Friends and Neighbours

Life as a Marie Osmond impersonator living in Stoke can be challenging enough.
But when your best friend has died and your other friends have moved away it can suddenly get a whole lot tougher. Now heartbroken Jenny has a female shaped hole in her life which – despite the presence of many women – won’t go away. Grief has turned her into a first class snob.

Husband Lonny preps the house for climate change and is unable to halt Jenny’s unravelling. Then gorgeous Trudi wafts into the creative writing class and brings some much needed hope.

Feeling that this is the only way out of her depression, Jenny’s intention to befriend Trudi builds to an obsession while facing all manner of setbacks. A motley crew of unsuitable local women is encroaching while lovely Trudi remains elusive. Why is something that used to be so easy, now so hard?.

Mixing serious issues with much hilarity ‘Friends and Neighbours’ is a feel-good story for our times.

“This book made me laugh out loud in many places and shed a tear in others.” – Siobhan Curham, author ‘An American in Paris’ ‘What a totally wonderful heart warming read, loved it’ Goodreads Review 

‘This was a nice, easy chick lit read. It has great characters and is really funny in places even though it is about coping with the death of a loved one. It can be related to on lots of different levels. I liked that it has a sort of hidden message, which is to not judge a book by its cover. I enjoyed it very much’ Goodreads Review

Meet Ruth Torjussen

Ruth Torjussen grew up in Stoke but now lives and works in Brighton as a Shared Lives Carer. She writes scripts and novels across different genres but all cover, in some way, the looming ecological crisis.

Find Your Gift: Discover Your God-Given Gift

Discover 6 Insightful Ways To Help You Find Your Gift!

I realized after dropping out of college that neither those who graduate or those who don’t graduate truly knew what they wanted to be. I could see the frustration in their faces and voices and a lot of them were my friends and peers who I grew up with, as well as people that I don’t even know! It worried me a lot cause I was in my mid 20s heading into my late 20s and I had no degree. I was making under $25,000 a year, unmarried and living at home with my parents with no car and the feeling that I had disappointed my parents and myself. Being from Ethiopia with a rich culture that idolizes traditional education, it didn’t help my already self-loathing feelings. I felt trapped! My mother pressured me to get a college education because of her fear and insecurities of the Ethiopian community viewing her and myself and our family as less than everyone else because her….

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Why People Never Discover Their Gift
  • How To Know What Your True Gift If You Have Many
  • The Importance Of Pursuing Your Gift
  • (insert bullet point)
  • (insert bullet point)
  • Entrepreneurship And Your Gift
  • And Much, Much More!

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The Long Ride: Learning About Life From An Outlaw Biker


“A grim, competent tale that memorably depicts a world of crime.” –Kirkus Reviews

Nate, a naive, eighteen-year-old misfit, sets off on a hitchhiking trip to escape bad parenting and the Vietnam draft. He yearns for the acceptance and safety of a tribe and finds them both in Cleveland’s branch of the Hell’s Angels. But they come at a price.

The Angels introduce him to the wonders of drug use and free sex. Nate instantly takes to speed and cocaine, which mask his fears and inhibitions. Ever craving acceptance, he jumps into ripping off drugs and confronts rival biker gangs. When he accidentally shoots and kills a drug dealer, Nate descends into a spiral of fear and paranoia so strong only heroin brings him relief. Spider, his Hell’s Angel mentor, rescues Nate from an overdose and helps him get clean, but the damage is done.

His lover shuts him out. The Angels run him off. Spider and Nate kidnap a man who had stolen some drugs from them. When they crush his knuckle with pliers as retribution, gang war threatens to erupt and Nate is caught in the crossfire. Life, as he knows it, is over.

The Long Ride: Learning About Life From An Outlaw Biker takes you on a thrilling ride of emotional and physical violence, love and hate, survival and the unbreakable bonds of friendship. In this gritty and sensual tale, Francis Hicks offers a hard look into the darker side of self-discovery.

The Pen and Its Author


Combining magic, mysticism, wisdom and wonder into an inspiring tale of self-discovery, The Pen and Its Author, has become a modern classic around the world and transforming the lives of countless readers across generations.

