The Sino-Nippon war is over. It is 2113 and Japan is crushed under the might of Chinese-Allied Forces. A former Coalition Corps soldier, US Marine Balaam Hendrix is now a feared bounty hunter known as ‘The Reverend’. In the sprawl of NeuTokyo, on this lawless frontier, he must track down the rogue employee of a notorious crime lord. But, there’s a twist. His target has found protection inside a virtual reality construct and Hendrix must go cyber-side to corner his quarry. The glowing neon signs for SIN:THETICA are everywhere, and promise escape from a dystopian reality. But will it prove the means by which this hunter snares his prey, or will it be the trap he simply can’t survive? Perfect for fans of Bladerunner and Neuromancer!

Meet Keith Anthony Baird

Keith Anthony Baird began writing dark fiction in 2016 as a self-published author. After five years of releasing titles via Amazon and Audible he switched his focus to the traditional publishing route. His dark fantasy novella In the Grimdark Strands of the Spinneret was published via Brigids Gate Press (BGP) in 2022. Two further novellas are to be published in 2024 via BGP – SIN:THETICA (May) and a vampire saga in collaboration with fellow Brit author Beverley Lee – A Light of Little Radiance (November). He is currently writing an alien invasion/post-apocalyptic novel called WIND RUST which will be the first of a planned trilogy. He lives in Cumbria, United Kingdom, on the edge of the Lake District National Park.

Ravenhill Court

Recipient of the Readers’ Favorite Five Stars award

Novella (78 print pages) adapted from screenplay

Present day…
A man returns to a long-abandoned neighborhood. Doors stand ajar, shutters hang open, lawns and landscaping are unkempt. The man sits on the curb and opens a leather-bound journal. Through the journal, he recalls the events that took place in Ravenhill decades earlier.

Journey back to 1964…
The man is just a boy. He and his friends find that their neighborhood, a cul-de-sac set into the foothills along the California coast, is not all that it appears. There are strange happenings; some amazing, some terrifying, and all pointing to the fact that this little community of families might just be something other than what the rest of the world perceives it to be.

Thirteen year-old Ben Foster, along with his friends Peter and Louis, and his older sister Julie, set out to find the secret behind the peculiar events that the outside world doesn’t see and that those living in the neighborhood either choose to ignore or are conspiring to keep hidden.

Young Peter will set the tales down in his journal, which years later a grown Ben Foster will clasp to as the last surviving corroboration of their adventures and of their astonishing discovery.

“This is an excellent science fiction/fantasy story, particularly suitable for the young adult market, but equally applicable to all ages. Clever, witty, and sometimes dark humor will always have a place on our bookshelves. Five stars.” – Readers Favorite reviewer

Meet David R. Beshears

Award-winning author of dozens of titles in science fiction and fantasy. David’s work has been praised by literary professors and by PhDs in science, by fans and by book reviewers around the world.

Planet of Stones

Connelly is sent 100,000 years into the past to study the tribes of two recently discovered humanoid species. Two years in, his mission is not what he thought it was and the future no longer exists.

Meet David R. Beshears

Award-winning author of dozens of titles in science fiction and fantasy. David’s work has been praised by literary professors and by PhDs in science, by fans and by book reviewers around the world.

Counter Strike: The Empire Responds – Military Sci Fi and Space Opera Thriller (Galactic Rebels Book 2)

Arrogant warlords just killed one of his crew and destroyed his ship.

He unleashes a torrent of human fed anger the likes of which they have never seen before.

And, what is this Prophecy thing about humans, anyway. . . and why does he have to be involved?

An addictive, heart-stopping, military science fiction and space opera thriller you just can’t put down, so, warn your family and friends you’ll be in another universe for a while…

Grab your copy right now, put on your battle armor and web into your ship-couch as you join Captain Derek Hamilton and his warrior crew on the wild ride of a lifetime, culminating in the exciting conclusion for story #2 and the perfect next step for this series – Galactic Rebels.

