Suzie Bowers’ Six-Figure Success System: Passion Purpose Prosperity ~ For Coaches, Hypnotherapists and Holistic Practitioners Who Want to Make a Difference

Discover the Foundational Systems for Creating a Six-Figure Coaching, or Hypnotherapy Business Working Part-Time.

Do you love helping others in the holistic arts field, but feel frustrated by the maze of technology and social media? Do you ever wonder how you can create a consistent lineup of motivated clients who are ready to throw their credit cards at your face? Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to create a steady stream of income as an entrepreneur while still enjoying time with family and friends?

Suzie Bowers’ Six-Figure Success System is your simple, step-by-step blueprint for creating a successful, profitable income in your own self-improvement business. Suzie shares simple systems and tools to help you fast track your brand to the level of expert, attract and nurture your ideal customers and then scale up to the next level when you’re ready. You can create massive impact while doing what you love!

By implementing these strategies, you will discover how to:
– Set yourself up for success with the entrepreneurial and wealth building mindset.
– Attract your dream clients who want to work with you, no matter what you charge.
– Handle phone and internet inquiries, nurture and convert them into paying clients.
– Transform your website into a lead capture machine.
– Utilize social media, including live video to level up your brand to expert status.

Success is not “rocket science.” It is a series of simple steps, systems and training that will make your life easier. The Six-Figure Success System will show you how. As a special gift, you’ll also receive access to:
• FREE Six-Figure Success System training, scripts, and resources, to help you take all the guess work out of creating your prosperous business and lifestyle freedom.
• Special offer to join the Six-Figure Success System Mastermind Group, to receive weekly coaching, accountability, and inspiration while you grow your business.
• AND BONUS: Lifetime Access to Suzie’s Transformation8TM online coaching training course when you join our Six-Figure Mastermind group.
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BROKEN: How To Fix B2B Sales, Drive Profitable Growth & Win

Introducing the book “Broken” by Scott Marker – the definitive guide to transforming your B2B sales strategies and gaining an “unfair” advantage over your competitors.

Based on over seven years of in-depth research and interviews with top CxOs, sales leaders, and frontline salespeople, Marker exposes the shocking truth about the outdated and ineffective methods used in traditional B2B sales.

In “Broken,” Scott unveils his revolutionary Mixed Customer Arts² (MCA²) methodology and model that will forever change the way successful B2B companies GTM, go to market is done.

Learn how to serve your customers more effectively without resorting to cold calling, leverage your CRM to gain and retain more customers, and implement an ethical compensation model that rewards sales professionals for bringing in only the best customers and retaining them for the long-term.

Say goodbye to unrealistic expectations and the sky-high turnover of your salespeople and embrace a buyer-centric approach that aligns marketing, sales, and customer service for company-wide success. “Broken” provides practical and modern insights into company-wide alignment, realistic goal setting, and KPIs that put the buyer at the center of your revenue strategies.

If you’re ready to transform your B2B sales game and achieve a competitive advantage, add “Broken” to your cart now. And for additional support, take advantage of a free 30-minute consultation call with Scott Marker at

Sales Mastery Essentials Made Simple: Your Master Class On The Inner Game Of Selling With 7 Keys To Becoming A Sales Machine

A Master Class in print to becoming a dynamic sales machine. This book will help increase your sales ability by teaching you the S3 method in a nutshell. Learn how to see, solve and satisfy your client. Access their hidden desires. Connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime. See the invisible, solve the puzzle, and satisfy the dream, theirs and yours. Learn to enjoy and embrace helping others. Always be connecting the wealth is greater than you know. Celebrate!

Is Your Why Bigger Than Your But?: Simple Principles That Lead to Success in Sales and Life

After over 40 years in sales and sales management, Buddy Swisshelm has developed a step-by-step program designed for anyone to become a master salesperson. With no sales experience and no skill, Buddy learned and developed a program that helped his small market team to become national record setters in sales, volume, and deliveries. 60% of his sales teams had no sales experience when they started yet his team took the greatest number of winners year after year on the company’s annual sales trip.

With 59 #1 monthly region in volume, and 11 #1 yearly regions in volume or contracts over a 13-year period. Buddy’s team set the standard for excellence. Leading by example, Buddy was also #1 dealer for a month 26 times and 4 times #1 dealer for the year.

The formula covered in this book has a proven success formula that has worked for years and is still the same formula used today. The principles are common sense and can be mastered by anyone, new to sales or the sales superstar looking for one more great idea.

