A Girl, Bullied

Escape the Shadows and Find Your Light

📚 Introducing “A Girl, Bullied” by New Chief
In every shadow of bullying and manipulation hides the silent strength within you, waiting to break free. “A Girl, Bullied” isn’t just a story; it’s a beacon of hope, a guide back to yourself, and a powerful affirmation that you are not alone.

Why This Book?

  • Empower Yourself: Learn to identify the signs of narcissistic abuse and bullying.
  • Transform Your Life: Gain practical strategies to disentangle yourself from toxic dynamics.
  • Real Stories, Real Strength: Inspired by true events, this book offers both solace and actionable advice.

📘 Dive into Your Journey of Healing and Empowerment

Step out of the shadows—your new chapter begins now.

Reflect – Realign – Regain

Meet New Chief


Lies and Love

Drea hoped to only see her tiny tourist town in her rear view mirror, but now she’s back to take over the family store. Grandpa insisted and no one says no to Grandpa. When a newcomer arrives in town, Drea is immediately smitten. She knows her old high school friend has a crush on her, but she only has eyes for the mysterious stranger. Just one problem – he’s a bit too mysterious.

Meet April Tompkins

April Tompkins grew up on the prairies of North Dakota and now lives in Minnesota with her husband and her cat Sasha. She is the mother of two strong men. She is not only an author, but an accomplished songwriter and singer, whose independent albums have garnered thousands of plays on Spotify and are featured in music libraries. She is also the creator and editor of a digital music magazine and has been a music blogger since 2007. In her writing universe, April’s characters are not as uncomplicated as they seem. Everyone has a story, but it may take some coaxing to get them to tell it.

Just In Case Solutions: Essential Planner to Organize and Record All Your Important Life Details!

*Kindle: Experience the utmost convenience with ‘fillable’ PDFs, allowing you to effortlessly input and manage your information digitally!

*Paperback: For those who prefer a physical format, it provides easy-to-write-in charts to write in charts

Ask Yourself: Is your loved one (or responsible person) prepared to handle your entire life should you be in an unexpected accident, or suddenly stricken with an illness and unable to speak for yourself, or when your death inevitably comes?

Just In Case Solutions is a comprehensive workbook that provides individuals or couples an easy way to organize, record, and deliver all their essential life details to their loved ones (or responsible person) in a consolidated manner. In the just-in-case scenario of an accident, illness, or death, an inventory of all vital information will be readily available.

  • This essential planner adds value and partners well with the retirement, caregiving, estate, and funeral planning process by consolidating all the details outside of the professional planning process.
  • An all-inclusive and well-organized resource that contains all your important information.
    • When overwhelming life situations are difficult to handle, having completed Just In Case Solutions will help bring life-changing assistance to those who care about you, alleviating any pondering thoughts of confusion or uncertainty.
  • A roadmap to prepare someone to become an expert of your life.


Dividing up this process makes it less intimidating, more manageable, and easier to accomplish!

Step 1 Personal Details and Technology

Step 2 Family, Friends, and Pets

Step 3 Health, Medical, and Health Insurance

Step 4 Employment, Business Owner, and Military

Step 5 Legal Documents and Professionals

Step 6 Financial and Insurance

Step 7 Residence, Bills, and Loans

Step 8 Vehicles and Transportation

Step 9 Religion, Activities, Volunteer, Clubs, Subscriptions, and Memberships

Step 10 Just In Case of Death

Guidance to ease the administrative burden for loved ones by simplifying tasks and next steps. The checklist will help guide loved ones with how to use the 10 easy steps when life gets overwhelming, making it easier for the ones loved most.


  • Inventory Lists for Personal Possessions
  • Prescription Drug Chart
  • Over-the-Counter Medication/Supplements Chart
  • Username and Password List with Security Questions

FUN MEMORIES: Space at the end of each step to share a fun memory, advice, or loving thought with your loved ones. 10 Steps… 10 Fun Memories… 10 Smiles… that you will be able to deliver when you are unable to do so!


