A Country Kind of Love

Second chances … and the secrets that sabotage them.

CeCe Bixby’s life is in flux. After being abandoned by her husband six years earlier she’s managed to cope by focusing on her work as a reporter and on being a good mom to her young son. When her name is leaked in connection with a dangerously controversial story, a fresh start in small town Huckleberry Ridge, Idaho feels safe … until she meets her new landlord, a handsome widower who just may wield the key to her tightly sealed heart.

Shane Wickham is shackled with regret. Ever since playing an unintentional role in his wife’s death, he’s denied himself a second chance at happiness. But once he meets his attractive but fearful new tenant, he feels compelled to help her, and his firm resolve to keep his distance begins to crumble.

Despite an undeniable attraction to Shane, CeCe is terrified to lower her guard and expose herself and her son to the risk of more heartbreak. And though Shane secretly longs to put yesterday behind him, his guilt won’t allow him to pursue the possibility of new love.

Can they find a way to forge a future together, or will regret and deception doom the chance to repair two damaged hearts?

A Country Kind of Love is the heartwarming first book in the Huckleberry Ridge Romance series. If you enjoy clean, feel-good stories with relatable heroines and swoon worthy heroes, then you’ll love K.T. Raine’s tender tale.

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Meet K.T. Raine

Always a sucker for a happy ending, K.T. Raine pens clean, contemporary romance with swoon-worthy heroes, smart, capable heroines, and a good dose of suspense. Oh … and always a dog. She lives in the beautiful mountains of north Idaho with her hubby of 30 years and their beagle mix rescue, Stella. She’s the author of the Huckleberry Ridge Romance series as well as the standalone, Holding Out for Special.

The forbidden Baller’s Secret Baby

A billionaire football star is used to the spotlight, but not to surprises like this. A revelation hits him like a linebacker tackle; though lost years ago, his college love is in the same town. Secrets are exposed, but the playing field is not even.

Seeing Chloe, who was once Deborah, my college sweetheart, is a revelation that shakes my world. She’s no longer the girl I knew but a successful realtor and mother, fiercely guarding her independence and a child. Her transformation from my lost love to this enigmatic woman is bewildering.

Every interaction is a flashback to what we had and a confrontation with what she’s become. With mannerisms eerily reminiscent of our shared past, the child with my eyes raises questions I’m not ready to answer. As a man used to facing challenges on the football field, this personal puzzle is the most daunting game I’ve ever played.

This reveal is my most formidable opponent yet. Can our past love navigate the truths and secrets, or are we destined for a final timeout?

Meet Dove Mitchell

My name is Dove Mitchell, and I enjoy publishing steamy and spicy romance novels for all to enjoy.

Stuck Fake Dating My Brother’s Best Friend

Locked in a storage room with my brother’s best friend, was never my plan. Returning home to Sumner Falls wasn’t my choice either, but I couldn’t say no to an old friend. Minutes after crossing the threshold into town there he was, and there I went… I nearly rear-ended another car when I spotted Chad, my teenage secret crush, strolling down the sidewalk. I didn’t know it then, but I was about to crash for real…into a fake relationship with Chad, for the sake of my brother and my own reputation. Stuck together with no food, no phone and a cot for one was not how I imagined a night alone with Chad Gallagher. Now we’re forced into a charade that will leave me either hating Chad or loving him even more.

Meet Bertie Stein

Bertie Stein has been a passionate reader of romance novels her whole life. Especially romance stories from the World War II era. She has stepped out of her comfort zone of reading about these amazing, true-to-life characters to now writing about them. Her first book, Welcome Home Billionaire, is now available. Buy it today for your Kindle or in paperback.

Accidental Proposal

She thought she had put him and that humiliating experience firmly where they belonged. In her past and out of her mind. But all it took was one meeting… Jhanvi Vasugi, who runs an event management company, is shocked when she unexpectedly comes face-to-face with a devastatingly handsome face from her past—Vikranth Warrier. It is a meeting that Jhanvi had long dreaded and anticipated in equal measure. A meeting that brought back feelings of guilt, nervousness and, to her utter disappointment, love. Learning that he is on the verge of getting engaged, she decides to lock her heart and her feelings in a desperate attempt to save herself from the sure disappointment that will ensue and break her heart. Yet again. However, when she is repeatedly thrown into forced proximity with the man she wants to avoid at all costs, she is unable to fight the attraction that is getting stronger with the moment. Will she listen to her mind and stay away from him? Or will she succumb to what her heart has been screaming every single moment since she saw him—even though she faces the risk of another humiliation?

