Bhagavad Gita for the Atheist

Encountering profound existential questions moral and dilemmas, this transformative adaptation challenges traditional beliefs and invites readers to embark on an introspective journey towards personal enlightenment. Drawing the universal teachings of compassion, self-discovery, and the pursuit of truth, “Bhagavad Gita for the Atheist” offers a thought-provoking exploration that transcends religious boundaries and resonates with seekers of all perspectives. Unveiling profound insights and practical guidance, this exceptional synthesis of ancient wisdom and contemporary thought will enrich your understanding of the human experience while sparking a profound shift in your own spiritual journey.

Meet Manikantan SU

Manikantan is the author of the bestselling grammar guide – “Learn English Grammar through Harry Potter”. He has also written “Bhagavad Gita for the Atheist” and “The Atheist Handbook – A Search Beyond GOD”. He is a data analyst by profession. You can find him as “Data Science for the Lazy” on YouTube and Facebook and as “Learn English Grammar through Harry Potter” on Facebook. He is a TEFL certified English Trainer. He swears by Einstein’s saying – “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, then you don’t understand it yourself”.