Permission to Spend: Maximize Your Retirement with the Best-Kept Secret in Personal Finance

Eliminate fear from your retirement, minimize taxes, take control and gain Permission to Spend.

You will be afraid to spend. Millions of Americans are under-enjoying their retirement because they’re afraid of the “what-ifs” that could derail their best-laid plans. They’re afraid of what happens if they live too long, markets crash or they require expensive ongoing care that their plans cannot support. They’re afraid of running out of money at a time when doing so would be catastrophic. These people are victims of an industry that has been seduced by the sexiness of accumulating investments, with no regard for how to use them later in life. With a modern twist on a centuries-old strategy, this book will help you understand how to begin with the end in mind and set up your finances to maximize income during your lifetime, while ensuring your goals are protected.

In this guide to planning for retirement, Tom Wall provides the exact method to unlock your savings and maximize the fruits of your labor.

In Permission to Spend, you will learn
• How much you need to be saving to reach retirement
• Ways to optimize your savings and investments while avoiding excessive taxes
• Risks to your retirement and an understanding of safe withdrawal rates
• How to set up multiple sources of guaranteed income
• Strategies to maximize spending early in retirement, when you’re most capable of enjoying your money
• Opportunities to reduce your reliance on traditional banks
• What to look for when seeking an advisor
• Where to go next to design your ideal retirement and achieve Permission to Spend.

Retire Plugged In: The Ultimate Guide to All Your Retirement Questions

Discover the retirement mistakes that could cost you thousands!

Make the RIGHT decisions about Medicare, Social Security Income Planning and more…

Afraid that you won’t have enough money for retirement, after countless years of hard work? Feel overwhelmed by the complicated rules of Social Security, Medicare, IRA’s, investing, and handling taxes in retirement? In Retire Plugged In, authors Nora Hartquist & Patti Lerch help retirees create a secure, rich, retirement lifestyle. As fiduciary advisors, they have helped hundreds of families retire, and none of them have run out of money!

With the help of Retire Plugged In, you’ll be “plugged in” to the secrets of retirement success (Even if you are a complete beginner or don’t have an advisor!)

You’ll Discover:

• The #1 Biggest Mistake that could cost you $100,000 in retirement
• Retirement accounts that give you FREE money
• Medicare “agents” who trick retirees into plans that could cost them their lives
• The top secrets to getting Long Term Care, WITHOUT buying a policy
• How IRA mistakes could cost you a 50% penalty
• The “Widow’s Penalty” and how to handle it
• The Estate Plan that AVOIDS probate and lawyers

This book is perfect for pre-retirees 55+ preparing for retirement, and retirees looking for a strategy to secure their retirement.

You can take control of your retirement, and make it successful, even if you don’t understand all the big words and terms advisors use. As said by Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, said, “If you’re ignorant, it’s easy to be bullied.” Don’t let that happen to you!

To get answers to all your retirement questions (Even ones you didn’t know to ask!), scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button!

Don’t Get Bullied by Your Bank…or Anyone Else!: The 5-Step Plan to Exit Your Business With All the Money You Need to Live the Life You Want


Where did the chip on the author’s shoulder come from; such that he wants to protect business owners as they exit for retirement? The chip comes all of the way from the rough and tumble streets of Boston to the exclusive offices of private wealth management in Palm Beach.

Callanan takes the reader through his painful rollercoaster’s journey of generational alcoholism, bullying and drug addiction as a youth. The book also includes him finding his faith in God.  This faith helped him to deal with a baseball bat accident that took the life of a classmate, a family suicide and more than one business market crash.

The author presents a well-researched argument that Wall Street is operating from a broken 50-year-old model. This broken model will disappoint retirees as they age unless they make risk management a priority in their family portfolios.

This very personal and vulnerable story is told so that the retirement income planning paradigm for business owners is transformed. Callanan wants to educate people how to exit for all they are worth. It’s an insider’s view that although the odds are against the client, something can be done about it.  Nothing is left off the table. The People need to know. This is a must read for anyone who wants to make sure they are not getting bullied by their financial institutions into taking less than they deserve.

Keep Your Life: Plan Your Endgame So Loved Ones Stay Loved Ones

Keep Your Life - ASIN B0899CTP81

You know you need to plan your retirement. And your estate. How about your quality of life? And when you’re most vulnerable, your dignity? That is, what’s your endgame? How do you pull it all together and keep it together now to beyond your last breath? Your way, always. 

Perhaps you’re already a caregiver to your aging parents. Perhaps you are an aging parent. Perhaps you’re both, or worried you will be. You know too many people stuck in arduous situations with family drama, angst, and financial drain. There must be a better way that’s still a loving way to live.  
Keep Your Life is a timeless path to follow so from your first day of retirement, you can assure your kids and closest loved ones that they can give you their love and keep their lives. 

Keep Your Life is how to surf the silver tsunami without drowning. It’s confidence to
– maintain harmony within your family
– avoid becoming a victim of elder abuse
– find advisers that match your personal and financial styles
– prepare for the possibility of needing long-term care
– reduce stress by making the tough decisions before they become crises
– reduce your financial risks 
– avoid the 7 epic errors that millions of people suffer
— in their relationships with loved ones and 
— in their relationships with money.

Online resources help you make real progress toward planning your endgame. If you are serious about achieving that progress, you can complete an online assessment after finishing the book. Then the author offers you (until he has more demand than he can handle) a personal action plan that points you in the right direction.

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Don’t Run Out of Money: How to Plan and Invest for Retirement Success


Ready or not, retirement is coming. Will you be ready? While many people think success will come from focusing on the markets and the balance in their retirement accounts, Don’t Run Out of Money will show the reader that the key to achieving retirement success is creating, executing, and following a comprehensive financial plan based on your goals for the retirement you imagine. This book will teach you the complete process for retirement planning, including how to manage the various risks that can derail your plans, the proper use of financial products and how to get the help you need.

In these pages you’ll discover:

    • The 12 questions you must ask an advisor to determine what they do, who they really work for and how you can ensure you get the advice you need
    • The dangers in taking shortcuts, following outdated rules-of-thumb, and relying on online retirement calculators or quickie financial planning tools
    • The one goal that must be included in the planning process
    • The risks that are far more dangerous to your plan than market risk
    • And much more to ensure you Don’t Run Out of Money