Nineteen Hundred Days

Twelve-year-old Ben panics when his parents don’t come home from work one day, while his timid six-year-old sister Lucy clings to him for support. Having been raised to believe that the police and Child Protective Services are considered the enemy, the children will do anything to avoid ending up in foster homes. Unfortunately, their incredible journey to evade the authorities brings them into contact with people who may not have their best interests at heart. The lessons Ben learns in his nineteen-hundred-day journey, as he tries to get his own life on track and protect the lives of others, serve to prepare him for what lies ahead.

Meet Florence Osmund

After a long career in the corporate world, Florence Osmund retired to write novels. “I strive to write literary fiction and endeavor to craft stories that challenge readers to survey their own beliefs and values,” Osmund states. In addition to her store of published novels, Florence wrote “How to Write, Publish, and Promote a Novel” which offers substantial advice for new and aspiring writers including how to begin the project, writing techniques, building an author platform, book promotion and more. Florence lives on a small tranquil lake in northern Illinois, where she continues to write novels and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer.

The Emotional Sobriety Solution

Relationships flourish and improve when you learn to communicate with those around you—meaning less miscommunication, less anger, less sadness, and less heartbreak. You can become a powerful communicator. You can learn to better understand those around you, to foster better bonds with the people you care about, and you can talk your way into the next level of your life. When you use the tools contained within Emotional Sobriety you will find the solutions to creating empathy with others and thus improve the relationships you value the most. This emotional recovery workbook explores the affinity between human biology and language. Human interaction is a major part of our life, and it is wise to excel at it. Communication is a powerful tool. It can help resolve issues. But only if it is done right. Otherwise, it can hurt more and even ruin things. This can lead to misunderstandings, lost opportunities, fall outs with friends and relatives and problems at work. You owe it to yourself and your continued happiness to eliminate the conflict that can be so destructive and find the best ways to communicate with others. That’s where this book comes in. By teaching you to take charge of your life, to skillfully maneuver through life’s difficult moments, and by teaching you to rebuild yourself on a solid foundation, this book will help you change your life. Author Bill Stierle offers his experience in step-by-step, beginner-friendly advice and activities for people who struggle to effectively communicate. By helping people take charge of conversations, express themselves skillfully, and teaching life-changing communication skills, this book is a must read for everyone.

Meet Bill Stierle

After several heart-breaking communication challenges early in life, Bill Stierle spent over 37 years discovering the keys that unlock the secrets to how people’s thoughts, behaviors and beliefs impact their relationships and quality of life. He shared this knowledge throughout his career as a top consultant with addiction recovery centers, private individuals and national organizations such as the University of Notre Dame. Bill brings his expertise as a mediator in high-conflict situations down to earth so that anyone can learn to create peace out of emotional upset and his groundbreaking grasp of the relationship between human biology and language enables people to change their lives by simply changing the words they use. As a business owner himself, and a happy father of three, Bill knows firsthand the benefits of communicating in a way that diminishes conflict and grows connection between people.

How To Not Be Awkward: Go From Socially Awkward Like a Homeschooler to Confident Conversationalist

If you feel like you’ll always be stuck feeling socially awkward or if you just want better questions to ask for deeper conversations, this book is a jam-packed breezy read that “doesn’t waste a word” detailing a practical gameplan to follow to kick social awkwardness and lame small talk to the curb.

Meet Graham Holliday

Raised in a small town in northeast Mississippi, Graham Holliday has spent his life learning how to live as wonderfully as possible. He runs his namesake youtube channel where he shares what he’s learned when he’s not writing and directing films.

Life Calling

Life is no stranger to anyone who has ever taken a breath, yet it remains a mystery that very few have been able to solve.

When Kaanja finds himself at an uncomfortable crossroad in his life, he is determined to answer the call of Life. This kicks off a chain reaction for his father, mother, and sister, each of whom end up discovering a facet of Life that is meaningful for them. Guided by Life itself, they unlock the mystery of life piece by piece, learning to deal with everyday issues haunting both older and younger generations, such as unfulfilled expectations, worry, fear, lack of confidence, and nonconformity.

As the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place for Kaanja and his family, will Life finally reveal Itself?

They Called Me Margaret

Cozy mystery writer Margaret Manning’s world becomes engulfed in suspicion and fear when her husband seems to be mimicking the behavior of her book’s shadier characters.

Meet Florence Osmund

After a long career in the corporate world, Florence Osmund retired to write novels. “I strive to create stories that contain complex characters and thought-provoking plots that challenge readers to survey their own values,” Osmund states. She has published eight novels and currently lives on a small tranquil lake in northern Illinois, where she continues to write.

Sweet and Sour

Discover poems that tackle both the benefits and pitfalls of love and relationships. The first section focuses on being unattached and full of hope. The second is all about being in a relationship that’s full of love but also worry. The third looks at being single again after the collapse of a relationship.

