Habits For a Better Life: Your Concise Guide With Everything You Need to Get the Life of Your Dreams!


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Habits For a Better Life: Your Concise Guide With Everything You Need to Get the Life of Your Dreams!

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Habits For Better Life

takes you on a challenging and rewarding personal journey. Built on the same foundational principles from classic books like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People; Habits For a Better Life will help you learn to accept your weaknesses, take responsibility for your actions, and create a positive new identity with the power of habit. We create ourselves and our personalities through the habits we develop and maintain. Let this book help you take charge of your life by gaining self-awareness, creating positive routines, and weeding out bad habits.

Along the way, you’ll learn how habits are learned and acquired through repetition and constant use.

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How to manipulate your motivation? You will achieve every goal easier and faster than ever before


How to manipulate your motivation?

I will teach you what to do to make sure that your motivation to achieve a given goal is much higher and lasts for a long time.

In this book, I will share my knowledge with you.

You will learn how to use certain rights of persuasion to direct their power of influence towards you.

You will literally learn to exert an influence on yourself in order to achieve the goals you want more easily and quickly.

Have you ever decided to stop doing anything from now on?

If you’ve ever decided to do anything in spirit, you know how to set your goal.

Do you remember what it feels like to be a companion?

I’ll show you the life cycle of your goal.

You will find out how important it is to strengthen your motivation in order not to lose your willingness to act.

I will teach you the whole process of maintaining motivation:

1. The correct determination of the target;

2. Planning the way to the destination;

3. Exercise of the right of involvement;

4. Exercise of the right of cohesion.

I’ll show you what to do when you set your own goal?

I’ll tell you about the biggest mistake made by 99% of people.

This will help you achieve your goals more easily and quickly than ever before.


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