Jaegryn: The First Law

A child vanishes in the night… … a monster hunter is summoned. Can be bring the child home? Jaegryn arrives on an unfamiliar and alien world. Forced to take a local as a guide, he investigates the strange facts surrounding the disappearance. Something’s not right and its not just monsters. There are darker forces at play. Can he keep his guide alive? Or will he repeat the failures of his past? What happens when brute strength isn’t enough to win? You’ll love this dark science fantasy tale, because we all love a broken hero who refuses to give up, even when his back’s against the wall. Get it now FOR FREE!

Meet The Archivist

My mom always said I was her costume child. She’s right, always has been, always will be -but don’t tell her I said that. Okay? So it only made sense to write as a storyteller within my universe. The Archivist. As the only Archivist left is my job to record the stories of those living within the Legends of the Fall universe (We’re rebuilding the order right now. We’ll post applications later.) Anyways, each story has its own hero or heroine, along with a supporting cast of characters. Soon enough, their stories will collide. But not now. They’re not ready. I’m not ready. Before I picked up the persona of the Archivist, I was always making up stories. I remember playing in the home repair stores or being on a construction job site and transforming them into space stations, rebel bases or the surface of an uncharted world. I filled them will stormtroopers and starships, dragons and knights. Over time stories, and writing, became a sort of Jungian therapy for me. It helped me process the chaotic emotions and conflicting circumstances I found myself in. It kept me alive. Kept me sane. Yet one day, I realized my characters, my invisible friends, and the places they lived were bound to me. Bound to my mortality. One day, I’d slip away, and I’d drag them into the afterlife with me. That terrified me. That’s when I knew I had to share my stories. It started with my wife. I opened up to her. Shared the world I had lived in since I was a teenager. Then I shared it with my children. I realized that those characters and places now lived within them. That in some small measure, they’d survive me. Now I’d like to invite you on this crazy adventure. It’s not for everyone and that’s okay. I hope that if these stories speak to you, if the words I write make you feel something, then you too will open yourself up and let these characters and places find a home within you as well. And maybe one day, under a bright sun, you’ll tell others your own stories. Cheers, The Archivist

Aerovoyant: The Industrial Age, Volume One

Discover a new world. On planet Turaset, droughts ravage farmlands, cyclones rip through coastal cities, and with every barrel of oil the combustion industry pumps from the ground, the climate worsens. Alphonse has just refused a council seat because taking it means serving that rapacious industry. He leaves the city to seek solace in the wilderness, and there, a power to live the past awakens within him. Alphonse walks the steps of his distant ancestors on long-dead Earth, soon growing plagued with memories of its collapse, and he’s left with a troubling certainty: He must infiltrate the combustion industry to secure proof of its treachery, or Turaset will be next to fall. Alphonse finds an ally in Myrta, a farmgirl who sees air, every molecule in every pulse of breath or blast of exhaust. With her talent, she can evade the patrols on the industry’s grounds. Together, Alphonse and Myrta can prove the industry lies about emissions. They can convince the councils to shut down fossil fuel use permanently. But people in the industry have grown wise to Myrta’s power—and now she’s marked for death.

Meet P. L. Tavormina

P. L. Tavormina is a North American middle-aged mammal living during Earth’s Anthropocene. Dr. Tavormina has identified human disease genes at the University of California and catalogued ecological changes in the wake of petroleum disasters at Caltech. Now, she’s writing fiction to make climate science more broadly accessible. Additional short stories from the world of Turaset are freely available at pltavormina.com.

