Defiant No More: The Unconventional Guide to Overcome Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Anger, Build Good Relationships and Grow Self Esteem (Parenting Plan)

Learn more about why your child’s anger and discover actionable methods to begin using today to help overcome the behavior caused by oppositional defiant disorder (ODD).

Are you and your child struggling to cope with managing or understanding their anger?

Is your child excessively negative, withdrawn, or lacking confidence?

Do you want to discover methods to build happiness for you both?

Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) is one of the most common childhood disorders. It affects children and adolescents and is characterized by a range of behaviors, including anger, defiance of authority, aggression, and noncompliance. ODD in adults is often associated with problems in relationships, work, and school.

This powerhouse of a book will introduce you to everything so you can help your child learn, manage, and grow from the effects of ODD. It will make all the difference to your and their future happiness.

Even if you’ve tried other books, are tired, and feel like giving up, with this guide, you will:

  • Discover what ODD is without the myths and misconceptions
  • Learn why your children behave the way they do and what you can do about it
  • Use easy, practical methods and techniques to manage the negative effects of ODD
  • Discover self-esteem-boosting tactics for a happy, healthy child
  • Be informed on how to respond positively to your child
  • Master the art of listening to or sensing your child to use their feelings in your favor
  • Find ways to promote healthy communication for all the family
  • Explore the powerful use of knowledge of ODD and how it will benefit you and your child
  • And so much more.

This book is an eclectic mix of science-based facts and enlightening advice about ODD.

Between 2% to 16% of kids are diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder at some point during their lives. However, many parents still aren’t sure what to look for or how to react to their struggling child. Like all children, children with ODD need love, care, and support from their parents. Parents should know what to do if their child is sick or injured to help protect them from harm.

Most go through the motions without ever fully being in control of the negative effects of opposition and defiance in our children. It can have overwhelming consequences for the child and parent if nothing is done to rectify it.

Sometimes all you need is someone to point you in the right direction, show you this isn’t your fault, and provide easy habit-forming methods to bring ease to a diagnosis. 

Plan a Future That Sets You Free

It’s never too late: You can do anything you set your mind to. Read on to discover the pathway to achieving your life-long dreams and living a happier, more fulfilling life. Did you put your own plans on hold to raise a family or take care of loved ones? Would you like to change something in your future, but the idea of having to start all over again stops you? Do you have the feeling that you have put your dreams in a secret drawer that you forgot existed? This is your sign – it is never too late to get what you want… In fact, now is the perfect moment! If you answered yes to any of these questions, you must remember that, beyond what you are going through now: You are capable. You are strong. You are determined. You are powerful. Everything you need is already inside of you, you just have to figure out how to make it clear to your eyes. Imagine everything you’ve ever dreamt of coming true. Imagine the happiness and joy that it brings to get your life on track so you can accomplish anything you want. That reality is not as far away as you think. There are effective methods to help you understand what you want to achieve… and how to do it successfully. No matter what your goals look like, this book will guide you through a supportive process to find out what you want – and make sure you get it! In Plan a Future That Sets You Free, you’ll discover: The #1 habit that can change your life and help you accomplish everything you’ve ever dreamed of – and it’s easier than you think! Essential secrets for helping you change your mindset and overcome negative thoughts The ultimate key to goal-setting success – so you can ensure your dreams are focused, clear, and always moving in the right direction A simple 5-step method to helping you understand your inner truths – learn about your desires so you can put them into action Helpful financial advice to ensure that money is never an obstacle to achieving your goals How to plan for and celebrate your achievements so your motivation stays high and your ambition remains strong Practical and meaningful interactive activities to help guide you along your journey And much more. Your path in life should be guided by you. Having the knowledge and power to shape your direction will give you the freedom and positive energy you need to squeeze the juice out of life. Your dreams are closer than you think, and the sooner you start believing in yourself and overcome the negative influences in your path, the sooner you’ll be able to realize them.

Meet Lara Spadetto

Lara is an Italian author and figurative artist who loves to travel, cook and experiment with her painting. She is an avid reader and when she is not immersed in the creation of her canvases, she devotes herself to writing. She loves to relax by taking long walks in nature. After living in Italy, Spain, and the UAE, she now lives permanently in the UK with her 3 children and her beloved dog Maia. Lara wants to inspire and motivate those women who need to rediscover the strength they already have, but whose existence they have forgotten, and to encourage them to rekindle the vital spark that time, and false beliefs, have faded

Being Happy in Challenging Times

Dealing with stress? Struggling with loss – and COVID? Crush worry. Learn how to be happier! Being Happy in Challenging Times is the latest personal development book from Andrew Matthews, author of the bestsellers Being Happy! and Happiness in Hard Times. With Andrew’s self-help books… life gets better! Easy-to-read, illustrated with Andrew’s famous cartoons, this is personal development for smart people. Self-improvement can be fun! Read this short book in just 7 minutes. Be happier from today.

