Foster: A Love Story

Skyler Seabrooke lives for helping animals. Those in need of saving, she saves. Those in need of fostering, she fosters. Skyler is a hard-working employee at the local animal shelter, and has dedicated more than half her life to rescuing and caring for animals in need. When Skyler gets a call about an abandoned animal on the outskirts of town, she doesn’t hesitate to go out and rescue it before the animal succumbs to the elements. This infant is different, though, and as it begins to grow under Skyler’s foster care, she realizes she is caring for something that doesn’t belong in her home. It’s something big—something dangerous. Skyler knows allowing it to stay with her isn’t safe, but the love she has for her foster pet is overpowering her sense of right and wrong. As the repercussions for keeping such a dangerous animal become horrifically apparent to Skyler, she is forced to make a difficult decision. Just how far is she willing to go to protect the foster pet she has come to love? She needs to decide quickly, though, because unbeknownst to Skyler, time is running out for the both of them.

Meet Danielle McCrory

Danielle McCrory is a writer from Tucson, Arizona. Danielle started writing because she believes there are still so many scary stories left untold. She loves horror movies, animals, rainy days, and Halloween. Foster is her second novel.