The Bootstrap Paradox

A retired thief puts his criminal past behind him to start a new life renovating houses. Everything goes according to plan until, while fixing up an old weathered town house in Detroit, he discovers something inside the walls that has been hidden for nearly half a century. Like a slow unwinding clock he unravels the truth until he starts to realize that some secrets remain hidden for a reason. It was strange to think that when nighttime came, he would be standing in some dark hellscape created as part of a temporal paradox. But he guessed it was bound to happen to someone sooner or later. I mean, home renovation is a messy business… “The Bootstrap Paradox” is a science fiction mystery with a time travel twist. It will leave you guessing about what awaits around the next corner.

Meet Joe Orange

I’m just a guy with a few stories to tell. I have always written stories all my life, so I thought I would try my hand at publishing some. I write to entertain, and I hope that comes through. Most of my stories contain elements of science fiction/horror. If you like stories where something mysterious has happened and a small group of people are struggling to figure out what they should do next, then this is the kind of sandbox I dig around within. I aim to publish 2-3 books a year.

Mythion: Human Transformation

Ever had your mind split and come face-to-face with a 5000 foot goddess? Gavin has, and that’s just the beginning.

“I haven’t read a whole book of any genre in years, but couldn’t let go of Mythion, an exquisite interplay of sci-fi, evocative love story, thriller and mystery school. An absolutely must read.” — Liz A.

When Gavin comes to in a hospital with no memory of how he got there, he soon finds himself being railroaded against his will into an RPG psychotherapeutic marvel to heal his immuno-compromised body and to treat emotional traumas preventing him from becoming a truly powerful and effective person.

That RPG marvel takes place in a quantum-created alternate reality called Xenxu, a lush, immersive utopia with its own AI citizens, laws, and culture, where humans are the guests. Along his journey, he will be assisted by several mentors, both AI and human, and even future versions of himself. An immense feminine alien presence also takes a primary role in his training.

As Gavin earns both mental and physical upgrades, he undergoes superhero-like exercises, earning many achievements in the game world and unlocking new abilities in the real world. But he soon realizes something dark is happening in the background when a shadowy military organization begins stalking him.

Gavin finds himself at the center of a mystery bigger than he could have ever imagined. One thing is for certain: he’s being groomed for something big, and when alternate realities begin bleeding into the real world, he alone may hold the key to freeing humanity.

Armed with incredible mind-bending powers, his destiny will culminate in an explosive final mission that is out of this world!

A new age science fiction book with an epic storyline, Mythion blends multiple genres. It’s near future social fiction, technomysticism, a mystery, a thriller, and is also an epic love story for romance fans. With many layers to it, this is thinking person’s literary scifi but also a tale that action cravers will enjoy.

Mythion the book has a companion card game with some edgy innovations in its approach to gameplay. Search for Mythion Card Game to track it down, or get the link on my Amazon Author Page.

Meet Jason Davis

Future best-selling author Jason Davis writes deep, layered, mind-bending, exhilarating books loaded with philosophical feasts that challenge stale paradigms, all from his Siren Class Cutter in orbit above Earth.

Upon visits Earthside, he hangs in Colorado, engaging in human things which require muscle movement and oxygen demand, while pointing his high-end astronomy gear to the firmament to photograph the wonders of the night sky, and which he fully intends to one day visit. But, alas, who has time for interstellar travel in the endless hubbub of these modern times?

In addition to being an author, he’s a treasure hunter, alchemist, astrophotographer, and in his own estimation, a permanent child.


Head peace officer Anya Savelova believed her people, living on a hostile planet in the ice-bound city of Novayarkha, were the last of humanity.

Until the day she learned they weren’t.

When a starship from an Earth thought long dead appears in orbit over her world, Anya imagines an explosion of possible futures, offering her people the freedom to transcend the limiting environment of the planet they’d thought was their last refuge. In the starship’s crew, Anya finds creativity, diversity, innovation–all things the colony has had to inhibit to survive.

Seeing her world through the eyes of the starship crew makes Anya look closer at her city’s inconsistencies, oddities she’s always been told to ignore. But the harder she pushes at the pieces that don’t fit, the more her government perceives the strangers as a threat. There are secrets in Novayarkha, hiding in plain sight, that the strangers can’t possibly understand–and Anya’s drive to uncover them risks shredding the fragile web holding together everything she’s ever known and loved.

Meet Elizabeth H. Bonesteel

Elizabeth Bonesteel began making up stories at the age of five, in an attempt to battle insomnia. She has been reading and writing science fiction since she was a child. She currently lives in central Massachusetts.