In these pages you will discover;

  • Throughout this book, there is life’s “Get Its” which are keys to life success.
  • The importance of being balanced in all areas- knowledge, working habits, and the right attitude.
  • Learn the secret to presenting your product and getting your customer to listen to you
  • Understand the presentation behind the presentation FBPQ
  • Make your sales easier by using Phase Two Selling, validating yourself, your company and your product, and making the numbers work for you by using a return on investment
  • The importance of not handling objections during the presentation
  • Mastering the funnel to increase your closing ratio
  • Knowing what to do when they say NO
  • Knowing that your Why is bigger than you but will bring the best out of you
  • Understanding the importance of failure in life and in sales
  • Changing your mindset in life to become an inverted paranoid

The Digital Sales Rep: Find and Close Your Target Clients Online With The 10 + 10 System

The Digital Sales Rep is a practical step by step guide to prospecting and closing sales online. If you are in outside sales, inside sales, or managing a team of salespeople, you want to read this book. Selling in today’s world has changed. Sales people need to be part marketer, part social media guru, part digital expert, part copywriter, part graphic designer and of course, part salesperson. This book will show how you can easily be amazing at all of those tactics.

You will learn how to mix digital efforts with traditional outreach to connect to 100+ target clients every single day. The days of pounding the pavement on the road as your only source of business acquisition are long gone. The most successful sales reps utilize the power of digital and social channels to effectively network and gain sales opportunities with clients that would otherwise be impossible to reach. These strategies don’t just open doors, they secure welcome invitations to talk about your products and services.

This book delivers a proven system, actionable guidelines and steps to follow that will result in closed sales. No fluffy sales advice here. The 10 + 10 Sales System works.

Meet Trudi Charest

Trudi Charest is the Co-Founder of Marketing4ecps, a digital marketing agency focused on the eye care industry. Trudi has an extensive history in eye care starting in retail optical as a Corporate Trainer, outside sales for Bausch & Lomb, clinical consulting for Optos before starting her own training and consulting company Total Focus Consulting. She would start consulting as the VP of Training & Marketing for Eye Recommend, a leading Optometry group in Canada which led to her starting her own digital marketing agency in 2015.

Trudi is a Licensed Optician, holds a HR Management Certificate from the U of Calgary, and is a speaker, marketer, author, business consultant, entrepreneur and innovator. She is well known for her fun and engaging keynote and breakout sessions at industry conferences and events.

Sell Bigger: Unlock Repeat Business By Transforming How You Communicate

This book helps sales and marketing professionals and business executives to communicate with customers …. so that customers buy from you again and again.

You will learn what to say and exactly how to say it and stage it. You will gain the clarity to communicate online proactively every day, You will learn how to ignite a new conversation with a customer so that you uncover opportunities to make money, all while showing the customer that you care.

You will use the “Sell Bigger” framework to master the five essential components of every communication – Learn how to get your customers’ attention, keep it, and drive to the next step in your sales funnel, rather than being ignored by customers, and rather than killing a sale through overwhelm.

You will learn how to do this using email, voicemails, videos, presentations, sales webpages, online sales funnels, whitepapers, articles, webinars and masterclasses.

Action sheets, examples and blueprints are included to let you put this book to work immediately in your business.

In this book, you will learn:

– The one thing to include in your emails and presentations to make customers think “YES!” and take action right away.
– The #1 reason customers leave (Hint: it’s not price) and what to do about it.
– The one big mistake that guarantees that what you write won’t be read.
– Two things to include in an email or video title to compel quick responses from even the most skeptical customer.
– What visionaries like Steve Jobs do to make customers want what they sell without knowing the details of the offer.
– How to mine existing accounts for future opportunities without any hard selling.
– A five-part communication system that results in customer action.
– How to tap your customer’s desire to buy by telling a story.
– How to put these techniques to work using our templates, examples and blueprints

Meet Angela Sutton

Angela Sutton has over 25 years of experience managing hardware and software businesses in Silicon Valley, California. Prior to founding MarketFastForward Corp, Dr. Sutton grew and managed 7 and 8 figure software businesses at Cadence, Mentor Graphics, Responsys, Synplicity and Synopsys.

At LSI Logic she was responsible for marketing and business development for digital video semiconductor products and platforms.

At Responsys, she managed online direct marketing software that allowed customers to automatically customize their communications with customers.

At Synplicity, Mentor and Cadence, she managed semiconductor design automation software businesses.

Her passion outside of helping software professionals sell their products is dog agility competitions, where she has put 43 agility championships on her border collies and labradors. Dr. Sutton holds a BSc. in Applied Physics from Durham University, UK, and a PhD. in Engineering from Aberdeen University, UK.

She Sells: The Empathy Advantage


There’s a myth in our culture that to get ahead in sales, we have to be sharks—greedy, manipulative, and only out for #1. As business owners and creatives who lead with heart, that fear of appearing “salesy” stresses us out and holds us back. We assume that spending money is painful, and feel guilty to ask our clients for more.

The truth is, today’s trading-up clients are not only willing to spend big, but they secretly want to. And there are more of them in your market than you think.

Take it from someone who’s been in your shoes. Megan has cracked the code on how to attract and serve clients who will pay top dollar. Her LUXE sales system helped her grow from a stay-at-home-mom to a seven-figure earner, and She Sells is her comprehensive playbook. Megan will show you how to evolve your business for the modern economy and lean into your powerful empathy advantage.

