The Movie Star Rescue (Bargain Read)

An expert mountain rescuer, a starlet filming in a remote location, and the blizzard of the century…

Master Sergeant James Franklin, and his K9 partner, Siku, are the most decorated mountain rescue officers of all time. They’ve found and helped over five hundred victims during their career, but after their last rescue went terribly wrong, their DCSR commander insists they need to take a break. James decides his boss can force him on vacation, but he can’t take the mountain out of him. He retreats with Siku to his cabin on Clear Mountain, but arrives just in time to get trapped by snow—a lot of it.

Nicole West is the #1 box office sweetheart in America. She’s known for her laugh-out-loud romantic comedies, but when she’s offered the dramatic role of a lifetime, she decides she wants to show everyone she can do more than make people laugh. When production gets shut down due to harsh weather conditions, everyone makes it out but Nicole and her team. She’s not sure what they are going to do until they see a light in a remote cabin. The problem—a vacationing mountain rescue cop owns it—and he doesn’t want to share with anyone but his dog.

Can James let go of his gruff ways to make room in his heart for a woman? Can Nicole focus on more than her career when an opportunity to find love comes knocking? And when an avalanche brings down the mountain, can James and Siku lead them to safety before it’s too late?
Step into the world of Disaster City Search and Rescue, where officers, firefighters, military, and medics, train and work alongside each other with the dogs they love, to do the most dangerous job of all — help lost and injured victims find their way home.

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“Like Grisham and Clancy… this title shines among the genre simply though superb storytelling.” -The US Review of Books

The Day of the Jackal meets Syriana in the near future.
When the CIA intercepts intelligence on a terrorist attack in Kuwait, Petra Shirazi, a former field agent, comes face to face with the Ahriman, one of Iran’s deadliest assassins.

It was the year when global economies continued to plummet despite analysts’ predictions of a turnaround.
It was the year when the Kuwaiti National Assembly consisted of the largest Islamic contingent in more than two decades.
It was the month when the price of oil plunged to twenty dollars a barrel.
It was the month when the Emir of Kuwait dissolved the National Assembly for the thirteenth time in fifteen years.
It was the day when the head of the Islamic majority of the Assembly hired an assassin and the CIA intercepted intelligence about a new wave of terrorist attacks.
It was the day that would change the face of the Middle East forever.

It was May 15, 2021.

After a disastrous mission forces her out of the field, Petra Shirazi retires from a life of espionage to work in a research position. Three years later, her division stumbles upon a money trail that reveals a massive new wave of terrorist attacks. The money trail places her in the midst of an assassination plot that implicates the highest levels of the Kuwaiti and Iranian governments. Petra will find herself face to face with the Ahriman, a man named for the Persian spirit of destruction who is responsible for a series of bomb blasts that paralyzed the Suez Canal two years earlier. As the investigation begins to unravel, the ripple effects threaten to engulf not only the Middle East and its Western allies, but also the darkest secrets of Petra’s past.

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Escape to Osprey Cove


What Doug finds in the secret compartment of his new red Corvette will forever change his life. It will also change Catherine’s. Doug and Catherine come from two different worlds. Catherine’s world is one of privilege and wealth. Doug grew up dirt poor and full of envy of others who had the things that he wanted but could not have. His goal was to one day have all the things he coveted. Their worlds collide when Catherine, VP of a large New York City marketing firm, hires Doug. As soon as Doug learns of Catherine’s wealth, he sees Catherine as his ticket to all the things he covets. After a whirlwind courtship, they are married.

Poor boy meets rich girl should have resulted in happily ever after — not exactly. Doug quickly learns he also covets independence. Events begin to unfold in each of their lives. For Doug, it is his mysterious discovery in the secret compartment of the Corvette. For Catherine, it is a business meeting with Alex Droxell at the Osprey Cove Lodge. When Catherine enters the beautiful and serene lodge, it’s as though she is entering another place and time. The lodge is an escape from the nightmare she is living back home.

Authors Note: The Osprey Cove Lodge series is uniquely written, spanning seven geographic locations from the scenic Canadian region of the Rideau lakes to the beautiful shores of the Caribbean. An interesting web of mystery develops as the characters’ lives intertwine. The setting for The Osprey Cove Lodge series was born from my love of the beauty of this region in Canada. The description of the lodge is so beautiful and inviting that you will want to pack your bags and head there. The series is written in a continuing fashion; please be sure to read the books in the order written.

