Mummys can be so much fun!

They love their little ones to bits and are always ready to have a good time—whether it’s a learning situation or just being silly.

Mummy’s will help you ride your bike through the neighbourhood or drive you to school, making each journey an adventure.

Bathtime is far more fun with Mum. And bedtimes just aren’t the same without a story and a big hug goodnight from your superhero and best friend: Mummy! 

I’m Just Bad At Math!

Lucy thinks her brain is broken because she’s always been “bad” at math.
And when her teacher gives the class a dreaded timed math test, her brain freezes up!

Can a promise and a scruffy chihuahua named Nacho help Lucy change her mindset?

This story helps children realize that people aren’t “good” or “bad” at math, and it helps them learn to change their mindset by viewing things from a new perspective.

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22 Ways to Improve Lunch: Recipes for Snacks, Sandwiches, Soups, Salads and Wraps for School and Work


You too can Improve Your Lunch in 22 Ways!

Find easy lunch box ideas for home and work. Discover 22 delicious recipes in this cookbook that will make lunch time fun and enjoyable.

Learn how to prepare snacks, sandwiches, soups, salads and wraps that can be easily made either the night before or in the morning that you will get excited about when break time arrives.

Tired of opening the lunch box to find the same old sandwich?

Well dig into this book to get some great ideas that will inspire you not to only make lunch but to look forward to that break at work. In this recipe book find lunch ideas for work such as the Caesar Salad Sandwich, Avocado Chicken Salad Sandwich, Gourmet Peanut Butter and Jam, and a Pizza Croissant roll up. Give them a try, they are delicious.
Authored by Lynn Hall 22 Ways to Improve your Lunch provides a cookbook that offers recipes of every variety and flavor. While this is not a cookbook that follows any certain “diet” trend or fad health craze, it is focused on health and wellness through fueling the body correctly. .

Big on Wraps for lunch? Stop paying the high prices and create your own.

Try the Plantain Wrap recipe, it is easy to make and a gluten free option for your lunch. There is also the Avocado Chicken wrap, Dijon Ham wrap and Peanut Butter and Banana wrap. The kids will love this recipe for sure.
You will find some “Paleo-esque” recipes as well as some vegetarian, meat-lovers, and comfort food fixes.

Check out the yummy Soups in this cookbook.

From the Baked Potato soup, to the French onion not to mention the black bean chili you will not be disappointed in the choices you have. Find healthy easy to make soup recipes that really are a meal in themselves. Made ahead and taken to work or school these recipes produce delicious enjoyable wholesome lunches for you and your family.

The Snacks are easy to make and much healthier than items from the vending machine.

Find the Hummus and veggie dippers, the Maple Banana granola bars, the Kale Chips, Cinnamon applesauce and the Popcorn snack. Try some or try them all as you will find they add a great addition to your lunch box. These snacks are great for the kids at recess time or for you to have along with your morning java or tea. Enjoy.

Can you think of anything better than sprucing up the lunch Salad!.

One glance and I am sure you will want to be trying these favorites the Avocado Steak salad or the Mandarin Chicken salad. Do not stop there as the recipes for the Strawberry Chicken salad and Tuna salad recipes are included in this cookbook. Get your protein and veggies all in one dish that will be an amazing inspiration to your day.
Note your favorites, but try them all! Each one has nutritional information and serving sizes for your convenience as planning ahead is a great way to do lunches so that you aren’t rushed early in the morning. .

Make the step to improving your Lunch…… Scroll up and grab your copy now!,