Are you ready to become the powerhouse breadwinner you’ve always wanted to be?

Meet Megan DiPiero

Megan DiPiero has been recognized as one of the top influencers in the photography industry. She is an award-winning portrait artist and internationally acclaimed business mentor who helps blooming entrepreneurs create thriving careers. Megan is a frequent platform speaker at the country’s largest photography conventions and has also headlined her own cross-country speaking tour. Megan is raising two creative, independent kids and splits her work hours between her bustling portrait brand, business coaching, and flying to meet her mentor students around the world to celebrate their wins!

Selling Without Sleaze: A Business Owner’s Guide to Sales (For Those Who Would Rather Not…)

Most of us have a sales horror story or two…
Like buying a ‘mint’ used car that later turns out to be a write-off.

Or being upsold on an ‘extended warranty’ that’s as useful as the paper it’s printed on.
As a sales trainer who loves my job, it saddens me to admit there are a lot of cheeky gits (and git-esses!) in sales…
If you have a great product or service that gives people practical help, or brings them joy – there’s nothing sleazy about wanting to be paid well.
So if you’re a creative entrepreneur who loves your business but HATES pushy ‘sales’ tactics like:
Fake scarcity with made up time limits
Manipulated prices and spoofed ‘discounts’
Emotional manipulation and shaming

And all the other shady sales stuff that makes people cringe…
Then this book is for you.
It’s packed full of the most effective training on how to sell your product or service with integrity, honestly…
Oh and did I mention, very profitably?

This book is designed to show you how I’ve sold millions in products and services for the multinational companies I’ve worked with…

How I’ve grown 2 of my own startups from 0 to 6 figures using these methods…

How I help creative entrepreneurs get positive results and feedback quickly so they don’t end up frustrated…

And how you can do the same for your business.

Inside the book, you’ll see how the ‘Selling Without Sleaze’ attitude and the T.A.C.C framework create a clear, simple and repeatable process to bring you more sales, more consistently than other methods you may have tried or heard about…

All while acting with complete integrity, and avoiding any sleazy sales tactics.
And don’t just take my word for it, here’s what my Sales Academy students have to say:

Lisa Monger, Founder & Managing Director, Rebel Health: “If you want to improve your sales without all of its sleazy connotations, starting off with this book is an awesome step. Working with Sarah has been a brilliant experience and using the techniques in this book saw me increase my sales by 200%. A must-read for business owners.”

Hayley Field, Founding Director, Food Ninja: “With Sarah’s guidance and support, and using many of the principles she outlines in this book, my business has grown more in the past 18 months than my previous 5 years in business.”

Shira Szabo DPhil (Oxon), Director, ForeGrounds: “Sarah gave me the tools and the confidence, to move out of academia and into practice. Enabling me to define myself in the industry of real estate and development, solidify my professional identity, present my unique capabilities and services to potential clients and to seek out opportunities to develop a new business. If you want to grow your own business this book truly is a great place to start.”
‘Selling Without Sleaze’ is the perfect sales manual for creative entrepreneurs who usually shy away from sales… But that doesn’t mean soft-selling, ‘selling from the heart’, or any wishy-washy nonsense.

It’s still classic solution-driven sales with firm qualification, assertive objection-handling, and confident closing…

But focused on the long run, and without all the icky tactics you don’t like used on you.

And you won’t have time to spend days or weeks going through hundreds of pages – the most important thing is to start taking action.

That’s why I’ve kept the book short enough that you can read it in an afternoon…

The book is packed with Case Studies to show you real world examples of how and why it’s working so well for entrepreneurs like you.

And the focus of Selling Without Sleaze is 100% practical – everything you’ll find in this book is something you can take and use in your business NOW.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s start ‘Selling Without Sleaze’ today.

Catapulting Commissions: Achieve Your Next Sales Goal


The only thing standing between you and crushing your next sales goal—is you.

Your mindset, your beliefs, and your processes can either catapult you beyond your target or hold you back before you even launch. The real difference between high performers and everyone else is they know how to focus and strategically pursue their ambitions. It’s how they break through the cycle of feast or famine to enjoy consistent checks and income.

Every salesperson has experienced the swing of the commission pendulum—going from being flush with cash to barely scrounging up enough to pay bills.

In “Catapulting Commissions,” world-class sales expert Anthony Garcia leverages his two decades of sales experience and shares the 11 questions every salesperson must ask themselves to break that cycle. Throughout the book, Garcia helps readers rewire their mental approach to sales, target actionable activities, and create a support system. Whether you are just beginning your sales career or are a seasoned professional, “Catapulting Commissions” can help you get the commissions you want.

In sales, the energy you invest directly impacts the rewards you reap from it. Read “Catapulting Commissions” and get ready to earn returns on investing in yourself.