The Hungry Deep

Some places are abandoned for a reason. When newlywed Rachel Corrigan agrees to accompany her husband, Tom, to his family estate before starting their lives together in the city, it is an opportunity to get to know him and to explore the manor where he grew up. But when Rachel arrives she finds Corrigan House strange, the nearby town empty, and her husband’s sudden cold demeanor increasingly frightening. She soon learns that one year ago, Tom’s first wife, Lavinia, took her own life in the twisted forest behind Corrigan House. The servants claim that her spirit resides there still, calling out from the wood, her voice as clear as the day she died. In an abandoned town where everyone harbors a secret, Rachel finds herself a prisoner in a place which is becoming increasingly treacherous. When the village priest is found savagely stabbed and on the edge of death, it becomes clear that the remaining townsfolk – witnesses to Lavinia’s demise – are being hunted down one by one. But Lavinia Corrigan is dead. Isn’t she?

Meet J.L. Murray

J.L. Murray is the author of the Niki Slobodian series (Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, The Devil Is a Gentleman, Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, The Devil Was an Angel, and The Devil’s Backbone), The Thirteen series (Jenny Undead and Eat the Ones You Love), After the Fire, Blood Day, Blood of the Stars, the Blood of Cain series (Monstrous, Hoarfrost), and the Gothic Folk series (The Hungry Deep). Murray is a firm believer that horror can be beautiful, and that good and evil are very far from black and white. She lives with her family in Eugene, Oregon and can be reached on Facebook at and through her website


Floating Hair is a bleak, brutal, and unsettling horror novel. If you are looking for something cozy, this really isn’t it.

David, mourning for his wife, returns to the town of his childhood: finding love and solace and escape.

Yet sometimes the past won’t remain buried as it should. Sometimes it returns hungry for revenge. So very hungry…

Okay, so you’ve clicked on “Read more” and want to know further details about my novel:

Floating Hair is a gothic horror novel, with a female perspective, set in north-eastern United States.

David, grieving for his lost wife, returns to Malsham: a town filled with romantic, sexual, and criminal lives.

And some bad men. Especially one…

In 1692, Lucy was burned as a witch to conceal his crime: the ravaging fire destroying every aspect of her identity. In the centuries that follow, no-one is held responsible. But now she is given a chance of retribution…

On a cold October night, there is a light in the sky. The population of Malsham watches its blazing progress, before it crashes into the lake. In that moment before impact, some become psychically bound: their lives forever linked.

The explosion resurrects Lucy as a relentless fiery vampire. Initially unable to leave the waters, she births small dragons which feed upon the townspeople: gaining sustenance from their endeavours.

Rain deluges the region. Hauling herself from the lake, the rainwater coats her skin: churning from transparent into disparate dark colours. She strides towards the closest house…


Trigger warning: This book features dragons. If you survived the burning of King’s Landing, please give this one a miss…


I have been writing, on and off, since the age of 16, and currently reside near Bristol, in the UK. When I’m not writing or reading, I enjoy hiking and fishing.
I started writing Floating Hair in 1996, wrote about 60 pages, became disillusioned with writing (8 previous novels unpublished), and stopped. Picked up the 60 pages in 2009, spent 3 years turning it into a full-length novel, but attracted precisely zero interest from agents and publishers. Rewrote it 2019-21, and finally self-published.

The Witch and the Guillotine

After narrowly escaping the horrors of the Salem witch trials, Lilly Parris comes of age in 18th Century France, where she is pampered by Louis XVI and pursued by one of history’s greatest fiends: Maximilien Robespierre, the monster who sent thousands of innocent men, women and children to the guillotine.

“The Witch and the Guillotine” is a fast-paced, brand-new take on the French Revolution.

AVENGING ANGEL: Love and Death in Old Brooklyn

A riveting tale of revenge, survival, and redemption, wrapped around an unlikely love story, and set against an urban backdrop marked by bigotry and misogyny.

Following a racially motivated rape by three Ku Klux Klansmen, 12-year-old Cassandra Monroe vows revenge. After eight years of training, now a strikingly beautiful assassin, she accomplishes her mission.

