A Foreboding Future: Kopp Chronicles

The rise of authoritarian aggression abroad thrusts the dashing British Military Intelligence officer, Richard Cordwell, into mortal danger as he faces his most formidable foe to date, only to be saved by the beautiful French spy Madame Duvernay. Meanwhile, at home, mirroring today’s cultural wars and the controversy over book bans, passage of the anti-obscenity Comstock Law creates an uproar in New York City as it puts an innocent woman on trial. As these events unfold, an immigrant family’s hopes and dreams face a foreboding future, but the discovery of gold and growth of cities in the Western prairies restores their faith in the American dream. The exciting Kopp Chronicles saga continues as rulers leave the world stage and new ones rise to lead their nation’s resurgence.

Meet Gregory Kopp

Gregory Kopp is an Amazon and Goodreads 5-Star Author, Graduate of Northwestern University and a Principal Consultant for Kopp Company, a privately held firm. Gregory is also a Talent Ambassador for The Walt Disney Company. The Amazon and Goodreads 5-Star acclaimed Kopp Chronicles series of novels have been nominated for Reader’s Choice Awards, Goodreads Choice Awards and have received glowing reviews and been featured in “First Lines” of “BookLife Publishers Weekly”, an international news website of book publishing and bookselling. They have also received numerous “Cover of the Month” & “Book of the Day” Honors.

VIKING: The Plains of Althing

Get your Viking on! The Plains of Althing will immerse you in the lives of long-ago Icelanders, a big, epic saga with an ensemble cast of characters: Kel, on the verge of betraying his brutal employer, and Aldis, the woman he loves–who loathes Kel. You’ll feel the anguish of an enslaved Moroccan father who must make an agonizing decision, and you’ll root for a lonely, fearful widow struggling to find the courage to live. They all, inexorably, are drawn by one man’s arrogance and greed towards an Althing where Kel and Aldis must do battle—and face their deepest fears. The Plains of Althing is the start of a sprawling four-book series that will take you to the edge of the world–and back to a country in mortal chaos. Read on!

Meet Katie Aiken Ritter

Two decades of working in tech ended abruptly by an…encounter?…with Viking entities, who insisted I write a story that flashed in front of my eyes. I knew little about Iceland or the Viking era, but the request felt so compelling I had to accept, and took on the task. Four books later, I feel as if I know them, in all their strengths and weaknesses: humans, just like us, who sometimes found themselves in impossible circumstances—and yet had to struggle forward. I hope their story resonates with you.

The Secret of Azuron

What if your boy was the only one who could stop the greatest evil the world has ever known? Eleven-year old Landau discovers a treasure that will have every creature of myth and legend in pursuit of him. With the aid of his company, an odd teaming of a wizard, knight, assassin, gladiator, barbarian, mercenary and amazon, Landau must bring his treasure to the Capital to convince the Imperials who they are currently at war with to side with them and unite before the real enemy destroys them all. But the enemy constantly follows, Landau’s companions despise each other, and all he wants is to complete his quest so he can return home – but what chance does a kid have against the creator of all things evil?
The first book in ‘The Sword Empire’ series.

Meet J.R.Kearney

I have worked in retail for over twenty years. That’s bad. But I’ve also been writing the Sword Empire Series for fifteen of those years. That’s good. Living in Sydney, Australia for all my life, I began writing the series in 2005 as a series of short stories for my autistic nephew, set in the fictional world of Heldorn, that soon grew into ‘The Sword Empire’ series of today. A lover of music, anything from a Van Halen guitar solo to a Disney showtune, I’m also a big advocate for exercise while also lounging about playing the latest RPG. But mostly books are my passion, growing up watching a lot of bad movies to know what a good story should look like. Regardless of fame or fortune I will write this series purely out of enjoyment, I hope you can enjoy them too.

By the Hands of Men, Book One: The Old World


A soldier fights for his soul in the trenches of France.  A field hospital nurse battles death every day.  Are duty and honor enough of a reason to go on in the hell of a world at war?

A mere mile from the blood-drenched front lines, Russian refugee and nurse Charlotte Braninov encounters English Lieutenant Robert Fitzgerald, who helps her save the life of another soldier.  Robert’s calm, courtly manner lingers in Charlotte’s mind, a comforting memory amid the deluge of suffering that surrounds her when she returns to the hospital.

Wounded during an unauthorized mission of mercy, Robert Fitzgerald finds himself demoted to a Medical Supply Officer, where he once more meets the brave young Russian nurse.  When Charlotte volunteers to help the Lieutenant learn about his duties in this new life of service, a quiet friendship blooms and love grows in that harshest of soils, even as the war rages on.  But human cruelty and endemic disease claw at their lives.  Can love survive in a world torn by warfare, greed, and deception?

The Old World, a novel that readers are calling “deeply moving,” “stunning,” and “magnificent,” is the first volume of the By the Hands of Men series.  Epic historical fiction by Roy M. Griffis, the saga sweeps across four continents in a gripping tale of fate, loss, redemption, and love.

A truly remarkable historical novel– so finely rendered in period detail – that the reader becomes one with the plot and characters. – RICK FRIEDMAN, FOUNDER, THE JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB