I love My Wife

Fall in love with this revolutionary romance story of a couple beginning their love story with significant life changes. It’s a beautiful piece of inspiration showing how they worked through the troubles to remain together.

Ivan gets an incredible job offer that forces him to move to the Czech Republic. Driven by the desire to move with the love of his life, Katya, he makes her aware of his new opportunity. Katya is delighted by the idea and is willing to move with Ivan.

Nadia, Ivan’s sister and mother help with the wedding preparations. Despite the challenges they face, they successfully manage to get things done. Ivan experiences a hard time trying to get the relevant documentation for Katya to move with him. After a series of unsuccessful trials, they are faced with major life decisions.

Interesting story of love and perseverance. The author depicts the struggles experienced and the strategies employed to keep the love alive. “I love my wife” is a perfect read for any Twilight fan.

Fun read that captures your attention from the first page to the last. Makes you want to keep turning the pages, and find out what happens next. You simply can’t get enough of this love story.

Meet Forever Dreamer

Forever Dreamer is a life-long poet who gleans inspiration from his most improbable dreams. Crafting heartfelt prose since he was 16, this Kazakhstan native set forth on a journey towards realizing his aspiration of writing his own book.
Now based in the Czech Republic, Forever Dreamer spent almost three-and-a-half years to write his masterpiece – on and off – and prepare it for publication. Yet, not once did he doubt its eventual fruition.
“I Love My Wife”, his first opus, is not just a book. It is his heart, his soul, and a great part of his entire being. For her to be born, he had to sacrifice a lot of things — time for work, time with friends, time for himself. And he never faltered. The road he took on to fulfill this dream is a long one, but nonetheless deeply fulfilling.
Much like many other poets, Forever Dreamer likes to embrace the sublime in simplicity. When he’s not writing, he spends his time unwinding and playing football — his favorite sport.
Grab a copy of “I Love My Wife” today and enjoy as Forever Dreamer’s raw emotions, personal experiences, and secret daydreams jump out of every page.

The Widow and the Rock Star

The Widow and the Rock Star - ASIN B00M0T54MI

Vivienne Stark, a writer and military widow, has spent almost two decades of her life avoiding having a life. When she writes a bestseller, she is thrust into the limelight she never wanted. To complicate matters, an embezzler has wiped out the charitable foundation she created to help the families of fallen soldiers.

Will Foster, the lead singer of world famous band Static Neverland, considers himself to be a regular guy in the right place at the right time. Surrounded only by fame seekers and gold diggers, Will’s been hurt too many times to trust women. Little does he know, a chance introduction to Vivienne Stark will change his mind completely.

A not-so-typical set up leads to two people finding the love they never knew waited for them. But can they maneuver through the past hurts and current challenges to make their relationship last?