Start Loving Again

Does your partner check on you all the time? Do you feel like they get jealous and insecure whenever they see you talk to someone? Do you think that they are always suspicious of your actions and judge you all the time? Do you wish they would stop controlling your life and let you enjoy it to the fullest?

Have they broken your trust over and over again?

Once trust is broken, it can be hard to rebuild, but not impossible. In Start Loving Again, we discuss the many reasons why couples stay together after trust has been broken. We also look at how they can get back together and redevelop a strong and ever-lasting connection.

The most pressing issues discussed in the book involve:

  • The many signs to spot an untrustworthy partner
  • How to know if the relationship is salvageable or not
  • What can you as a couple do to prevent trust issues from stemming
  • How to work on yourself and make yourself a desirable partner

Many times, couples are too quick to part ways. They think that once trust has been broken, the relationship has become unsalvageable. They believe there is no point in putting in the work and suffering alone, despite being very much in love.

This book will answer your dilemma about whether you should forgive them.

Get a Copy, Read On and Start Loving Again Today!

Kick Ass This V-Day! : Flip the Script This Valentine’s Day. Do What They Say You Shouldn’t, and Why You Must

Relationships are not about walking on egg-shells. No, they are about being honest and true, and you cannot do that if you are worrying about every little thing you do. Being in a genuine relationship is about being genuine and authentic. It is about being who you truly are, and that is what this guide is all about. Do the opposite of what people say and still have a great Valentine’s Day!

Meet Rik Riqueza

SpeakDog!: 100% Obedience, 100% of the Time


Over 20 years of training.
Hundreds of success stories of owners finally being able to be the kind of leader their dogs NEED.
100% obedience, 100% of the time.

And a truly revolutionary approach to dog training is born.

If, when you train your dog, you want to establish the best possible relationship you can with your dog—to actually be able to understand and speak its language, it only makes sense that you likewise understand the man behind the SpeakDog training philosophy, and in a sense, begin that relationship, too—and in “How I Learned to SpeakDog”, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Part memoir, part vital and important introduction to the “Seven Sacred Ways”, and to the baseline principles of SpeakDog, readers can expect an insightful, honest, entertaining and fun look into author/trainer Steve Lankfer’s life and the experiences that helped him form and perfect the SpeakDog philosophy.

As this easy to digest 128-page book progresses, readers will gradually begin to attach important meaning to phrases like, “Love~Leadership~Relationship”,”Time and Events”, “Migrating is Magic”, “Doorways are the Difference”, “What’s yours is Mine. Period”, and “neurological placement”, along with all the other invaluable concepts at the root of SpeakDog.

You’ll also gain access to free online video links, training tips, and other features of the expansive SpeakDog program, including the wildly successful online community Steve’s Dog Park.

Dogs will never understand Chinese, or German, or Spanish…or English. Or any other human language. Because of that fact, it’s our job to understand their language so we can be the leaders our dogs crave and need. You’ll be amazed at the response you’ll get from your dog and the satisfaction you’ll feel when you realize you’ve become not just your dog’s “best friend” but the leader your dog desperately needed.

The first step toward establishing yourself as that leader is only a click away! Order now and start loving and communicating in a new language; learn how to SpeakDog!