Beat The Clock

Procrastination is a common problem. It has been proven to have negative consequences on both personal and professional life. To avoid procrastination, it’s important to understand how people give into it. Beat The Clock offers practical solutions to overcome procrastination and maintain a healthy relationship with your work.

Meet Saumya R

While studying in medical college Saumya came across many people with mental health issues due to lack of success in life. After several case studies and medical research on the topic of success, now Saumya has decided to write books on how to build habits to achieve goals. The mission is to remind people of the power they hold and guide them in unleashing their true potential. Beat The Clock will help people navigate through the tough phases of developing time management skills and help succeed in life.

Have Goals, Not Guns

HAVING GOALS WILL FULFILL YOUR DREAMS AND GET YOU WHAT YOU WANT. According to the Gun Violence Archive, so far this year, at least 700+ children and teens in the U.S. have been killed by guns. Wanda has designed this powerful tome as a tribute to her niece and to encourage and educate our youth to utilize goals to fulfill their dreams instead of guns. After investing in this action guide your child will: Implement practical, proven goal-setting principles and strategies to ensure success throughout their educational career. Know how to choose, set, and achieve realistic goals in life. Become more self-disciplined. Be more prepared to handle obstacles and peer pressure. Be inspired by carefully chosen quotes. And much, much more! If you are ready for your child to achieve more without you having to ask them… Give them this gift!

Meet Wanda Y. Martin

Wanda Martin is an Innovative Goal Setting Tactician, Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker and TV Host who is known for producing stellar and effective goal setting tactics that produce High-Impact and Impeccable results to all who will apply them. As a master in teaching the Art of Goal Setting and Achievement, a Certified trainer of the Success Principles by Jack Canfield, (Co -Creator of Chicken Soup of the Soul) a program graduate from Cornell University Women’s Entrepreneurship program and a Goal Setting Advisor on the Board of Directors of Coaches against Childhood Obesity, Wanda’s teaching and speaking on goal setting derived from the last conversation with her mother before her demised, who sadly admitted that she felt like she was too old to have goals and therefore it was too later for her to be great. In 2018, Wanda buried her mother with her goals left unaccomplished on the inside of her. Having unfulfilled goals was unacceptable to Wanda and therefore she made it her mission in life to enrich, empower and inform individuals on how to live with their goals and not die with them . As the founder of Go For The Goals, LLC, Wanda’s in-person and on-line courses, events and results based programs have been proven to steer and equip influencers, entrepreneurs, organizations, students and athletes with goal setting tools, tips and tactics that will lead them towards a brighter future and greater career satisfaction. Wanda’s success in goal achievement led to the publications of three (3) books in which her latest, “Have Goals Not Guns“ (Youth Edition-Action Guide) have been endorsed by Jack Canfield, Co-Creator of Chicken Soup of the Soul, Joyce Abbott, The Real Miss Abbott from ABC’s TV Hit Show “Abbott Elementary” and James Malinchak, as seen on ABC’s Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire“. Featured on RVNTV, ASPIRE TODAY and Preach The Word Network, Wanda’s client roster includes The Community College of Philadelphia, The Philadelphia School District leadership and administration, High End Attorneys, Fels High School, Locke Middle School, The YMCA and many others. When it comes to showing individuals superior goal setting tactics to reach their destination in life and in the workplace, no one does it better than the Goal Setting Tactician herself, Wanda Martin.

Life Journey Skills: Your Roadmap and Companion Guide for Life

This book is your toolkit for life! Live a more rewarding life with this book as your guide. Life Journey Skills brings together everything you need to take a high performance approach to navigating life- including an enlightened perspective, practical skills and proven business tools. You’ll learn how to work with the body, as well as the unseen forces of the mind, emotions and the deeper inner being to find your way to the life you want.

