Return to Paradise

The Coleman children have spent the past five years as indentured servants in Carean Isle, paying off a debt their parents are responsible for, and now it’s time for them to return to their home in Fairora. However, due to circumstances, some can go, but some must stay. A lot can change in five years, and the Colemans must adjust to a Fairora very different than the one they left. This is especially true for the youngest, ten-year-old Ella. Suffering from a severe social anxiety, she’s overwhelmed by her family’s new friends, the outspoken Carter sisters and Emmett, a boy with magical heritage in a society where magic is considered evil. But, like him, Ella also doesn’t quite fit in, as she’s adopted and no one knows her origins. As they settle in, the Colemans know they’re not complete until they’re all together. When they plead to the King to return their remaining family members home, their actions lead to serious consequences that ripple throughout the entire Kingdom.

Meet A. Rose Pritchett

A. Rose Pritchett is a disabled author born and raised in Charlotte, NC. The seeds of her writing career were planted in her childhood, when she would come up with complex stories inspired by her princess Barbies. Her love of American Girl led her to the love of historical fiction, which led to her earning a BA in Writing from Georgia Southern University in 2018 with a minor in History. Shortly after graduating, she published her debut historical YA novel, A Lock of Hair, and has most recently published Return to Paradise. She currently lives in Savannah, GA, where she loves painting and making anything involving threads or yarn while watching period dramas.

Magnificent Tales of Doomed Kingdoms

Once upon a time, there was an age of kings. An age of mighty kingdoms and dynasties ruling over vast stretches of land with unlimited wealth and unmatched renown. But the memory of man is fickle and short lived. Common tales passed unto history, history became lore and lore faded into myth.

These stories will give you a momentary glimpse into the lives of the kings and the queens. They would tell you of the lives these men and women lived and the challenges they faced – from incapable princes to indecent relations, from sharp swords to seductive traps and from single minded greed to selfless sacrifices.

Be warned however, that you will feel their fears and their pains. Your heart will burn with rage, and chaos will stupor your thoughts. It would be sad, and it would be ruinous, but it would surely be magnificent!

Meet Rupendra Dhillon

Rupendra born in New Delhi, India, observed, at a very early age, his father burning the midnight oil on his trusty writing pad and Remington typewriter.

Now settled in the rural outskirts of Toronto, Canada, with his wife and two dogs. he has taken up a hobby very similar to his father’s. His aim is to tell stories that grab the reader’s attention and pack an emotional punch.

To get in touch with him visit his website at

The Prince of Blood

A young prince meets a mysterious yet charming stranger who helps him fend off an invasion from a neighbouring country.

Meet NineRings

NineRings is bilingual Australian Chinese non-binary author who sees the world through very different lens as a result of their upbringing. Aside from writing, they are a cellist, flutist and artist, stubbornly choosing to create the covers of their novel as ‘it holds a personal connection’. The story of the universe known as the Nine Rings, developed over many years of spacing out in class and at work, extends across all of their novels under the same pen name regardless of the original language of publishing.

The Sallow Scourge

On the cusp of becoming maidens, twin Queens Allison and Joie Wynpenny have spent the past year trapped inside their castle. The Sallow Scourge has their kingdom in its grip. Whether curse or contagion, the wisemen do not yet know. What is known is that it causes the afflicted to commit severe bodily harm, while disrupting the balance of magic throughout the realm.

Both queens decide that something drastic must be done, though each has a very different solution. Allison vows to seek out the culprit, be that witch, wizard or madman. Her sister Joie, always rebellious, would rather stir chaos. As the kingdom cracks in two, the Sallow Scourge may wind up the sole victor.

Meet E Stuart Marlowe