The Puppet of the Omnigods

Amazon #1 Best Seller. The planet Terram is submerged in an endless informational storm that leaves encoded patterns all over the earth. Light and sound reflect in a very special way at such surfaces, causing the creatures they reach to think and feel only what’s appropriate for those who control the planet. Only one kind of creature is immune to the storms – the thaumaturges. Distant relatives of wizards, thaumaturges feel, think and weave information that contradicts the existing world order. Aneralt is a young thaumaturge student at Kakhard-Toon wizard school. Hated by his fellow wizards for who he is and for generating the ideas they will never be able to comprehend, he finds himself in the midst of a conflict between the all-powerful Omnigods, with his only ally his wild element – an animated fire that lives at the bottom of his wizard earring. If he is to survive, Aneralt must face the ultimate truth about his nature, and uncover why the Omnigods have been following him all this time. Perfect for those who love Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss and Joe Abercrombie. The Puppet of the Omnigods is the result of 8 years of world-building with elements of quantum physics and programming.

Meet Andrew Baltasar

The idea to write a novel came to me in 2013 when I worked in TU Dortmund as an early-stage researcher. Being a huge fan of Tolkien, Le Guin, Philip K. Dick and German-Scandinavian mythology (which I read when I was 7 years old), I came to form my own vision of а fictional world I would like to be part of. Having an early version of the first two books, I relocated to Yerevan in 2016 to continue working as a programmer. Informational technologies and quantum mechanics have hugely influenced me and my story, which the reader can see in all the terminology and mechanics of the book. Right now I am working on the second episode, which is a direct continuation of the first book and involves Aneralt, Ernärt, Kronos, Enigam (a.k.a Eotta), Tiamand as well as some hidden and mythical characters.

P.I.V.O.T. Lab Chronicles Complete Series Omnibus

A young man pushed to go on a date that went horribly wrong. An older woman dying from cancer. A man trying to recover from a mountain climbing accident. A young woman who fears sleeping. What ties them together?

They each enter into a virtual fantasy world in the hopes of either being healed or providing escape from what’s killing them while providing valuable data to doctors.

Meanwhile the game’s AI is learning, growing and is on the brink of discovery. The government is on the hunt for the secret lab and the people running it.

Who will end up healed, hidden, or found?

Get the 10-book boxed set to immerse yourself in the world of P.I.V.O.T. Labs.

Would you be willing to chance dying to come out of a coma? Would you do the same if it was your son’s life?

Mary and Senator Tad Williams pushed their son Justin to go on a date that went horribly wrong. Now, they try to figure out a way to help their son out of a coma. At almost $5,000 a day for ICU expenses, their insurance options are running out.

Amber, Nick, and Jacob built a new immersive game system for the future. The only problem is, at $800 a day, no one can afford it.

Dr. Dubois wrote a paper about how you might help a person out of a coma, but it was crushed under the might of the medical lobbyists on Capitol Hill.

Now, the three groups need each other to save a life, fight the establishment, and help a young man in need.

The only challenge is, Justin can die in real life if he dies in the game.

Will he wake up from his coma? Will lobbyists crush the principled senator who needs to talk to his son one more time?

And can Justin possibly survive inside a fantasy world built in his own mind, where pain is real?

It isn’t just the future of humanity at stake, it’s Justin’s life, too.

Included in this complete series boxed set:

  1. Unexpected Opportunity
  2. Calculated Risk
  3. Final Chance
  4. Accept No Attitude
  5. Give No Ground
  6. Hard Bought Love
  7. One Broken Life
  8. Holding Onto Hope
  9. Grasping The Future
  10. Decision Made

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Kurtherian Gambit Boxed Set One


What you thought you knew about Vampires and Werewolves is wrong…so very, very, wrong.

This digital box set contains the first seven books, the complete first arc of the best-selling Kurtherian Gambit series from Michael Anderle.

** AMAZON Top 100 Bestselling Author **

Death Becomes Her

A thousand years of effort to keep the UnknownWorld hidden is unraveling and the Patriarch is tired.  He needs to find someone to take over.

He finds Bethany Anne.

Unknown, untested and untried she sets out to accomplish the impossible while forging a new future.  One that no one knew was in danger.

And she does it with an attitude that will make you stand up and cheer!

They say a dress can make a woman, but in this case, the dress is Death, and Death Becomes Her very well indeed.

