7 Deadly Sins of First Time Authors

If you’re writing your first book, or you haven’t been in the game for a minute, this ebook will help you avoid some of the pitfalls that many first time authors fall into. From content to completion, this book offers practical advice and information that will help you publish and PROSPER! Dr. Teresa Hairston is a publisher (Books2liveby.com) with over 30 years of writing experience.

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Master the Art of Self-Publishing: How to get your book Seen, Clicked on and Bought

Do you wish to self-publish your book in a manner that is indistinguishable from books that are traditionally published? Specifically, do you wish to have a book that looks as good, makes as strong a 1st impression and converts interest to sales as well as books published by the top publishing houses?

Given how easy it is to self-publish a book on Amazon, many author’s take the self-publishing process lightly. By not paying enough attention to detail, often some important part of the process suffers, which can fundamentally impact the visibility, 1st impressions or sale conversions for your books.

In Master the Art of Self-Publishing, we help guide you through how to self-publish your book like the masters. The specific aim is to help you self-publish a book that is indistinguishable from a book that is traditionally published.

This book will help you:

  • Gain an overview of self-publishing: how self-publishing works and how it differs from traditional publishing
  • Prepare your manuscript: how to prepare your manuscript for publication, including across multiple formats such as paperbacks, audiobooks and foreign translations
  • Increase your book’s visibility: how to ensure that your book is visible and ranks well, by showing you how to do detailed category/keyword research in order to identify the best categories and keywords for your book
  • Create a strong 1st impression: making sure that your book makes a strong 1st impression with readers, by ensuring that you incorporate best-practices while choosing your book title and designing the cover of your book
  • Convert interest to sales: understand the importance of a well-written book description that is specifically targeted towards driving a sale. This includes the use of hooks, psychological tricks, call-to-actions and more

Download your copy today to increase your book’s visibility, improve your first impressions and boost your sales conversions!

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