The Sun God’s Heir Return: Rent

17th-century seagoing adventure. Romance and revenge.

After mortally wounding a nobleman’s son, a young French swordmaster is drugged and taken from Bordeaux aboard an English slave ship. As he gathers allies to return home he is joined by the fiery daughter of a Moroccan sheik whose sword skills rival his. Travel with them to Spain, and Morocco, through fire, pirates, and assassins to the conclusion of this award-winning epic adventure.

Rapier sharp pulse pounding action across the warp and weave of the seventeenth century. Sailing ships, pirates, and past lives contend in this first book of an award-winning trilogy.

Read The Sun God’s Heir: Return (Book One) and set sail into a time where love and life were precious and easily taken away. Where the distance to one’s enemies was measured by the length of a rapier’s blade.

Alexandre Dumas meets Horatio Hornblower and The Mummy in this sweeping, swashbuckling tale. ̶ Kirkus Reviews

The Sun God’s Heir: Return, is an epic story, taking you into a time where actions and words ripple from the past into the present and then invade the future. A truly remarkable story. ̶ Readers Favorite

In this epic fantasy, THE SUN GOD’S HEIR by Elliott Baker, readers are offered a unique and compelling story line. Baker’s vivid descriptions and well-drawn characters seem to shimmer with life. ̶ Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

Meet Elliott Baker

Surface Tension

What would you do if you discovered a $5M superyacht unmanned and adrift, a trail of blood across the deck, and a bikini-clad blonde with a knife in her back?

That’s exactly what Florida salvage captain Seychelle Sullivan finds when she responds to a strange woman’s Mayday call.

Worse, the missing skipper is Neal Garrett, her ex.

But when she ties the salvaged yacht to the Coast Guard dock, the Fort Lauderdale detective zeroes in on her as a suspect and raises questions.

Questions she can’t answer.

Is Neal dead or alive­?

Who is the dead blonde?

And who owns the lavish yacht Seychelle just salvaged?

She wants answers, too. Her business is in trouble, and this salvage claim against a yacht worth millions just might save her from having to sell her beloved tugboat, Gorda.

If you like hair-raising sea stories, tales of Florida’s underworld, and chase scenes through the Everglades, you’ll love Surface Tension and Seychelle Sullivan. 

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Meet Christine Kling

I love sailing, books, travel, and adventure! So, I think I have the greatest job in the world – I get to write stories full time as I travel the world aboard a boat with my husband and our canine crew, Barney, the Yorkshire Terror.
I’ve been sailing most of my life and that led me to set my first nautical suspense novels on the waterfront. Featuring a female tug and salvage captain, Seychelle Sullivan, there are now five books in the South Florida Adventure Series: SURFACE TENSION, CROSS CURRENT, BITTER END, WRECKERS’ KEY, and MOURNING TIDE.
My second series began as something new and different for me, as I shifted to writing international thrillers. In the first book of the Shipwreck Adventures series, CIRCLE OF BONES: a Caribbean thriller, a female solo sailor, Maggie Riley, and a maritime archeologist (and conspiracy nut) Cole Thatcher are searching for the wreck of a World War II submarine. The second book, DRAGON’S TRIANGLE, finds Riley in Thailand trying (unsuccessfully) to forget about Cole while being drawn into a search for a missing WWII treasure. The third book in the series, KNIGHT’S CROSS, takes place on Malta in the Mediterranean where Riley and Cole not only find treasure, but also love at last.
If you love books about adventure, crime and hijinks on the high seas, give my books a try.