Meet Luisa Marietta Gold

Luisa Marietta Gold was born and educated in Pennsylvania, where she spent a large part of her adult life and worked for a large corporation. After her only daughter was born, she relocated to North Carolina, where she worked as a Realtor and began running a recreational business with her husband. She currently resides on eleven acres near a lake reminiscent of the Rideau lake chain that provides the setting for The Osprey Cove Lodge Series. The series was born from her love of that region of Canada, the outdoors, and lake life. Many years were spent enjoying the Rideau, staying in lodges, and for a time, her privately-owned cottage. Among her many interests are painting, cooking, baking. And of course, writing and storytelling. But it’s the simple things of life that bring the most enjoyment — the beauty of the trees outside the window of her writing room as they change with the seasons and watching her kitties interact and play. Nearly all of these interests and life experiences are reflected in her books.

Moonlight Kisses and MugShots

Moonlight Kisses and MugShots (Saddle Creek Book 4) - ASIN B08964Q92V

Veronica (Ronnie) Travis, Miami policewoman, now a Saddle Creek, WY Sheriff’s Deputy and the new owner of Travis B&B, thanks to her Aunt Sally, who leads her on a scavenger hunt to discover her illegal activities.

Sheriff Mitch Rogers, a permanent non-paying guest at Travis B&B is convinced the late owner of the B&B had secrets; big ones. And hopes to find out what it is from his new deputy, Ronnie, If he can only keep it professional between them.

After Rosie’s Diner becomes a crime scene with an ensuing investigation, Ronnie has to sacrifice everything she’s come to love and treasure, but is Mitch included? Or is Ronnie leading Mitch on a wild goose chase just like her Aunt Sally?

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Behind Blue Eyes

Her deadly secret could be the only thing that saves her.

Crime-scene photographer Sara Covington hides behind her camera from the otherworldly ability that’s caused her nothing but grief her whole life. Yet denial doesn’t protect her when she runs across a serial killer with an aural signature she’s never encountered.

Suddenly she’s without a job and with nowhere to turn…except to an enigmatic, sexy-as-hell detective with a disquieting talent for seeing right through her defenses.

Brian Roney’s fascination with Sara compels him to bring her in on the case that ultimately gets her fired. Even though he senses her mutual attraction, something holds her back from stepping into his arms. He’s as determined to find out why she’s pushing him away as he is to keep her safe.

When the killer strikes again, Sara realizes the only way to stop the madman is come clean about her painful past—and embrace the gift she has so long denied. Before the grisly trail of bodies leads right to her doorstep.

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Threat of Danger

Falling in love can be a deadly proposition in this pulse-quickening Mission Recovery novel from the New York Times bestselling author.

Jess Taylor and Derek Daley were in the throes of first love in a small Vermont town when they were kidnapped by a serial killer. They escaped his clutches—but not the trauma of the unsolved crime. With their lives changed forever and their romance cut short, they went their separate ways to exorcise their fears.

Jess is living on the edge as Hollywood’s hottest stuntwoman. It’s no longer terror thrumming through her veins. It’s adrenaline. Derek is a former Navy SEAL spinning his ordeals into heart-pounding bestselling thrillers. But when Jess is called home on a family emergency, she must face the past—and face the man she left behind, who is just as haunted and, like her, still so much in love.

Now, as an old flame reignites, Jess and Derek are taking advantage of second chances and putting their bad memories behind them. But here, in the quiet town of Taylorville, a killer is getting a second chance as well.

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Uncommon Enemies Boxed Set

Uncommon Enemies Boxed Set (Iniquus Security Book 3) - ASIN B07MTY5YMD

Ready for Four International Action Adventures?



Zoe knows the secrets, now they’re coming for her. 

The enemy will stop at nothing to get to Zoe and the military secrets that could change everything. What Zoe knows is getting people killed. Is she next? 

Gage is a hardened special forces operative with only one soft spot: Zoe.

Her desperate screams echoing from inside her home switch his instincts from lover to guardian. To keep America safe, to protect the love of his life, Gage is coming full throttle. 

Fiona Quinn will take you on a thrill ride.

Weaving an intricate plot that puts Zoe’s scientific mind and Gage’s battle-hardened skills to the test. With the safety of the US at stake.


Digging For The Truth Can Be Deadly 

Brian Is Ex-Special Forces 

He’s working for a security group that only hires the best of the best. His job is fueled by danger and adrenaline, and he loves every minute of it. At least he did up until this minute. When Sophia walks into their briefing room, Brian’s heart stops. Sophia is the woman who spun his world and stole his heart then disappeared from his life. 

