozy mystery series, The Terrified Detective, takes place. After living for a time in Tampa and Chicago, I settled in Dallas, Texas, with my husband, Greg. Although my jobs have been in nursing and training, I’ve been writing for many years. I began by writing short stories of unusual, weird, or downright scary situations. When I switched to novels, my natural choice was to write mysteries since I have very happy memories of watching whodunits with my mother.