Vikings: Taken

Rosfrith’s childhood changes forever after war-loving Vikings capture her home. Frightened by the axe-wielding barbarians, and torn from everything she knows and loves, she is forced to forget her privileged life of an ealdorman’s child. When she is abandoned by her parents and her life is threatened, is there anyone that she can trust to turn to for help? Ubba Ragnarsson, who dutifully followed his brother to Brytannia to avenge his father’s death is a strong warrior, hardened to life. He finds himself conflicted when Rosfrith awakens a protective streak he didn’t know he had. And, when he finally notices that Rosfrith is no longer a child, other feelings stir. But will he risk everything for a mere slave? This historical romance which captures the imagination with a story of conflict, lies, love, and jealousy.

Meet Ceri Bladen

Ceri Bladen Ceri originates from the lovely Welsh village, Caerleon. She moved to Swansea to obtain her teaching degree. After having twins and another child, seventeen months later, her family moved to Turkey for a slower place of life. Here, in between looking after numerous street dogs and a kindle of street cats, she enjoys researching history and writing. She is now a top 100 bestselling Viking romance author. She loves to write contemporary, sci-fi, and historical romances. She has penned stories in many time periods and locations, using her love of history for inspiration.