Now, She Needs Protection 

Sophia is fighting to safeguard Syrian relics from being stolen and sold into private collections by terrorists. Her colleagues are being kidnapped and killed. But the FBI doesn’t believe all is as it seems with Sophia. The Bureau thinks she’s helping to sell conflict relics, funding terror, and putting America and her allies at risk. 

This Case Will Test Brian’s Conviction, Honor, and Courage 


He’ll Risk It All To Keep Her Safe

Honey Honig is good at his job, infiltrating the most dangerous places on Earth and pulling the hostages away from their kidnappers. When the bad guys slips through Honey’s fingers, he hunts a lead to Tanzania. 

Honey Finds His Way Onto A Safari With Dr. Meg Finley, And Into Her Bed 

For him, this isn’t just a passing romance, though. Meg sparks something deep and binding in Honey’s heart. 

Out In The Bush, Terrorists Have Plotted Against Them 

Honey and Meg find themselves swept up in a deadly game of politics and international crime. From the inside, can Honey and Meg save themselves? The others? It’s one thing to be part of a rescue team, it’s a whole other deal, to be on the wrong side of the metal bars. Whatever else happens, Honey swears he’ll find a way to protect Meg, and get her home safe. Or he’ll die trying. 


Thorn has met his match

Retired Navy Seal turned Iniquus special operative Thorn Iverson is heading home from Brussels when the call comes in. A military scientist, David DuBois, needs protection.

>>> Thorn’s mission? Get him safely home.

DuBois’s daughter has just been kidnapped, and he’s in immediate danger.

In an international game of cat and mouse, Thorn and his teammates are put to the test, both mentally and physically, as they unravel the mystery of why Juliette DuBois was snatched from the streets of France.

Join the team fighting to protect America’s safety.

Ready for a thrill ride? Scroll up and grab your copy!

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One Man’s Promise

In a safe haven, but still learning about love.

One Man’s Promise continues Sharla’s story from book one. Read One Man’s Haven first!

Afraid for her life, Sharla flees San Francisco and hopes the rest of her family is still safe. Her life isn’t over after all, but she’s still unsettled. Staying under the radar and out of her enemy’s grasp means she must learn a new way of life away from the city.

Is Sharla starting over in the right place? Hiding isn’t paradise when her enemy catches up with her. How will Sharla escape a second time?

READ NOW to find out how Sharla gets her happy ever after.

Read One Man’s Haven first! One Man’s Promise is book two in The Protector Series, a 2-book series that should be read in order.


One Man’s Haven: The Protector Series Book 1

One Man’s Promise: The Protector Series Book 2

The Promotion: Fulton Ridge Series Book 1

The Iceberg: Fulton Ridge Series Book 2

The Renovation: Fulton Ridge Series Book 3

The Fulton Ridge Christian Romance Series: Books 1-3

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The Unexpected Inlander

They were never supposed to happen to each other.

A love such as theirs was never supposed to endure, not in the highly controlled society of The Sectors.

Yet, a chance encounter at dinner led to breakfast at a diner down the road. They each thought they had found their perfect soulmate, but neither could have imagined the awful truth they would face.

Detailed Book Description:

Agent Christopher Rockford has been the best assassin in the agency for eight years, and he loves his job.
He loves his solitary lifestyle.
He loves keeping the world safe by getting rid of anarchists who threaten their orderly society.
He loves his comfortable life as a member of the wealthy Coastal upper class.

But in pursuit of a target, he meets Jenna, a mysterious civilian who belongs to society’s lowest and most shunned group. Meeting her is a life-changing experience. She makes him feel for the first time, and he is instantly captivated.

She boldly stands in the face of everything he has ever known and was taught to believe. He begins to see the world through her eyes, causing him to question his job, his lifestyle, and The Order he so obediently serves. It’s not long before he can’t imagine his life without her.

There’s just one problem: He knows she would leave him if she ever found out about his job. He knows this because he asked her how she felt about assassins in their government, and she was utterly disgusted with the idea, even though she believes their existence is just a myth.

As their relationship grows and intensifies, he knows he cannot keep the truth from her for long.

But Jenna has her own secrets to keep.

Set in an orderly world of near-perfect surveillance, genetically modified humans, and extreme socioeconomic divide, The Unexpected Inlander will take you through Chris’s journey of self-discovery and learning that change begins within.


