Falling Up: 9 Ways to Transform Trauma into Triumph

Struggling with life-altering trauma? Learn how to transform your trauma into triumph.

Are you struggling to cope with trauma? Does happiness feel like a thing of the past? Two-time cancer survivor Tasha Brooks will show you not only how to cope with your trauma, but how to thrive because of it. Around the time of her initial diagnosis, Tasha’s career, personal relationships, and her health all came crashing down. The worst setback of all, being diagnosed with thyroid cancer twice in her thirties, completely changed the trajectory of her life—but not in the negative way you might expect. Among other benefits, this difficult experience strengthened some of her closest relationships, helped her figure out what she wanted in her career, and instilled in her a deep sense of gratitude for life. In this brief yet powerful account of her experience, she will show you exactly how you too can find happiness after a hardship. 

Tasha has learned what all trauma thrivers have in common. Through easy-to-follow techniques that are backed by research, Falling Up gives you the tools you need to emerge from your trauma and grow from it too.

In this short book you will discover:

•    The basic concepts behind growth after trauma
•    Nine practical, simple techniques grounded in research that will help you convert your hardships to happiness
•    Additional resources that will allow you to turn your struggles to success

We all fall down. Growing and thriving after trauma is all about using our disappointments to create a happier, fulfilling, and more meaningful life. It is about transforming our trauma into triumph. It is about falling up.

Buy Falling Up to start your new journey now.

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