5 STARS “features a young Albert Einstein, exploring his influences and experiences that would lead to his greatest breakthroughs regarding space and time.”K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

5 STARS “young Albert Einstein discovers an incredible truth about Halley’s Comet and realizes that ‘time is an illusion.’”Astrid Iustulin

“I particularly enjoyed Time is an Illusion; the portrayal of Einstein is very spot on and enjoyable. When I think about Einstein, I think of him just as eccentric, entertaining, sarcastic and endearing as the authors portrayed him. The narrative is smooth, fast-paced and complete. Time is an Illusion, is the story of young Einstein as he experiences the Mystery Watch, thanks to his grandfather who believed that time travel is possible and how that man influenced Albert’s life and discoveries.” ~ Rabia Tanveer

“features a young Albert Einstein who shares a close bond with his grandfather. During one of their conversations, his grandfather divulges exciting information that points to time being just an illusion. Years later, the scientist would retell the details of the conversation after recovering his grandfather’s timepiece.” ~ Edith Wairimu

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