The Ten Plagues of 2020: An Apocalyptic Endtime Historical Study of the Manifestation of the Plagues of Egypt in 2020

“What is wrong with 2020?”   If you ask yourself this question every time you turn on the news, then read further.

First, the Coronavirus, then rivers all around the world started turning to blood red, then comes the Locust and the mysterious death of millions of frogs and fishes. Then all of a sudden, midday in Beijing turns into midnight without any eclipse and now “black lives matter” protest. Are these all just coincidences? 

If you too are looking for answers to all these questions,  then you must read this book.

Warning: This book is going to be very controversial because this book is reporting what the mainstream media is not. I won’t be shocked if you cannot believe in what you are reading, but rest assured that every detail is fact-checked and reference is provided if you want to double-check yourself.  This book will shock you, make you question things and by the end will hopefully give you a new perspective to all the things happening all over the world.

If you too are wondering why all hell has broken loose all of a sudden on the Earth in 2020, then this book is for you.

In this book you will discover : 

  • The detailed analysis of the 10 plagues of Egypt and how every one of them is manifesting in 2020
  • The detailed analysis of The God of Israel Vs the gods of Egypt
  • How the “black lives matter” protest is related to ancient Egypt and how it is a sign of something bigger to come
  • Ancient secrets to healing 
  • The secrets to the manifestation of the Promises of God
  • An ancient secret that has the power to protect you from the plagues 

We are living in unparalleled times and we do not know what else might be in store for us in 2020. You must know the truth that has turned the world upside down.

Discover the truth about the 10 plagues of Egypt and how our lives are being impacted by it in 2020. So, scroll up and click on the buy now with one click button and get your ebook instantly. 

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Business & Spirituality: Secrets of Personal, Professional, & Planetary Evolution

Business & Spirituality: Secrets of Personal, Professional, & Planetary Evolution - ASIN B086R7Z1F7

Inspirational books may provide effective motivation, but often “preach to the choir”. In our multicultural and scientific age, and with the rise and dominance of multi-national corporations, more innovative and inclusive approaches are essential to address the enormity of the issues faced by humanity. To answer this need, Business & Spirituality “preaches to the workplace”, employing an omni-denominational voice. It speaks to a wide audience: thought leaders, knowledge workers, entrepreneurs, executives, creatives, engineers, staff members, volunteers, and homemakers can all gain new insights for synchronizing personal evolution with professional development, the advancement of groups, and the upliftment of our world.

The alluring topics of happiness and prosperity are metaphorical honey, summoning readers toward the higher purpose of self-realization. In this comprehensive work, ageless spiritual teachings and philosophies are explored in conjunction with current studies in exact science and psychology. Abstractions are fashioned into applicable tools and valuable techniques for guiding visions, thoughts, and actions. These powerful transformative technologies can be utilized by individuals and groups in non-dogmatic and non-religious ways that are fully compatible with the ordinarily secular work environment. Mindful and steady use of the suggested methods can elevate organizations and societies into the realm of three-dimensional profitability, with wide-ranging benefits for people and our home Planet.

The textual content of Business & Spirituality is brought to life with over fifty inspiring images and illustrative diagrams. Author, Justin S. Grant, who holds an MA in Transformational Psychology (the science of the soul and mind), writes in a clear and uplifting style that renders specific teachings more universal, the mysterious world more accessible, and the mystical way more practical.

Topics and techniques include:

– Happiness in Relation to Health, Wealth, & Gratitude
– The Interrelationship Between Environment, Wellbeing, & Profitability
– The Illuminating Force of Education
– New Era Teachings
– The Interrelationship Between Humanity, Society, & Divinity
– Buddhist Philosophy in the Multicultural World
– Cult vs. Culture
– The Ascent of Women & Societal Holism
– The Interrelationship Between Philosophy, Religion, & Science
– Meditation, Visualization, & Invocation
– The Evolving Planetary Plan

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God’s Desires for You: A Biblical Guide to Salvation

God’s Desires for You: A Biblical Guide to Salvation - ASIN B085TRPTSZ

God, what do you want me to do to please You?
God, what are Your desires for me?
How do I get to heaven? Are you looking for the answers to these questions? Are you looking in the right place?

God tells us many things we can do to please Him. He seeks us and wants to have a relationship with us. He wants us to live in heaven with Him so much that He came to earth and became a sacrifice for our sins. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. How He loves us!

However, His free gift of eternal life is not for everyone. It is only for those who obey Him. Is it possible to please God? Absolutely! The how, why, when, and where are found in the Bible.

Are you looking for God? Do you want to know Him and have Him help you and walk with you? Do you want to live with Him through eternity? If you want to know the things that God desires you to do to please Him so you can go to heaven, this book will guide you in finding His richest blessings. Learn how to live in peace and joy with God.

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Path Christianity: A Brief Introduction


In this booklet, Robert Harris introduces a fresh and vigorous interpretation of an old faith that’s based on Jesus’ unique perspective on life. Simply put, it’s the faith of Jesus, not the faith about Jesus.
Harris explains this exciting new way of looking at the Christian faith that’s free of pointless theological complications. In this concise summary he shares the conclusions he came to as he carefully worked his way through centuries of ideas, arguments, and interpretations. “I was surprised at what I discovered,” says Harris, “and I think my readers might be, too.”
Harris’ thoughtful approach gets us closer than ever to the remarkable faith that Jesus demonstrated—a dynamic, vibrant, and empowering faith called Path Christianity. And in this booklet, the author explains how it can transform lives by helping us maximize our God-given potential.
Robert Harris is the author of more than 40 books in a variety of genres, including self-help, humor, and inspiration. His works include 101 Things NOT to Do Before You Die, 6 Keys to Writing Effectively, Sudden Forgiveness: Transforming Your Life in the Blink of an Eye, and the Claude Monet, Private Eye mystery series. He can be contacted through his website,

WHAT IS TRUE LOVE ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE?: “Love Is When Your Name Is Safe In Someone’s Mouth” (The Truth, Love & God Series Book 2)


I’ll show you the definition of TRUE LOVE according to The Bible. It may not be what you think it is.

