Restaurant Strong: First Principles of Restaurant Outperformance and How to Make Them Yours

Restaurant Strong answer this question: “What do our restaurant leaders know that can help other restaurants to build more financially successful businesses?” Backed by a decade of research into 100+ of the world’s most powerful restaurant brands, Restaurant Strong uncovers 100 insights that literally define who rises to the top and who doesn’t in the restaurant business. Restaurant Strong answers many essential questions such as: What is the true growth model of restaurants? How do restaurants outcompete for talented labor? What is the architecture of high-performing restaurant concepts? And, how do you financially outperform and outlast your competitors so that your brand leads in your market? Supported by independent and chain restaurant leader case studies and valuable training links at the end of each chapter, Restaurant Strong offers a never-before-seen road map of exactly how restaurants shift gears from ordinary to extraordinary outcomes.