The Hidden Spaceship: An Adventure Into Environmental Awareness


When Amelia and Noah stumble across a spaceship, an out-of-this-world adventure begins! The friends have a very special mission – to help save the Earth’s ecosystem.
They must go on a daunting journey to another planet, find a treasure chest and complete their quest.
What secret does the treasure chest hold?

This emerging author is so passionate about the future of our planet that you can’t help but be drawn into her stories and totally inspired! The Hidden Spaceship is full of excitement, bravery and, above all, a really important message for the young reader to take home.” Lor Bingham, editor.

The Hidden Spaceship is a fun and engaging adventure into environmental awareness published by Save The Planet Books.

  • Perfect for parents and caregivers wanting to educate their kids about the environment, nature, and animals.
  • A wonderful gift for teachers, librarians, and educators who are looking to teach about environmental protection, recycling, and climate change.
  • Great for fans of Love the Earth by Julian Lennon, Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth by Oliver Jeffers, What a Waste by Jess French and the classics from Giles Andreae, Julia Donaldson, and Mo Willems.

The Hidden Spaceship is a story that speaks directly to kids using simple topics such as reuse and recycle, use less plastic, plant a vegetable garden, walk or ride a bicycle to get around.
This book makes children understand that they can do something – even if it’s very small – to help taking care of our Planet.

From the Author
I write books for young children that have the future of our planet at their heart. I passionately believe that children are our last chance to improve our ecosystems, find solutions to major climate problems, and save the planet.
I also believe in the importance of reading to children from an early age, and hope that my books engage children (and parents!) and inspire them to believe in a better future.

Benefits of Environmental Education
According to United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), there are four reasons to provide children with environmental education:

  • To make them more aware and conscious of environmental problems.
  • To boost their interest in caring for and improving the environment.
  • To enhance their ability to learn about their surroundings.
  • To broaden their ecological knowledge in subjects such as landscapes, air, water, natural resources and wildlife.

Education for Sustainable Development is a key element of the 2030 UNESCO Agenda for Sustainable Development.

About The Author
Serena Lane Ferrari is a mother and an English teacher. She writes books for children concerning the future of our planet.
Serena hopes her stories will encourage future generations to be aware of and engage with environmental issues.
As Greta Thunberg says, No one is too small to make a difference.

About the Illustrator
Born in the south of Portugal, Luis Peres has been illustrating professionally since 1992. His work includes best sellers children’s books by authors Jay Miletsky and Julia Inserro.
Luis loves to create environments, scenery backgrounds, imaginary worlds and fantasy landscapes.