Queen Bitch

The UnknownWorld is reeling from change. 

Bethany Anne has started to make a difference in the first week of being ‘awake’. Now, America has been losing good men since their teams don’t have a Vampire to help them and Frank is hoping Bethany Anne can, and will, help.

Further, the American Pack Council is having internal problems with their own “young and dumb” Were’s who want to ignore Michael’s strictures.

With no one seeing Michael, the fear of the ‘Boogeyman’ is starting to recede.

Love Lost

When one of Bethany Anne’s loved one gets caught in the crossfire between her and the Forsaken, she goes rabid in rage. She doesn’t believe in seeking peace and harmony, but rather revenge and mayhem.

Continuing the story of Bethany Anne and TQB team, Love Lost picks up after Queen Bitch. She works to complete both her business and military team leads and we meet Stephen’s daughter Gabrielle as plans are made to exact revenge South of the Border.

You don’t touch one of Bethany Anne’s loved ones and get away with it, no matter how far away you live.

Bite This

You take out one annoying vampire in revenge, and now you have to clean up the mess? What a pain in the … something.

Bethany Anne and crew are back! They need to grab a ship, figure out who is trying to dig into her businesses, get their hands around the potential for creating an A.I. and the ongoing mess with Anton and South America.

One of these days, she will get a break. Fortunately for us, it wasn’t today.

Never Forsaken

Life is beyond dangerous when you are caught up in the ongoing war between Bethany Anne’s group and the Forsaken.

Both Vampires and Humans have been targeted, but if there is one thing that those who work with Bethany Anne learn, it is you are NEVER FORSAKEN.

Under My Heel

Europe is erupting is tension and violence.

David is only adding to the conflagration by setting a trap, one that our team will trip to save those people still alive.

There is one thing every enemy of Bethany Anne finds out. They will be ground down under her heels.

Kneel or Die

The future just went upside down, when a nascent AI is added against Bethany Anne’s wishes.

Then, there is David and his issues to take care of, permanently.

Bethany Anne has had it with Terrorists.

Not encumbered with law, she seeks only justice for those who were killed in France.

NOTE: This book contains cursing. Perhaps humorous cursing, but cursing nevertheless. If this offends you, I don’t suggest reading this book.

The Return of the Eternals


Being one of the highest ranking members of an anti-terrorist organization called Luxarx, Kaleth assumes he knows everything there is to know about the organization, and their most prominent foe, the Umbra.

He is proven wrong, however, after a chance encounter with one of their supposed enemies. The Umbra in question isn’t violent or threatening—he’s just scared. And he makes Kaleth start to question everything he has been told by his superiors.

Kaleth decides to investigate this oddity, but to get to the bottom of this, he needs help from someone outside of the organization—he doesn’t trust the agents outside of his team not to betray him. Enter Nef, a brother of one of Kaleth’s coworkers, who knows his way around computer security—something Kaleth sorely needs to be able to break into Luxarx’s most secret database.

But instead of simply finding out what is going on at Luxarx, Kaleth ends up discovering an ancient secret involving his country, his government, and even his own existence.



Blague is a defiler, a criminal, a demon… to most of the world. But to some, he is a liberator. Scorned and banished, he knew that this wasn’t to be his end – that something, somewhere deep, burned within him. A power so immense that it would define the legacy of an entire rebellion, if only he could ever unlock it.

His past is a cold mess. After his mother and father were stolen from him, after he witnessed the murder of the person he loved most in this world… there was nothing left to take. He’d lost everything to the Hiezers.

Now he treks in exile, as a Sin, witnessing more of the Hiezer atrocities. He watches causeless violence, innocents dragged away, permanently, for some dark experimental objective. Now more than ever, renewed purpose is clear – Blague must break the chains, and he must unleash his inner demons to do it.

It’s here, with a multifarious group of able misfits that his journey takes shape, one with a singular facet that holds true throughout it all – their suffering has only just begun.