John Bourgeois’ masterpiece tells the mystical story and journey of the eldest son named Ezekiel as he reads his father’s last dying words. From the pages of his father’s final letter, Ezekiel is able to discover what it takes to turn dreams into reality.

Journaling: Designing Your Life Blueprint


Your life matters. It matters a lot. This book will help you discover and clarify what you would like to create and experience in your life, those things that matter most to you.


“Life does not require you to sacrifice or compromise your joy to get what you want. Joy is what you want, so when you choose in harmony with it, you are fulfilling your purpose in living.”
-Alan Cohen

This book will take you on a guided journaling experience of increased self-awareness, self-exploration and self-discovery.
You will be able to explore and discover what makes you unique, what you get excited about, what helps you experience relief and renewal, what is intellectually stimulating, and what brings you the greatest sensorial pleasure and enjoyment. You will be able to clarify your desires, hopes and dreams.

Would you like to:

  • Learn some of the benefits and types of journaling?

  • Discover the power of focus?

  • Learn how to ‘Power Up’ so you can be the super hero you were meant to be?

  • Learn how to nurture supportive and empowering relationships?

  • Learn about a powerful catalyst for transformation?

  • More fully understand the significance of becoming?

  • Clear your mental and emotional clutter?

  • And more?

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  • Creating and designing your dream life can be compared to designing and creating a dream home. The first steps in creating a dream home include determining what matters most to you. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want? How will you use the different spaces in your home? Will it support your lifestyle? Is it an open plan with a great room?

    In a similar fashion, the first steps to creating your dream life include determining what matters most to you. What brings you pleasure and enjoyment? What fills you with energy, hope, and motivation? What kind of relationships do you want to have? What belongings or experiences do you want to have? What kind of person do you want to become? What would you like to create? What are you passionate about? How would you like to serve and bless other people’s lives?

    The next step in building your dream home involves taking all of the information you have gathered about what matters most to you and drawing up a blueprint that encapsulates everything. Plan it out in a detailed manner. Plan out the exact dimensions of each room and the exact location of each window and door. Identify the purpose for each room. Make sure there is space for the furniture or belongings you’ll want to have in each room. Create a detailed timeline for each part of the process and a plan for execution.

    In like manner, you can take the things that matter most in your life and make a detailed plan of execution. Break down each goal in a detailed manner. Make a clear plan of action with a detailed timeline for accomplishing each step of the process.
    So, I am here to help you create your dream life in the same fashion you might create your dream home. Your life is a much bigger deal than building a dream home, but often people will leave their life experience to chance not understanding that they are meant to be the architect of their life.

    So, let’s get started. Your blueprint to greater success and fulfillment in life awaits you!

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    Twenty Miles West of Branch, Texas and other stories


    From a desert highway in West Texas to the plains of frontier Kansas to an abandoned mine in New Mexico, from a courtroom to a high school girls’ speech contest to a nursing home, from the side yard of a suburban home to a youth revival to the halls of an urban high school, K.C. Knouse puts the main characters of the thirteen short stories and novella included in this collection into circumstances that challenge assumptions they have made about themselves, their lives, and the world in which they live:

    The mother who is estranged from her son.
    The young woman who has doubts about her relationship with an older man.
    The widower who struggles to accept the death of his wife.
    The young man who is fearful of becoming his abusive father.
    The homesteader who fights to redeem his pride.
    The aging salesman whose livelihood is threatened by technology.
    The father who relives his past at the expense of his relationship with his son.
    The boy who discovers that having money creates as many problems as it solves.
    The veteran teacher who crosses an emotional boundary in spite of herself.
    The teenage boy whose relationship with God is complicated by a pretty girl and a misunderstanding.
    The woman who doubts her decision to put her husband into a nursing home.
    The man whose faith in the justice system is shaken.
    The high school girl who is self-conscious about a birthmark on her face.
    The middle-aged insurance adjuster who receives more than he bargained for when he comes to the aid of an attractive woman.

    K.C. Knouse uses compassion, humor and an eye for detail to bring these characters to life and bind their stories to your heart.