Meet David Powell

David Powell is a life skills mentor, author, and executive coach. He is the founder of The Golden Thread, a media and education company that empowers people and teams to find their way. Through online courses, workshops and media, David helps you build the essential life skills you didn’t learn at school so you can stay true to your life purpose. Born in the UK, David gained a first-class honours degree in chemical engineering at Edinburgh University and worked in the resources and IT industries for 24 years, leading many teams to success. Realising that his passion lay in empowering people, he quit corporate life and became a life and business skills trainer, facilitator, and mentor. Over almost three decades, David has helped individuals and teams in hundreds of organisations, across 30 countries and five continents, improve their lives and business performance.

Happiness 4 U The Complete Package For Manifesting Your New Life

Within the pages of this inspirational book the author will share her research, personal story’s and offer her advice to help you archive the happiness you’re been seeking. You will gain new insights and concepts that will change your perception of the world around you. Pushing the snooze button will no longer be an option with your fresh new perspective, you will jump out of bed feeling positive and optimistic. “Happiness 4 U” will alter the way your feeling, so you can achieve the joy, love and contentment you have been seeking? So, if you think your ready to stop procrastinating and transform your life then today is your lucky day because in this book you will gain an understanding of ways to… Cope and manage your everyday stressors. Silence your inner critic, pessimistic thoughts and negative self talk. Identify your self sabotaging bad habits and reprogram your self-limiting behavior. Help reshape your personal relationships with family, friends and co workers. Experience self-worth, kindness, gratitude and love that can alter your life as well as the world. Help you overcome anxiety and depression once and for all. Implement daily routine that will help improve your mind body and soul. Once you have read this book your journey will begin to accelerate and transform your current situation to better align with your dreams, desires and life’s purpose. You will take back those simple pleasures you once experienced as a child. Once you choose to buy this self help book it will give you new life skills to manifest a positively motivational life.

Meet Cindy Marie Martin

Cindy Marie Martin lives in Ontario Canada with her husband and son outside the city. She has spent many years researching the effects of gluten, digestive problems and ways to find true happiness in her life. Cindy’s new book Happiness 4 U The Complete Package for Manifesting Your New Life is available for purchase. Cindy has a way of captivating the attention of her readers with her charming charismatic personality. She also has a unique way of helping her readers feel like they are never alone and are capable of overcoming any challenges. When Cindy isn’t working or writing she is spending time outside engaging in adventurous activities like snowboarding, snowshoeing, mountain biking, hiking, gardening, swimming and feeding the birds, squirrels and chipmunks. Cindy also takes time to connect with like-minded people on , , [email protected]

A Millennials Guide to Surviving Your 20s

A Millennials Guide to surviving your 20s is a revitalizing self-help book that navigates through some of life’s most challenges experiences one might discover on the path of young adulthood.

In this authentic guide to surviving your 20s Shay Carroll Shares 40 chapters of hilariously inspiring stories, real life lessons and general advice to help you:

  • Break through limiting and old beliefs systems
  • Gain power and control over your life
  • Gain a better understanding of what adulting means
  • And most importantly help you to finally start living life for you

Meet Shay Carroll

Shay Carroll is an author of self development books for both adults and young teens. Shay has spent several years as a youth counselor helping troubled teens transform their lives. She was born in Philadelphia, PA and has spent most of her life between the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas. When not writing Shay can be found baking, browsing the local book store, thrifting, and being a mother to her super smart and highly spirited 6 year old son.

Leading From Within: Leading With A Purpose

In this book, we will discuss the 4 Pillars of Self Awareness (4PSA’s) and how accountability affects leadership. We must be able to look within ourselves and assess our abilities to become an effective leader. Effective leaders provide a long-lasting impact on others and promote positive change. The 4 Pillars of Self Awareness will guide you to a sound leadership foundation that you can continue to build and assist you in establishing SVC (Self Core Values). Without these SVC’s you will be unable to build trust, a functional culture and relationship.

The 4 Pillars of Self Awareness can be used not only in your professional career but your personal life as well. Are you ready for the challenge? You must be ready to accept the truth about yourself and receive truth from others.

