Minimalism vs. Consumerism: Finding the right balance to take your life back!


“Minimalism is not a lack of something. It’s simply the perfect amount of something.”
Recently the trend of Minimalism has risen in society. Some people have preconceived ideas of what that means. People think it’s much like going on a diet from stuff and things that ‘make them happy’. But Minimalism isn’t about sacrifice. It’s about constantly constructing a battle in your head about gratitude and enjoyment. You should consume only what makes you happy, when it stops helping and starts having the opposite effect, it is time to reexamine. Minimalism vs Consumerism is about finding the right balance between the two that benefits your life the most. The life that still allows you to enjoy the things that make you happy while being grateful for what you have and not always seeking happiness in more. Making decisions with awareness of what really matters to you.