Imagine that God is real. I believe this. And imagine just for a second that we all live according to His guidelines… imagine… we’re now living in paradise! How good is that!

We are loving each other the way we would like to be loved ourselves. We have peace and not just peace of mind, but real peace in the world. Everyone has shelter, clothes and enough wholesome food to share around.
Doesn’t this sound wonderful?

God’s people know how to do this. Look at the charitable Christian organisations around the world to see that when God’s rules are followed, there is abundance.

Where I live, the 2nd hand shops run by Christian organisations such as Vinnies, Salvation Army and our Red Cross Shop overflow with good quality donated clothes and furniture for minimal prices. Organisations such as Victory Church provide hampers for $35 which provides food for a family of 4 for a whole week! WeCare2 offers groceries for people with limited budgets.

Centacare, Blue Care, Uniting Care provide all kinds of services at minimal or no cost to the aged, disabled and disadvantaged and I can go on and on.

These organisations are only a few of many in my town and show us that Christians know how their heavenly Father wants them to love each other.

Does this love also manifest in our private lives with our own family and friends? Do we know how to and actively love our Father back?

Jesus, a real person, the Son of God, came to save humanity from itself|
‘God Healed Me,’ written by Mimi Emmanuel has been listed in the top 100 books in various categories since it launched in May 2016. It was called, ‘A very inspiring book, full of wisdom and enlightenment,’ and, ‘This book is incredibly good,’ and, ‘You so beautifully present the power of our Living God!’

‘What Is True Love According to The Bible’ is the second book in the Truth, Love & God series.
This series came about after Mimi realised that the ‘Jesus’ stories’ told by her Mum were true. As in Jesus was not just a mythical figure but a real person, the Son of God, who had come down to earth to save humanity from itself.
This book looks into the truth about God and Jesus’ love for humanity and how we are reciprocating. And how few of us ever respond in kind.

‘What Is True Love? According To The Bible,’ is based on decades of Bible study and introspection. The book is an easy and quick one and a half-hour read for the average reader. In addition, there are seventy pages (hundreds) of Scriptural references related to ‘true love according to the Bible.’

The Word Love Is Mentioned 686 Times In The Bible
Many Christians seem to think that the Bible is all about salvation. I agree that Jesus came down to earth to save us from ourselves. However, the main theme throughout the Bible is about how our Heavenly Father would like us to love Him and love each other.

The word ‘love’ and variants thereof are mentioned 442 times in the King James Bible, 545 times in the Amplified Bible and 686 times in the New International Version. That’s a lot of times!
This is in contrast to the word ‘salvation’ which is only mentioned 158 times in the King James Bible, 329 in the Amplified Bible and 114 times in the New International Version.

Salvation comes about because of the love shown to us. Unreciprocated love cannot flourish; we all know that.
Yet many believers think that grace will rain down from heaven no matter what.

Our Father sent His Son and Jesus gave His life so that we may be saved. And then we just say; Thank you!
Is that enough?
Read alongside Mimi to discover how God’s Holy Word spells out to us that true love requires obedience and our Father tells us exactly how to.

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The Nobody Bible: Uncovering the Simple Wisdom in Ordinary Life


*2017 Bookvana Award Winner* *2017 National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist* *2017 International Book Awards Finalist*

When a regular guy sought ancient keys to self-improvement and transformation, he found them hiding right in his simple, ordinary life. If you want to laugh hard, go deep, and explore far, then venture down a highway of history and personal growth that has something for the seeker and philosopher in all of us—no fame, beliefs, reservations, or ordination required.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re curious how:

•Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path is at work in your life
•Jesus’s Two Great Commandments are a powerful engine driving your day
•Confucian values and Five Great Relationships are everywhere around you
•Moses’s Ten Commandments are chiseled in the stone of your modern morality
•Islam’s principles of purity and charity mirror things you do all the time
•Karma can be tamed
•Socrates fits into a book on world religion, spirituality, and personal transformation
•Religious and spiritual principles can spur personal growth even without a belief in a god or gods

Through the power of world religion—East and West, spirituality, philosophy, interactive exercises, and the experience of your everyday existence, you’ll: take a personal journey into mind, body, and spirit to transform your life; discover how ancient pathways to a better existence are available to you right now; and uncover the extraordinary power of ordinary actions.

We know more, do more, and are more than we ever imagined. That realization is never more than one simple, ordinary act away.

Marsianism: The New Mars Religion

Marsianism is a new religion for the 21st century. It is an honest approach to faith. It is atypical in form. It has no gods, holy men or holy books. It has no physical location, formal leadership or membership cost. It crosses all ethnic boundaries to include the entire human family. What is it? It is an ideology found in the hearts and minds of its believers. It is faith in the colonization of Mars for the survival and advancement of humanity. Its core tenets are found in the Marsian Creed.

It is the new Mars religion.

The Marsian Creed

I believe in humanity,
and the pioneering spirit
that dwells within us.

I believe science
is the final authority
of all human knowledge.

I believe colonization
of our solar system
is paramount for
our survival.

I believe Mars,
The Red Planet,
is our stepping stone
to the Cosmos.

I devote my life
to the colonization of Mars
and the advancement of humanity
for the goodness of all.

I am a Marsian.