Meet J.T. Skye

If you like fast-action, space battles and troubled heroes, then click the ‘Follow’ link to receive new release emails from Amazon and sign up at for free stories. I’ve written 17 novels and 3 shorts in 4 series. I created the Trigellian Universe as the central playground of all of my Sci Fi Space Opera, Science Fiction Action-Adventure and Military Sci-Fi series stories. I love to write stories of heroic quests, ancient prophecies and mythical journeys along roads less traveled. They include grand, military space battles, secret alliances, desperate treachery, vengeance and retribution against the arrogance, elitism and glory hunting found at the highest levels of society. From pirates, slavers, saboteurs and assassins… to elite Warriors, trader families, cargo haulers and the many desperate refugees just trying to escape conscription, buy air to breathe and just live. . . one more day. If you love Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Action Adventure, join me on the journey of a life time.

Pebble in the Dark – The Trauma

An artefact known as the Pebble is found. When the Trauma begins, no-one is prepared. Terror descends, as life on Earth changes in an instant. The effects are felt worldwide as survivors face the greatest danger. Strange beings walk the surface of the planet as science, religion and criminal enterprise struggle to comprehend the offensive. Humanity seeks sanctuary, unable to come to terms with the Trauma.

Meet Antony Botting

Antony Botting was born in London, England. Graduating from the University of Hull with a Masters in International Law & Politics, he now works in the field of modern slavery and human trafficking.

Awakening (The Sword-Mage Chronicles Book 1)

When you wake up with no memory of who you are, you know it’s probably going to be a bad day.

That’s exactly what Bentley thought — but she had no idea how bad.

When she saw the wires connecting her to a strange, glowing sword, and an old guy bleeding out next to her, she started to get an inkling.

And then she met the Three.

Three gods cast out of the Unseen World, condemned to make their way in this universe as best they can. Naturally, after 300 years wandering through space, they’ve devolved into rogues in robes; hustlers with a (strange) moral code.

While desperately trying to keep from being thrown out the airlock, Bentley discovers that the Three have a secret. A secret that involves the sword, the Unseen World, and a big bad that’s hell bent on hunting her down.

With the fate of both worlds hanging in the balance, Bentley has to survive long enough to figure out how to get the Three on board and stop the fabric of spacetime from being torn apart.

But that starts with figuring out the significance of this damn sword!

If you like your sci-fi witty and every now and again a little ‘off the wall’, you’ll love this original series, from the best-selling author of The Ascension Myth.

Get it now.

Broken Time

Is anybody listening? Dr. Alessi Byrne has spent her life studying spatial anomalies to prove string theory. It seems that her work will be nothing more than theoretical research until an anomaly opens over Antarctica and transmits a three-word message: Is anybody listening? The message isn’t the only thing to emerge from the anomaly. Something on the other side is having compounding consequences on the planet, and Alessi’s team is unable to crack the code to discover who or what is sending the communication. In desperation, Alessi secretly sends a reply, and the answer calls everything she knows about science, life, and the universe into question. Alessi has proven her theories; but at what cost?

Meet Sherri Moorer

My name is Sherri Fulmer Moorer. I write because I’ve always loved to do it, and ebooks gave me an opportunity to share those stories with readers that I just couldn’t pass up. Plain and simple, I’m an opportunist. The purpose of my writing is to escape reality and experience the adventure of ordinary people dealing with extraordinary circumstances. I write in a variety of genres because I can’t be pigeonholed into one area, and I’m many other things in addition to being an author. I work full-time in professional licensing, which is great for keeping me in touch with people and reality and, in turn, inspires me to write more. I’m married and live in the woods with two parrots that keep our hearts, home, and lives filled with joy and silliness that most people find strange. I’m a social media rambler and borderline introvert/extrovert whose kindred spirit, according to online quizzes, is somewhere between a Sith Inquisitor from Star Wars and Scooter from The Muppets.


The Collective military has spent its years destroying the last remnants of The Hive, an alien force which devastated the old world, bringing forth the apocalypse , and ushering a new age of warring factions.Alexander King is a Collective soldier who during a mission monitoring the outskirts of Zone 6, discovers evidence that The Hive’s presence is stronger than commonly believed. With his new information it becomes vital that the Collective acts fast, for if they don’t the world will be brought to it knees again in a second wave of destruction that will end humanity forever. Astonishing, complex, and character driven. Hive is the first in The Arcane Volumes.