***This edition includes a preview of the sequel at the end of the book.***

*Author’s unsolicited content warning: The main character is an assassin, so there is some violence in a few scenes.*

What I love about this book: It’s a thriller, even though there’s no twist or surprise ending. It’s still a heart-thumping read, even as you know both sides of the story. The book does not depend on a big surprise because it’s about a relationship and love and how the society that surrounds you can work its way into your subconscious.

What else I love about this book: It is so much more than a love story. It contains clean romance, intrigue, suspense, and world-building with futuristic science fiction elements. Additionally, it touches on discussion topics such as government control of equity, the ethics of genetic editing and surveillance, the importance of perspective-taking, unconscious bias, self-acceptance, and coming to terms with one’s unchosen identities.

It is a story of love, but it is ultimately a story of self-discovery and how meeting just one person can completely change your life.

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Stealing Thunder

The family curse prevented Tiernan McKenna from finding love, but it can’t stop him from rescuing Ella Thunder. Having seen her shaman father burned to death when evil stalked his clan, Ella is fearful of using the power her Lakota father taught her, even as evil begins to spread again. Tiernan insists on helping Ella despite his attraction to her. Acting upon what he feels seems so incredibly right, but will the curse claim her?

June 22, 1919
Donal McKenna,
Ye might have found happiness with another woman, but yer progeny will pay for this betrayal of me. I call on my faerie blood and my powers as a witch to give yers only sorrow in love, for should they act on their feelings, they will put their loved ones in mortal danger.
So be it,
Sheelin O’Keefe

For all his curiosity, Tiernan hadn’t expected to find anything, so when he spotted the dark green SUV sheltered under a boxelder amidst the pines, he stiffened, his surprise touching Red Crow, who danced sideways. Not making a sound, Tiernan held the gelding in check and focused all six senses. What came to him strongest was a blinding pain. He let go and the pain subsided and his vision cleared.
Dismounting, he looped the horse’s reins in a low branch of a pine and moved through a scattering of trees, toward a clearing overlooking the meadow valley. That’s when he saw her—an attractive lass in jeans and a long-sleeved cotton shirt, dark hair flowing down her back in a thick ponytail. She was sitting on the ground, trying to get to her feet but not quite managing.
Tiernan rushed to her side to help, but what he got for his trouble was a fist square in his chest.
She scrabbled back, staring at him with wide-open brown eyes. “Get away from me, or I’ll… I’ll…”
“You’ll what?” he asked in the soft, melodic voice he used when working with horses, a voice meant to calm and seduce. “I’ll not be hurting you.”
“You knocked me out!”
“’Tis someone else you need to be accusing. I just rode up a few seconds ago.” He indicated Red Crow, now standing quietly in the pines, his head lowered as if he were napping.
“If it wasn’t you…” Again, she looked around.
He concentrated, tested the atmosphere, then shook his head. “If anyone else was around, I would sense it. ’Tis my fey Irish blood.”
She tried to stand once more. And once more he moved closer, this time hesitating before touching her. “May I offer my help?”
She thought about it for a second, then gave him her hand. Though she wasn’t a small woman—only a few inches shorter than he and nicely curved—he easily pulled her up to her feet. She stood there, her gaze taking him in, while he did the same. Pale skin, wide-spaced round eyes, high cheekbones, strong chin, full lips—a mix of the people in this state. She was the most fascinating-looking lass he’d ever met.
“Thank you,” she said. “Ella Thunder.”
He grinned. “Powerful name. Tiernan McKenna. A cousin to Rose Farrell. The family owns the MKF—stands for McKenna-Farrell. Are you from this area?”
“I used to be,” she said. “I was on my way to visit the grandparents on the rez.”
He could see it in her—she was definitely part, though not all, Native American. “You stopped for some reason.”
“To look around. It’s been a long time,” she admitted. “I was here maybe five minutes.”
“If the culprit did something to scare off the herd and then didn’t want you to see his face… What was he up to?”
“I don’t know. We could look around to see.”
“You could have a concussion. Let me get a better look at your eyes.”
He lifted her chin. The contact was potent and he froze like that, not daring so much as to breathe. It took all his concentration to suck in some air and do what he meant to do. He checked her pupils—both equal in size and therefore normal—and gazed right through them, searching, searching.
A quick flash of light accompanied sharp pain and disorientation and finally the sensation of falling.

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