Meet Shobana Mahadevan

Shobana Mahadevan is an author who had published more than eighteen books on Amazon. All her books have got the BestSeller tag and have consistently featured in the Top 100 Bestseller Lists on Amazon in both romance as well as contemporary categories. Her most popular book, “A Marriage Knot” recently crossed 1000 ratings on Amazon! And yet, Shobana was not someone who always dreamed of being an author. It was something she stumbled upon by chance (or fate). She had mostly been a techie. She was a University Gold Medalist in her Bachelor of Engineering from Madras University. She then went on to do her Masters in Engineering (Computer Science). She joined the IT industry and had worked for about two decades across various top organizations – Infosys, Sun Microsystems, HP and Ford. She had worked as a thought leader and was nominated for Zinnov Awards for Next Generation Women leaders in 2020. She had received multiple Asia Pacific Recognition Awards for her contributions towards Innovation. She had represented her company and delivered talks in various external forums. After more than 15 years in the IT field and on the verge of burnout, she stumbled upon writing. She had always been an avid reader right from childhood, but writing was not something she had tried till then. She quickly discovered that writing was a great strength of hers. She found writing to be invigorating, relaxing and extremely fun. It was then that she made another surprising discovery. Others loved her writing as much as she loved to write! And with that discovery, there was no stopping her! She went on to publish thirteen books on Amazon before deciding to end her eighteen-year long career in IT. She quit in 2021 and is currently a full-time author. Shobana loves to travel and meet new people. She married her best friend of many years and lives out of Chennai. She has two lovely sons, both with an enormous appetite for stories.

Kane’s Storm

A dark elf ravaged by regret. A glamorous woman with a turbulent past. A second chance at love…if they dare. By day, dark elf Kane is devoted to his young daughter and people. By night, his dreams are dominated by a hauntingly beautiful woman he knows as ‘Sunshine’ – his subconscious’s attempt to suppress the grief of losing his true mate. Or so he believes, until he walks into his local bar, and the woman he desires. Summer is haunted by her harrowing childhood. Her successful career only highlights what she doesn’t have, as her sultry hook up with a charismatic stranger revealed. When her working vacation takes her to a blissful small town, she’s shocked to find the devastatingly enticing man she shared the steamy night with. Thrown together, their passion ignites hotter than a blazing sun. But Summer never imagined raising a family, let alone another woman’s daughter. And Kane knows he isn’t worthy of a second mate. Can he be the man Summer needs and risk opening his heart for another chance at love? Kane’s Storm is a standalone novel that is best enjoyed before Sammi’s Rock Falls series. If you like second chance romance with dark, brooding Heroes and strong Heroines with a tragic past, then you’ll love Sammi Mason’s smoldering tale. Grab your copy of Kane’s Storm to find a love worth taking a chance on.

Meet Sammi Mason

I’m a tea-guzzling, chocolate-loving, cat enthusiast who hails from the south coast of the UK. Who’s lucky enough to have two wonderful but slightly eccentric kids. When I’m not writing, you’ll find me reading. My passion for paranormal and fantasy romance grew until it exploded into my own world, which I turn into books to be enjoyed by all. Otherwise, I’d be a crazy lady talking to people in her head! I’ve released 6 books so far, with a surprise release coming as soon as I finish it, which should be soon because the Shadow Wolf refuses to wait any longer for his mate! But then, they are not known for restraint. Wish him luck because she isn’t will not be easy to win over. I’ll be back to tell you more about my books in a bit. If you love smoking hot alpha types and sassy, kickass heroines, you’ll love them.

The One

Can a second chance with a first love lead to happily ever after?
Axl never believed in love until he met Mara. But four years later, she dumped him. Seeing her after two years at her great-grandparents’ party, Axl realizes he’s still in love with her.

