Yellow Baboon Sat On a Dune…

It was mid-June.
Yellow Baboon sat on a dune.
He was eating sweet, soft prunes.
Suddenly, he saw the Moon.
It was high above the dune…
This is a marvelous story for kids which consists of rhymes to the word Baboon. Baboon is the main character who has a question: “If someone on the Moon may perform a pleasant croon?” He visited his friend Raccoon “who wears flower print pantaloons and loves to eat soup with a spoon” to find out the answer. At the end of the poem, the little explorers will discover who is living on the Moon, and what present Yellow Baboon and Raccoon will send to the Moon.
Read and enjoy this wonderful poem to improve reading and spelling skills, to increase vocabulary, to develop creativity and imagination of your toddler or preschooler.
Easy rhymes, colorful illustrations make this book a great introduction to poetry for the children.

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