Sales Mastery Essentials Made Simple: Your Master Class On The Inner Game Of Selling With 7 Keys To Becoming A Sales Machine

A Master Class in print to becoming a dynamic sales machine. This book will help increase your sales ability by teaching you the S3 method in a nutshell. Learn how to see, solve and satisfy your client. Access their hidden desires. Connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime. See the invisible, solve the puzzle, and satisfy the dream, theirs and yours. Learn to enjoy and embrace helping others. Always be connecting the wealth is greater than you know. Celebrate!

I Shall Not Want

Suzanne E. Uzzell wrote I Shall Not Want to share with her readers a powerful inspirational spiritual word of encouragement from a sermon she preached. She decided to create a e-Book that would embody this preached word along with added thoughts that would impact the reader’s life and challenge their faith to grow in God no matter what obstacles, calamities, situations they are encountering or may have to face on their life journey.

This e-Book will give a new perspective about how to navigate through life’s inevitable and learn how to trust God and elevate in faith by allowing a dependency to occur in the relationship between Heavenly Father and his children. God is waiting to shepherd his people. After reading this e-Book you will grow closer in a loving relationship with God and you will learn how to be fathered.

Meet Suzanne E. Uzzell

Suzanne E. Uzzell wrote I Shall Not Want to share with her readers a powerful inspirational spiritual word of encouragement from a sermon she preached. She decided to create a book that would embody this preached word along with added thoughts that would impact the reader’s life and challenge their faith to grow in God no matter what obstacles, calamities, situations they are encountering or may have to face on their life journey.

This book will give a new perspective about how to navigate through life’s inevitable and learn how to trust God and elevate in faith by allowing a dependency to occur in the relationship between Heavenly Father and his children. God is waiting to shepherd his people. After reading this book you will grow closer in a loving relationship with God and you will learn how to be fathered.

Suzanne E. Uzzell thanks God for allowing her to write this book and preach this word he wrote in her heart . The Lord inspired her to share this sermon in written form to share with those who will read this book.

She was blessed to receive this word and minister it to the congregation. She prays those who read this will be empowered, impacted, which will cause them to draw closer to the Lord Jesus. Suzanne prays they will have the faith to believe in Almighty God and trust in him always.

About The Author

Suzanne E. Uzzell a Native New Yorker attended Herbert H. Lehman College and graduated with a B.A. in 2001.

She is married to Husband Jahi J. Uzzell who serves in the United States Air Force. She is an Air force Spouse who resided in England, Hawaii, Brunssum Netherlands, Las Vegas Nevada and now resides in Maryland. She relocates every 3 to 4 years and enjoys traveling and living in new places.

Suzanne is also an Evangelist who has been ministering over 24 years. She ministers where God leads her to. She preached in United States as well as Overseas.

Suzanne is the Author of five inspirational published books, Newest Book I Shall Not Want, Treasure Your Marriage by Cherishing Your Spouse, Reach Out And Touch, Words 2 Ignite the Soul and Chosen Words. These books are self published on She hopes to inspire and captivate her audience. Suzanne is grateful and thanks God for allowing her to complete this endeavor. She is also a Entrepreneur who has a few online stores. She prays she will inspire and touch the souls of every reader.

How to Validate People: Listen and Hear better to Form Deep Connections Fast

Start Attracting People And Creating Long Lasting Connections Today

Book Reveals How Anyone Can Increase Their EQ and Become the Person Everyone Feels Good Around

Author breaks the biggest myths around emotional intelligence and gives away advice that changes lives instantly.

Dear Reader,
If you want relations that bring joy, fulfilment and peace into your life.
Then you’re looking at the right book.

Here’s why:

My name is Ian Tuhovsky. During my 11+ years of working with people and traveling to 50+ countries, I observed something astounding…

Most people have a hard time nurturing long-term, meaningful relationships.

You’re exposed to new people daily at work, at the gym or even at the supermarket.
Despite this, less than one in ten interactions end up flourishing into a friendship.

Maybe you can relate to this…

  • Meeting someone at a party, exchanging numbers and never hanging out?
  • Having a conversation at the supermarket and never seeing them again?
  • Interacting with your colleagues only at work and never spending time together outside?
  • Going on a date and not staying in touch even though you could have been good friends?
  • Going to a gym or a dance class and never making any friends?