And he’s not happy about it. But it doesn’t matter because she’s married now.

Mara is finally putting her disastrous rebound marriage behind her. She’s happy to spend a comforting weekend with her enormous, loving family. But that changes when she realizes her great-grandmother, Gigi, has invited her ex-boyfriend.

Mara is steaming mad, but her traitorous body feels a different kind of heat.

Gigi knows that Mara and Axl belong together. And she’s not above using her party to give them the opportunity to see it.

The searing chemistry between them is as hot as ever, but Mara’s ex-husband wants a second chance too…

The One is a standalone, steamy second chance romance, with an HEA and no cheating.

Author’s note: Second chance romance. Opposites attract. Playing with fire. A spunky great-grandmother who knows a thing or two about love. A stubborn hero who realizes what he’s lost and will do whatever he needs to do to win back a feisty, even more stubborn heroine, whose eye is on her future not her past.

Other books by Jessica Marlowe
Rocked in Love – Rock Star Romance series
With You (Jack and Emily Book 1) HFN
No More Yesterdays (Jack and Emily Book 2) HFN
All Your Tomorrows (Jack and Emily Book 3) EPIC HEA

…more to come (Buzz’s story)

Found Family – Spinoff series from Rocked in Love (Eddie and Sheryl are part of Emily’s Found Family)
Night and Day (Eddie and Sheryl – Book 1) HEA
Night and Day: Ever After (Eddie and Sheryl – Book 2) They meet Emily and help her overcome her trauma, and their HEA gets even happier.

…more to come?

Meet Jessica Marlowe

The Billionaire’s Birthday Surprise

The Billionaire's Birthday Surprise (Billionaire Birthday Club Book 4) - ASIN B08FSWTWH6

What do you give the billionaire who has everything?

Samuel Butler is a billionaire celebrity chef, equally known for his playboy ways as he is for his Irish gourmet cooking. When a close friend encourages him to use his next birthday adventure to find something deeper, he’s not sure if he’s ready to stop giving in to life’s pleasures.

Vanessa Lewis is staying on the Billionaire Birthday Club’s private island to celebrate her sister’s extravagant birthday. When she runs into Samuel Butler, the charming hunk she shared a passionate kiss with on New Year’s Eve two years earlier, she wants nothing to do with the man who could so easily forget her. Fate intervenes, however, when the sisters are invited to join a private party for the very man she wants to avoid.

Will Samuel’s birthday surprise be more than he bargained for? Can Vanessa trust Samuel to change? And what happens when their new relationship is tested in more ways than one?

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Accidental Tryst


“Passion, betrayal, lust,forgiveness–Accidental Tryst has it all! And did I mention it’s hot, hot, hot?A terrific read I couldn’t put down, I highly recommend this book. And youmight want to make sure your romantic significant other is close by when youfinish this steamy hot read…another winner from the pen of Mia London!” ~ Cindy Dees, NYT and USA Today bestselling author
So much for the American Dream. After twenty years of marriage, successful careers, and two teenage boys, Angie and Mac’s relationship dissolves into disappointment and resentment. Overworked and underappreciated, the toll of their problems fizzles their dream of happily ever after.
Smacked in the face with failure, Steve “Mac” MacKey refuses to give up so easily, and strategizes how to win back his wife. So a plan to confront her by leveraging the boys backfires on him. In the most wonderfully unexpected way.
Angie’s misery in marriage is topped only by her misery without Mac. When she confronts Mac in his office, she learns just how fine that line is between lust and anger. And when she thought her husband couldn’t care any less about her, he sparked a new fire inside her she didn’t know existed . . . that felt so damn good.

Sex may not solve everything, and it’s a far cry from making any real changes, or fixing her emotional rollercoaster.

Can they last that ride long enough to save their marriage, or are their rifts and broken promises too deep to cross?
“Anyone who’s ever been in a long-termrelationship can relate to this story. Love, angst, temptation, redemption, andmost of all, passion. There’s a new Alpha in town, and he knows what he wants!The question is, does he deserve it?”~Samantha A. Cole, USA Today bestselling author