We all wish for our loved ones to encounter less hardship during challenging times. We want to prepare our responsible person with the necessary reference guide to help alleviate confusion and avoid massive struggles during those difficult moments. This workbook offers an organized solution to share your secure information, essential details, and other crucial aspects of your life. Provide your loved ones or a designated personal representative with a consolidated inventory of all your imperative information and give yourself peace of mind.

Whether you are ready now or later, at least start the process, take the first step, scroll up, and click ‘add to cart’.

5 Powerful Ways to Show Love

Discover five ways you can bring more love into your neighborhood, extended family, or workplace. 5 Powerful Ways to Show Love is a deeply thoughtful guide to improving your world. Using the five fundamental areas as a cornerstone, Domino shares how to forge a meaningful relationship with your Heavenly Father and with everyone you meet. Use these easy methods for journaling your experiences to record and celebrate progress. Learn ways to encourage family, friends, and even little children to treat each other with respect, and much, much more! If you like community outreach, inspiring Bible verses, and practical tips you can apply today, then you’ll love Laura Domino’s influential resource.

Meet Laura Domino

Laura Domino writes Christian Romance and Nonfiction that shows love and builds kindness. She loves seeing people using their unique gifts to bless others around them. Having volunteered locally and internationally, she’s experienced the thrill of helping people. Learn more at http://lauradomino.com/abouttheauthor.html

Mr. Daisy: A Low Fantasy Slice of Life

Previously Published as Mr. Daisy by M. Vattic

Short Synopsis

A 7’3″ substitute teacher with a talking flower growing out of his head comes to a small city to teach. The kindhearted giant changes the lives of those around him, and at the same time, he inadvertently learns from these new people to love himself and accept the accidental death of his younger sister.

Full Synopsis

Quincy Daisy is impossibly strong, incredibly large, and a seasoned substitute teacher. His closest friend is a cosmic entity that takes the form of a flower on his head. Together, they travel the world, teaching others to love themselves and one another.

He has arrived at Blue Diamond Elementary in the East Coast city of Almond Bay, where he will teach for an entire school year. In this city, he will be challenged by an odd assortment of colorful characters, including a trio of kindergarten students who aim to scare him away, a clumsy co-teacher who will unravel his emotions, and even a biker gang who seeks to take him down.

A whole year may be impossible, however. The longer he stays in one place, the worse his nightmares become. The death of his sister has hung over his neck like a guillotine since childhood. Because of this, he never has a home. If he wants to be free and truly happy, the teacher must become a student of those around him.

Meanwhile, Kari Hayes is a kindergartener with boundless energy known for pulling pranks and getting into mischief with her two closest friends. Her creativity is infinite, and her teachers are her greatest victims.

Life isn’t easy at home. Since her parents’ death, her brother, Kaleb, has been raising her independently. He works hard to make ends meet and to keep the two of them together. But it isn’t enough. With his inexperience and her headstrong attitude, they will be challenged by life and each other.

Meet M. Vattic

A Minnesotan from the Sticks, M. Vattic’s writing is influenced by his experience of growing up with a family of mental illnesses. After breaking away from alcoholism, he committed to his childhood dream and wrote a book. He prefers odd and unique characters in tongue-in-cheek situations that were molded by heavy life moments.

Nineteen Hundred Days

Twelve-year-old Ben panics when his parents don’t come home from work one day, while his timid six-year-old sister Lucy clings to him for support. Having been raised to believe that the police and Child Protective Services are considered the enemy, the children will do anything to avoid ending up in foster homes. Unfortunately, their incredible journey to evade the authorities brings them into contact with people who may not have their best interests at heart. The lessons Ben learns in his nineteen-hundred-day journey, as he tries to get his own life on track and protect the lives of others, serve to prepare him for what lies ahead.