Imagine that instead of that above, you were able to manoeuvre each new interaction in a way that would plant the seed for a blooming friendship or relationship.

Imagine having a deeper understanding of other people’s emotions and using it to help create deeper bonds.

Most of all, imagine the wonderful feeling and satisfaction after spending your weekend surrounded by people you feel connected to, laughing, talking and just having fun.

Some people are notorious for being able to plant those seeds. Their social lives are rich gardens filled with the most interesting and beautiful flowers and plants.

So, what’s their secret?

My research showed me that emotional intelligence is the water to your garden. It’s the key to building deeper connections.

Intrigued by this I dug deeper to discover if emotional intelligence could be learned or is it something that we’re born with.

What I found was that (apart from people that qualify as sociopaths or psychopaths, sorry…)

YES, anyone can develop emotional intelligence
YES, anyone can build and nurture fulfilling relationships
YES, anyone can be surrounded by wonderful people and enjoy healthy relationships

What would that look like?

It looks like having an interesting life, enriched by interesting people
It looks like being confident and experiencing less stress
It looks like resolving conflicts and misunderstandings faster and with empathy
It looks like having a supportive and engaged network that brings opportunities, collaborations, inspiration and fun

Like the sound of that?

Start reading today and implement my ‘15 Steps to Emotional Intelligence’ method to experience a total transformation.


  • Page 13

Think Emotional Intelligence Isn’t Important? WRONG! Think again

  • Page 25

Step by Step Method to Better Emotional Intelligence

  • Page 40

99% of People Don’t Know This; Broken Emotional Patterns

  • Page 63

A Love Language You Had No Idea About!

& so much more!


Instantly Download My Book
& enjoy your new life.

Thanks for reading,
Ian Tuhovsky

P.S.: I forgot to mention that you’ll also learn how to become calmer and more confident by mastering your own emotions.

Start reading today, you can download the book instantly to your device.

Meet Ian Tuhovsky

Ian has visited more than 50 countries so far, connecting with people from all over the globe. Sharing stories, experiences, and music with those he crossed paths with. Taking on the role of an observer of people and reality.

He noticed that despite the cultural and language differences, we all strive for the same things; better connections with one another and fulfillment.

After all, humans are social creatures. Driven by dreams and aspirations.

His dream is to help people connect and support each other. He does this through creating music that brings people together in joy, and books that teach people how to build better relationships with others.

Ian spent more than ten years studying sociology, and investigating communication, and mindful goal achievement.

Specifically, focusing on how ANYONE can achieve their dreams and goals by mastering communication and mindfulness.

He doesn’t claim to know it all and be perfect. In fact, Ian had to overcome shyness, communication issues, and blockages himself. That’s what makes his work compassionate and realistic.

He is determined to share his knowledge and experience with as many people as possible. That’s why he divides his time between consulting in the Human Resources sector, coaching, and writing.

His books are relatable, educational, and entertaining. Based on research and life experiences. Bound with his smooth writing style.

His publications have accumulated thousands of reviews. Readers say that his books are effective, easy to understand and simply incredible!

Join the community of Ian’s readers and start your journey towards a life full of meaningful connections and success.

Author’s blog:

Leader Most Loved: Inspire Productive, Loyal Teams… and Become a Leader Worth Following

Over the past twenty years, I’ve developed twelve incredibly vital methods to become a Leader Most Loved in any leadership position you hold. You’ll be empowered to create a healthy, positive, trusting and happy business organization in just a matter of months – management will become simpler, business will flow easier, and clients and employees will all be served better, and you might just become a visionary leader who is loved by many. I hope that you gain experience through my journey so you can skip to the good part of having a healthy, happy team that sticks around; you’ll gain management and leadership techniques, learn the unsaid in hiring, reduce overhead costs, expect better business outcomes, create a happier work culture (virtual or not!), create a more productive and loyal team (and therefore generate more revenue), and last but not least, become a leader worth following.