Meet Jeremiah Ukponrefe

Jeremiah Ukponrefe is a Toronto based author and stand up comedian. He has written for The Runner, The Reel Anna, and Envie Magazine. His debut novel Hive released March 2021, the first of The Arcane Volumes Series. As a comedian his style is a mixture of clever observations with subversive darkness, all performed under a veil of innocence. He is a founder of the comedy production company Punching Sideways Productions. He is really hoping this artist thing works out.

The Name of the Shadow

Fear is a double-edged weapon. When a Shadow spreads over the utopian Colony, the only human enclave in a lonely planet, the young will be the first to understand the danger that hovers above them. What they find about themselves in that struggle will lead them to greatness… or to the destruction of their idyllic way of living. Who will rise a hero, and who will become a monster? In the tradition of Ursula LeGuin and Isaac Asimov, this is the story of a people that do not know fear… and what happens when they discover it. Of what is left when paranoia becomes all-encompassing, and men find the evil within each of them.

Meet Mars G. Everson

Mars G. Everson writes Sci-fi, Fantasy, and especially likes writing a mix of both. His favorite authors in those realms are Ursula K. Le Guin, Arthur C. Clarke, J.R.R. Tolkien and Brandon Sanderson. He became a writer mainly so he could put his name in the same paragraph as those writers. Mission Accomplished! He would like to live in a time where technology is indistinguishable from magic. Luckily, reality is turning that way really fast. The bad part: reality is turning that way really fast. He lives with his wife and superhero sons somewhere in America, when not travelling around this world and others in the multiverse to learn as much as he can about the human experience.


Shela is an ocean cowboy, genetically-engineered to live a peaceful life at sea herding tuna. Human traffickers are intent on capturing her and selling her into the sex trade. Their efforts to kidnap her and collect a substantial bounty leads the reader on a chaotic journey involving scheming dolphins, a bevy of misfit pirates, and the determination of Shela’s friends to rescue her from terrible danger. Everyone’s life hangs in the balance as each person must decide what they are willing to sacrifice to save Shela and themselves.

What they are saying about Shela.

“I thoroughly enjoyed “Shela”! I was pulled into the story right away and enjoyed it all the way to the end. Highly recommended.
Technical analysis of this scifi novel: world-building good (it’s Earth, but not the Earth you know or likely even imagined), character development good, plenty of action, and the suspense is excellent.”
Jack L. Knapp, author

“Set in the near future, this exciting and imaginative ocean adventure features genetically engineered human swimmers, fatalistic sentient dolphins, and malevolent human traffickers. You’ll feel the spray on your face and swell of the sea as the heroes race to save one of their own. Definitely worth a read.”
Science Fiction and Fantasy writer – S. Evan Townsend

“Brumbaugh’s creative imagination sparkles in this tale of action and suspense, love and heartbreak, good and evil. A close-knit community of genetically-altered human shepherds live an idyllic life on the ocean, working with their dolphin partners to cultivate fish for harvest. That is, until slave traders kidnap a female shepherd and spirit her away to a fate unknown. Ride a rollercoaster of emotions as remarkable heroes launch a longshot attempt at rescue. A fun, engaging read sure to keep you entertained. Five stars!”
Doug J. Cooper, author of Crystal Deception

Meet J Drew Brumbaugh

J. Drew Brumbaugh lives in northeast Ohio near Cleveland. He authors sci-fi, fantasy, and suspense novels as well as short stories. A lifelong writer, he presently has eight novels in print. J. Drew has had several career experiences over his life: a crewman on a Great Lakes iron ore boat, serving in the U.S. Army Chemical Corps, being an auto mechanic, and finally becoming a part of the corporate world where he was employed in the quality control field. His avocations have included being a hockey and baseball coach, and an avid karate practitioner attaining the rank of 8th degree black belt and founding his own karate dojo. In the latest installment of his life, he enjoys landscaping and gardening and the large extended household he shares with his wife, children, and grandchildren as well as the menagerie of dogs, cats, birds, and wildlife that call the family compound their home.