Tenu Main ‘Leh’ Javanga – Journey of 8Men


It’s the beginning of a new financial year… The Modi Sarkar has retained the reigns with a sweeping victory in the 2019 General Elections… The firm’s top brass is going over this year’s strategy to win new assignments and expand the market share… The heat waves of impending summer and strong air-conditioning at work are ensuring that my colleagues and I don a running nose… But that doesn’t deter my plans or my enthusiasm, for in just a month’s time, I would be gliding through the long, winding roads of one of the most picturesque places on planet earth – Leh Ladakh! Accompanying me on this trip are 7 ordinary individuals, who have never done a bike ride let alone visited mountainous terrains with an altitude of 11,562 ft…

Here we are… 8 amateur riders… seeking the pleasure of losing our bikers’ virginity to the place or as its most commonly said – “Getting Leh’d”…

This book is my attempt to pen down the emotions each one of us went through during our maiden 10-day road trip to Leh Ladakh, to relive the moments and hopefully, to inspire others to take the plunge into a once-in-a-lifetime experience…

Being a real-life story, I have abstained from any fiction or suspense but for the travel enthusiasts who love thrills and have passion to explore the world as is, it would be worth a read! With this book, I hope to be a good guide (for those planning to visit Leh) and take you through the less traversed roads of Nubra Valley, Pangong Lake and Khardungla Pass, and to also encourage my fellow readers to achieve their aspirations in life or at least experience what it means to “go out of the comfort zone”…

I am certain that the characters in this book (my friends & relatives) would bring a smile and connect with everyone at some level… Experience Leh Ladakh through our eyes..

Happy reading folks!

Coast to Coast


Cheyenne Carson’s life is in a slump. After turning down a marriage proposal, she moves home to the family farm. The aspiring pastry chef is feeling discouraged over her floundering love life and nonexistent career when her brother makes her an offer she can’t refuse. A job that includes a six-week, all expense paid trip across Canada in an RV. And ten thousand dollars.
Abraham McLean just graduated from college with a degree in marketing. The confirmed bachelor is looking forward to his first job. What could be better than getting paid ten grand to travel across Canada in a luxury RV with your best friend?

This is not how my life was supposed to go. But here I am. Back on my family’s farm, milking cows and shoveling manure. I should be in a fancy kitchen somewhere, baking five tier cakes and perfect soufflés while daydreaming about all the orgasms my husband gives me every night. But I’m not married. And I’m sexually frustrated. There’s only one man that gets my juices flowing. My brother’s best friend. I haven’t seen Abe in seven years, but I still fantasize about him. I never expected to see him again. And now I’m alone with him, on a road trip across Canada.

Life was good. I had everything I thought I needed to be happy. A college degree, a job offer in New York, a trust fund, and a different woman in my bed every night. I only answered to myself.
Now, I’m in over my head. I was really looking forward to this trip. Six weeks in a luxury RV with my best friend, driving across Canada. One week in, and my buddy and his girlfriend had to bail. I promised I’d take care of his little sister. And I did. Last night. We agreed to a no strings, casual arrangement. I don’t do relationships. There’s only one problem. I’m falling for her.

Coast to Coast is a full length, 65,000 word, standalone novel with a dual POV and a guaranteed HEA. No cliffhangers. This novel contains foul language and graphic sexual content that may be offensive to some people and is not suitable for persons under the age of 18.