Wanderer’s Odyssey – Books 1 to 3

The Empire will kill him for stealing this ship… but they have to catch it first!

To the Empire the Wanderer was just another booby-trapped ship to claim, and Jess was just another worthless slave who could be sacrificed in the process.

Things didn’t go to plan.  Jess survived the dangers, and when he sat in the pilot’s chair the ancient ship came to life for the first time in centuries.

Acting on instinct Jess seized the chance, firing up the engines and fleeing the Imperial forces.
Now Jess and the ancient self-aware ship are on the run, their freedom and their very existence on the line.

The smart thing to do would be to run like hell and never stop, but Jess finds he can’t ignore pleas for help from those in danger.  With the powerful Wanderer at his command he can truly make a difference… but at what cost?

Buy this collection of the first three books and see why tens of thousands of people have loved following the Wanderer’s journey, leaving comments including “In the end, I was gripping the arms of my chair as I rooted for the heroes.”, “A fast paced, can’t-put-it-down Sci-fi.” and “One of the best books I’ve read this year.”

Meet Simon Goodson

Welcome! Come in! Take a seat by the fire and let me tell you a tale of adventure, danger, ancient starships, and universe threatening evil… (Wanderer’s Escape)

Or maybe you’d prefer a tale of magical powers, dark deeds and one man’s fight to do good despite the darkness within him… (Dark Soul Silenced)

Ah! You can only stay a brief while? Then I have many shorter tales to entertain and delight you, but beware… one will never be enough! (Tales from the Starflare Universe & beyond)

Oh… it’s you… you with the insatiable appetite for new stories. Well then, I have a treat for you. Visit my site SciFi-Shorts.com for a whole bunch of totally free short stories, with a new story added every two weeks.

You came here to learn about me? Well, there’s no accounting for taste I suppose. This tale is not as dramatic as the others, but perhaps you will still enjoy hearing it. I’m a father of three who’s always loved to read and make up stories. My teachers recognised this skill from an early age, and gave me the lofty title of Daydreamer.

After many years I decided to get the worlds I created in my mind down onto paper… well, the computer anyway (my writing is horrendously unreadable!) and other people read and enjoyed them. So I keep on writing, people keep on reading, and our dogs keep on demanding they be fed. Really. Every ten minutes! It’s a wonder they can fit through the door.

Kill the bad guys. Save the galaxy. All in a hard day’s work. 

Get both the Completed Omnibus of Ghost Squadron and Precious Galaxy series in one GIANT omnibus for a stellar price!

Ghost Galaxy encompasses the two Age of Expansion series co-written by Sarah Noffke and Michael Anderle!

Ghost Squadron’s 7 book set:

After 10 years of wandering the outer rim of the galaxy, Eddie Teach is a man without a purpose. He was one of the toughest pilots in the Federation, but now he’s just a regular guy, getting into bar fights and making a difference wherever he can. It’s not the same as flying a ship and saving colonies, but it’ll have to do.

That is, until General Lance Reynolds tracks Eddie down and offers him a job. There are bad people out there, plotting terrible things, killing innocent people, and destroying entire colonies.

Someone has to stop them.

Experience this exciting military sci-fi saga and the latest addition to the expanded Kurtherian Gambit universe. If you’re a fan of Mass EffectFirefly, or Star Wars, you’ll love this riveting new space opera.

Precious Galaxy completed 4 book set:

A new evil lurks in the darkness

After an explosion, the crew of a battlecruiser mysteriously disappears.


After an explosion, the crew of a battlecruiser mysteriously disappears.

Bailey and Lewis, complete strangers, find themselves suddenly onboard the damaged ship. Lewis hasn’t worked a case in years, not since the final one broke his spirit and his bank account. The last thing Bailey remembers is preparing to take down a fugitive on Onyx Station.

Mysteries are harder to solve when there’s no evidence left behind.

Bailey and Lewis don’t know how they got onboard Ricky Bobby or why. However, they quickly learn that whatever was responsible for the explosion and disappearance of the crew is still on the ship.

Monsters are real and what this one can do changes everything.

The new team bands together to discover what happened and how to fight the monster lurking in the bottom of the battlecruiser.

The stakes have never been higher

No matter the cost, no matter the sacrifice, one thing is certain.

The Federation cannot be allowed to fall.

Note: If cursing is a problem, then this might not be for you.

5 Stars – “Another masterpiece in the Kutherian world!”

5 Stars – “Wow I am really liking this series.”

5 Stars – “Excellent Read!!”

5 Stars – “Great characters, lots of action, and some humor mixed in for good measure.”

5 Stars – “The characters are well developed and the fast pace action is non-stop.”

5 Stars – “This is a new space opera series, and it feels right in place in the Anderle universe.”

5 Stars – “The story has a ton of action and just enough humor.”

Stay safe from the Evacuation Zone with Peanut Butter and Jelly while visiting the Isolation Worlds or Planet Loreia in Gamma Zaria. Molly’s Second Chance in the Meadow Race leads to Summer on Solar Life.

While I Don’t Mean You is intended to be encouraging, it often leads to Better Forgotten Memories as the Status Quo, or No shifts. Nerissa’s Legacy gives us A Fair Beginning with Prince Charming, in a life where the Safe Place is home.

As our world struggles to survive, and to find A Measure of Life, filled with Painted Paper, will we build Glasses Houses, or Cycle through our lives? Adult Orphanages, and Finally Family may become reality, instead of Second Place.

Will Broken Dogma lead us to Cluster? Or will The Gift allow us to encourage Going Hunting while Saving the Family Farm with (or without) the Written Word?

Stories slip between ten categories. Delve deep into forty stories about an altered past, a dreamed of future, and perhaps, even a present we don’t recognize under the surface. Meet aliens, and cultures you don’t know exist.

40 Short Stories

57,453 Words

6 X 9 – 243 pages

7 X 10 – 281 pages

Stories slip between ten categories. Delve deep into forty stories about an altered past, a dreamed of future, and perhaps, even a present we don’t recognize under the surface. Meet aliens, and cultures you don’t know exist.

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Nemesis: Book One - ASIN B011L10F56

The party in the woods…

…would be one they’d never forget.

What was the fiery blaze that crossed the sky?

Michael’s loss of his mother to cancer and father to drink, made life hard. Poverty had taught him empathy. Good looks, though, weren’t enough to make him popular, but he found his crowd.

A giant fireball made them stop.

The moment they saw it, everyone was paralyzed with fear. Would it set the forest a blaze? Could they outrun it?

What happened next…

…made everything worse.

Complete silence.

They had braced for the crash, the explosion, the inevitable terror, but all they got was quiet until each of the four of them had the same thought: Something just landed.

What did it mean?

You’ll love this invasion thriller, because the action is non-stop and makes you keep turning the pages.
Scroll up and click ‘buy-now’ or read for free on Kindle Unlimited.

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