Meet D. T. Adams

D. T. Adams is the pen name of an anonymous British writer. He’s self-published ten e-books to date, including a novel, a collection of short horror stories, micro fiction, poetry and more. He’s inspired by the world we live in today, as well as imaginary worlds of fantasy, horror and everything in between.

13 secrets to boost communication in marriage

You Need To Read “The 13 secrets on how to prevent divorce in marriage” To Skyrocket Your Prosperity with Connections And Work on Your General Life! Do you have any idea about why a great many people will more often than not miss the mark regarding their objectives for progress in affection and life overall? They neglect to understand that the more consideration you give your accomplice, the more they will feel like you are attempting to control them and limit them. Therefore, they will revolutionary and retaliate. You two’s relationship will endure therefore. Which carries us to a vital point I should make currently: By finding out about “The 13 secrets on how to prevent divorce in marriage”, you can succeed more in your connections and in life all in all.

Meet Jennifer Rich

Sexual Intimacy Matters The Ultimate Guide for Women in Long-Term Relationships

Has the intimate connection between you and your partner steadily weakened over time? Is your sex life predictable, boring, lifeless, or non-existent? Do you wish to rebuild a strong bond of sexual intimacy but you’re unsure how to begin the process?

This must-read guide takes you on an insightful journey of self-discovery to reawaken feelings of freshness and excitement for your partner.

You will learn how to…

  • Understand the Relationship Zones: the Bliss Zone, the Comfort Zone, and the Danger Zone
  • Tune-in to subtle forms of unspoken communication and enhance sexual communication skills
  • Improve self-confidence to feel sexier and discover surefire ways to reconnect with your sexuality
  • Reintroduce affectionate and flirtatious behavior to rekindle passion and desire
  • Enjoy sexual intimacy on a deeper level by learning how to connect to the present moment
  • Explore new and exciting sexual intimacy ideas to take your sex life from ho-hum to hot damn!

Through relatable stories, reflective questions, Sexercise activities, and journaling, Dear Em offers women a platform to actively work toward revitalizing the bond of sexual intimacy with their partners. Her light-hearted, conversational tone and warm sisterly advice offers a refreshingly honest, relevant, and engaging approach to sexual intimacy matters for women in long-term relationships.

Be sure to check out the companion journal for this guide, My SIM Journal.

Meet Dear Em

Dear Em guides women on a journey of self-discovery to reawaken sexual desire and to experience a rebirth of love, appreciation, and excitement for their partners. She inspires women to explore sexual intimacy matters with abandon and encourages them to become reacquainted with their sexuality through playful curiosity and a sense of adventure. Earning certifications in relationship and women’s holistic health coaching, coupled with decades of firsthand experience being in long-term relationships, Dear Em has gained a solid understanding of the essential role sexual intimacy plays in a healthy relationship. Her desire to openly share her personal experiences, as well as relatable stories from other couples, is intended to help women understand how the condition of this important bond can either negatively or positively impact long-term relationships. Acting as a supportive advisor with the compassion of a caring friend, Dear Em helps women rebuild the bond of sexual intimacy through her action-based guide and journal. When she isn’t in the creative clutch of writing, you can find Dear Em involved in some form of soul-nurturing activity.

Family Secrets

Twin girls, Garvina and Beatrice, love hearing tales their great aunt spins for them. But one such tale is fascinating, and they believe it to be true. Sworn to secrecy, the girls set out on an adventurous pursuit to unearth what Great Aunt Matilda promises to be at the end of the proverbial rainbow. Stumbling blocks hinder them as they struggle to reach the “pot of gold” they are certain awaits them. But will discoveries along the way expose a long-buried secret that threatens to destroy the ones they love?

Meet Dianne Selchert

The hardest day of my life was retiring from my passion, which was teaching. I couldn’t have chosen a more rewarding career. I enjoy sharing with others, and in my retirement I have found another way to do that. My mind is full of ideas, and I have begun to create stories from those ideas. I love to write, spinning in tidbits of my own life on the South Dakota prairie into my books. Of course, I’ll never reveal which parts are purely fictitious and which parts are not!

Finding Forever

When shy and introverted Ava meets the charming and confident Ryan at a coffee shop, she is swept off her feet by an unexpected spark of attraction. As they get to know each other, they realize that they have a deep connection and a love that could last a lifetime. But their road to happiness is not without its challenges. Ava and Ryan are faced with unforeseen obstacles that threaten to tear them apart, including their own insecurities and the disapproval of their loved ones. As they navigate the unknown and fight for their love, Ava and Ryan must learn to trust each other and overcome their doubts. They must also confront the weight of their pasts and learn to forgive in order to move forward. Will Ava and Ryan find the forever they have been searching for, or will their love be doomed from the start? Follow their journey in this heartwarming and emotional tale of love’s power to overcome all obstacles.

Meet Jane Pash