Meet Florence Osmund

After a long career in the corporate world, Florence Osmund retired to write novels. “I strive to write literary fiction and endeavor to craft stories that challenge readers to survey their own beliefs and values,” Osmund states. In addition to her store of published novels, Florence wrote “How to Write, Publish, and Promote a Novel” which offers substantial advice for new and aspiring writers including how to begin the project, writing techniques, building an author platform, book promotion and more. Florence lives on a small tranquil lake in northern Illinois, where she continues to write novels and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer.

The Emotional Sobriety Solution

Relationships flourish and improve when you learn to communicate with those around you—meaning less miscommunication, less anger, less sadness, and less heartbreak. You can become a powerful communicator. You can learn to better understand those around you, to foster better bonds with the people you care about, and you can talk your way into the next level of your life. When you use the tools contained within Emotional Sobriety you will find the solutions to creating empathy with others and thus improve the relationships you value the most. This emotional recovery workbook explores the affinity between human biology and language. Human interaction is a major part of our life, and it is wise to excel at it. Communication is a powerful tool. It can help resolve issues. But only if it is done right. Otherwise, it can hurt more and even ruin things. This can lead to misunderstandings, lost opportunities, fall outs with friends and relatives and problems at work. You owe it to yourself and your continued happiness to eliminate the conflict that can be so destructive and find the best ways to communicate with others. That’s where this book comes in. By teaching you to take charge of your life, to skillfully maneuver through life’s difficult moments, and by teaching you to rebuild yourself on a solid foundation, this book will help you change your life. Author Bill Stierle offers his experience in step-by-step, beginner-friendly advice and activities for people who struggle to effectively communicate. By helping people take charge of conversations, express themselves skillfully, and teaching life-changing communication skills, this book is a must read for everyone.

Meet Bill Stierle

After several heart-breaking communication challenges early in life, Bill Stierle spent over 37 years discovering the keys that unlock the secrets to how people’s thoughts, behaviors and beliefs impact their relationships and quality of life. He shared this knowledge throughout his career as a top consultant with addiction recovery centers, private individuals and national organizations such as the University of Notre Dame. Bill brings his expertise as a mediator in high-conflict situations down to earth so that anyone can learn to create peace out of emotional upset and his groundbreaking grasp of the relationship between human biology and language enables people to change their lives by simply changing the words they use. As a business owner himself, and a happy father of three, Bill knows firsthand the benefits of communicating in a way that diminishes conflict and grows connection between people.

How To Not Be Awkward: Go From Socially Awkward Like a Homeschooler to Confident Conversationalist

If you feel like you’ll always be stuck feeling socially awkward or if you just want better questions to ask for deeper conversations, this book is a jam-packed breezy read that “doesn’t waste a word” detailing a practical gameplan to follow to kick social awkwardness and lame small talk to the curb.

Meet Graham Holliday

Raised in a small town in northeast Mississippi, Graham Holliday has spent his life learning how to live as wonderfully as possible. He runs his namesake youtube channel where he shares what he’s learned when he’s not writing and directing films.

Life Calling

Life is no stranger to anyone who has ever taken a breath, yet it remains a mystery that very few have been able to solve.

When Kaanja finds himself at an uncomfortable crossroad in his life, he is determined to answer the call of Life. This kicks off a chain reaction for his father, mother, and sister, each of whom end up discovering a facet of Life that is meaningful for them. Guided by Life itself, they unlock the mystery of life piece by piece, learning to deal with everyday issues haunting both older and younger generations, such as unfulfilled expectations, worry, fear, lack of confidence, and nonconformity.

As the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place for Kaanja and his family, will Life finally reveal Itself?

They Called Me Margaret

Cozy mystery writer Margaret Manning’s world becomes engulfed in suspicion and fear when her husband seems to be mimicking the behavior of her book’s shadier characters.

Meet Florence Osmund

After a long career in the corporate world, Florence Osmund retired to write novels. “I strive to create stories that contain complex characters and thought-provoking plots that challenge readers to survey their own values,” Osmund states. She has published eight novels and currently lives on a small tranquil lake in northern Illinois, where she continues to write.