Meet Andrew Matthews

Andrew Matthews’ titles are best sellers in 42 languages. Says Andrew, “I never planned to be an author. I just had some messages I wanted to share – based mainly on my own mistakes!” Andrew’s down-to-earth books – illustrated with his own cartoons – have gone global. “Being Happy!” and “Follow Your Heart” have become self-help classics, selling in 70 countries. Ask readers what they like about Matthews’ books and they tell you, “They are easy to read, easy to relate to, easy to apply – and they are funny!” Sales have topped seven million copies. “We don’t always need new information – sometimes we just need to be reminded!” says Matthews. Andrew speaks to conferences worldwide – and he draws his trademark cartoons throughout his presentations.

Clumsy Nelson: A story of Self-esteem, Bravery, Grit, Friendship with an Environmental message

Nelson, once the clumsiest seal in the sea, is always needing his friends to get him out of trouble. When his friends are trapped, can Nelson find bravery inside himself and save the day? 

Follow his journey in this modern fairytale to find out.

Poor Clumsy Nelson, he’s always stumbling, bumping or crashing in the plastic polluted sea. We all have times where we feel uncomfortable about who we are. Being clumsy isn’t always easy.

Nelson is a master in getting into trouble. But when a terrible danger captures his friends, Nelson discovers he can DO IT.

Clumsy Nelson is a message of positive self-esteem, courage, perseverance, and friendship for any child who has trouble finding the hero inside.

Clumsy Nelson is also a fun and engaging adventure into environmental awareness,published by Save the Planet Books.

“An inspiring and beautifully illustrated picture book that teaches kids about courage and determination.” – Kate Lobs, teacher.

A story that inspires kids of all ages to never give up and empowers them to find the hero inside.

About the Author

Serena Lane Ferrari is a mother and an English teacher. She writes books for children concerning the future of our Planet.

With Clumsy Nelson, The Butterfly Inside and Stinky Super Skunk, Serena introduces young readers to the important lesson of respecting differences.

About the Illustrator

Giorgia Vallicelli was born in Bologna in 1984 and at a very young age, she discovered she had a talent for art.

Drawing was her first passion, since then she became a highly talented and requested artist for children’s images, poetry and picture books.

Giorgia is already a multi award-winning illustrator.

Meet Serena Lane Ferrari

Serena Lane Ferrari is a mother and an English teacher.
She writes books for children concerning the future of our planet.
Serena hopes her stories will encourage future generations to be aware of and engage with environmental issues.

You Woke Up Worthy: A 21-Day Self-Love Journey for Women with Big Dreams


You Woke Up Worthy is a 21 day guided workbook and journaling experience for women who struggle with feeling worthy of their big dreams. It’s designed to help you let go of shame and self-judgment, re-connect to your higher self, create a daily self-love practice, get clear on your purpose and big dreams, and start living your best life now rather than someday. As women we are bombarded with messages on a daily basis that undermine our awesomeness. We are told we must buy this special cream or weight loss shake, and then we’ll be enough. We are told we must get the guy, have a high-flying career, and be the perfect mothers without letting a single shoe drop. The truth is we are all worthy and enough, just the way we are. There’s nothing we must do to prove our worthiness. There’s nothing we must do to earn it, either. This workbook will help you discover that truth within yourself so you can wake up and start living your best life instead of everyone else’s. Over the course of 21 days, Britny guides you through daily journaling prompts and self-love exercises to help you not only love yourself more but also completely transform your life so that it aligns with the woman you actually are rather than the woman everyone else expects you to be. Are you ready?

Beautiful: Embracing your faith to live a life of confidence


A step by step guide to living your life confidently.
If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and been less than thrilled with what you see, or if you want to live your life with more purpose and meaning, then ‘Beautiful’ is the book for you.” Alena Haines, Occupational Therapist and mum of three

Self esteem issues can affect anyone. Living a life of low self esteem robs you of the life you could and should be living. Beautiful puts the power back into your hands and leads you down the path of embracing your identity in God to live a life of confidence.

Inside you will learn:

  • How to change your mind to go from uncertain to fearless
  • The importance of why you need to control your thought life
  • Why what you focus on is so important
  • What affect your words have on your reality
  • How to make your life powerful and productive simply through your habits
  • Why the people around you can determine your path in life and who to select for your support team
  • How simple daily steps will help you change your world for good
  • Why self care is important in your goal to become confident and courageous

This book will put you on the fast track to being the strong, beautiful, confident woman you were created to be!