Her campaign continues with solitary walks through dark city streets, hoping to be assaulted by men with bad intentions. Those entrapped by her spider’s web pay dearly for their efforts.

Surrounded by three armed men one night, she’s rescued by Mike Borelli, an Italian-American passerby. A stormy, up-and-down relationship ensues. Ultimately, as her rage matures into purposeful action, and as he begins to see the world through her eyes, they become a team.

Along the way, they encounter serial killers, wife-beaters, actual and would-be rapists, gangsters, crooked cops, a kidnapper and a pedophile priest, as well as numerous women in desperate need of their help. Beneath all the action, though, is the blossoming of a most unlikely love story.

Meet Charles S. Isaacs

Charles S. Isaacs has been a schoolteacher, a college professor, a community organizer, a Congressional consultant, a social activist, a gambler and an occasional journalist. He has written opinion columns and feature stories for numerous newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times Magazine. During recent decades, he has been a consultant to dozens of non-profit organizations operating in the social justice arena. His recent published work includes fiction, poetry and award-winning non-fiction.

The Forgotten Bomb


This thriller begins as a story about Ukrainians intending to enact horrific revenge against Russia using a huge hydrogen bomb but melds into a dark more twisted story of unimaginable personal greed and malevolence.

In 1961 Russia built and exploded the biggest thermonuclear weapon in the world, a monster 58 Megaton bomb, over 3000 times larger than the bombs that blew up Hiroshima and Nagasaki. For ongoing bragging rights, the Russians secretly built two of these bombs and stored the second one at a nuclear storage facility where it remained safe and virtually forgotten for 28 years.

In 1989 Ukrainian conscripts stationed at the facility, accidentally find the arming codes and decide to steal the big bomb and destroy Moscow. Their motivation for doing this was to pay back Russia for the long list of horrific abuses and suffering that Ukraine had endured over the years under them (Holodomor, Chernobyl, etc.) and secondarily for their own harsh treatment while in the Russian Army.

Although the conscripts amazingly are successful in acquiring the bomb, They, unfortunately, are not able to detonate it. Having to abandon the effort, they successfully hide the weapon. Two years later, when the Soviet Union fell all the conspirators immigrate to the USA.

In 2022 the successor to our 45th President signs a new Salt agreement with Russia and during the process of publicly dismantling some of the other bombs in Russia they discover to their horror that the old giant bomb is missing.

After a lengthy and thorough, investigation, the Russian GRU and FSB determine the theft was over thirty years ago and that the conspirators were Ukrainian conscripts who had since immigrated to the USA.

To assist their investigation in finding the bomb, President Putin calls our President and request the help of the FBI to locate the criminals in the USA.

At the President’s request, the FBI assigns a top field agent, Peter Kanowsky, who is of Ukrainian descent, to oversee the search team in the USA.

Unfortunately, during his investigation, Peter not only learns the location of the bomb and how to set it off, but he is also turned mentally and emotionally by his repeated exposure to hearing the litany of the horrific suffering that Russia has imposed upon Ukraine.

Yielding to the persuasive coercion from these emigres he interviewed, and the encouragement of his own family, Peter ultimately decides it is his duty and obligation to his Ukrainian ancestry to go to Russia and personally set off the bomb.

Did he succeed, and did he have any help? Surprisingly he has almost too much help as unknowingly to him; his plans mesh almost perfectly with the machinations of an ongoing high-level Russian plot.

What was different about their plan versus his? He wants to set off the bomb immediately, and they want him to wait three months for the perfect time, during the massive celebration in Moscow of Putin’s 70th birthday to make sure every one of importance is in town.

With the help of Anna, a beautiful and sexy Ukrainian lady to keep him happy, they persuade him to wait.

So – what happens then? You will have to read the novel to find out. Maybe the ending is, “Happy Birthday President Putin from Ukraine” or maybe not?

A follow-on novel “Despot” is planned for release in 2Q19.

Raw Nerve


A fast-paced political action thriller!

Set in 1997, Janice N. Mathias, the Governor of Georgia, looks set to be the next President of the United Sates of America – She also happens to be black.

How will the Ku Klux Klan respond?

Gideon is the man who makes the difference as he tears the dark veil from the face of white supremacy…