Riddle This, Clara: A Horror Novella

Clara moves into a Victorian manor with her newly blended family and begins receiving mysterious riddles on an antique typewriter. Can she find the truth behind these messages before it is too late? If you love ghostly tales, this novella is for you. Clara has been given a second chance at life after the loss of her husband. She is engaged to the father of her child, and with their union she will also gain a stepson. Things appear to be looking up for their family until she receives intriguing messages on a typewriter that belonged to her fiance’s late-wife. At first, the notes appear to be innocent, until things go very, very wrong. Read along through this horrifying tale to find out what happens to Clara and her family!

Meet Ghost Lady

I finally put my creepy and disturbing mind to good use and began writing horror fiction. My fascination with all things scary began at a young age by watching many, many horror themed films. Unfortunately, my husband has often been a victim of my horror entertainment by my scary pranks. So now, instead of crawling on the ground with my hair over my face while my husband returns from his 2 AM bathroom break, I am putting those thoughts onto paper for your amusement. I hope you enjoyed reading this book just as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. Happy Hauntings! Ghost Lady

Survival Tactics: A Short Story Collection

Ten science fiction stories of aliens, poltergeists, threatening polygons, and carnivorous rabbits, exploring why we need each other-and why sometimes we don’t.

Meet Elizabeth Bonesteel

Elizabeth Bonesteel began making up stories at the age of five, in an attempt to battle insomnia. She has been reading and writing science fiction since she was a child. She currently lives in central Massachusetts.

About a Gardener

“About a Gardener”This book is filled with an abundance of delightful surprises, but you don’t have to be a gardener to appreciate the 111 chapters that provide practical advice, share personal experiences and offer a rich harvest of wisdom for your life. “My Father is a gardener,” Jesus once said. That is the foundation of this book and the author, Werner Langer, introduces us to many wonderful gardening metaphors that will enrich the reader’s personal landscape. We are all gardeners, the author claims, whether we are aware of it or not, each one of us in possession of a valuable allotment, our inner garden, where love and a noble character ought to grow. This book will bless your life, because it is about God, a gardener, who loves us very much.A wonderful book, containing many surprises for readers who seek inner growth and perhaps enjoy gardening.

Meet Werner Langer

Werner Langer is a retired professional photographer, who lives in the city of Brisbane/Australia. His birthplace though was on the other side of the world, in a small town, named Wetter. Born in June 1949, Werner grew up in post-war Germany and was educated in his home country. During his final three years he served as a police-officer. In October 1969 Werner migrated to Australia, soon settling in the outer suburb of Sandgate, in the city of Brisbane, Queensland. In 1972 he entered the College of Art to study photography and these skills equipped him for a forty year long career, twenty-eight of those years as a professional freelance photographer.

His introduction to writing began at the age of forty-two, when an unusual experience on a lonely beach changed his life. “I once was lost, but now I’m found.” These words, written by John Newton, became Werner’s personal possessions on that day, shaping the remainder of his interesting life.

“Nowadays my aim is to follow an invisible guide,” the author writes.

The solid foundations of his Werner’s books are his faith in Jesus Christ, written to bless and provide clarity for his readers.

Werner Langer is the author of three books, titled “About a Gardener” and “About a Relationship”, plus “About a hidden Garden”, all available on the Amazon website.

Werner Langer served as a volunteer chaplain for seven years in the local Magistrates Court. Nowadays the author enjoys a quiet life with his wife and family, a little gardening, sailing and fishing. Watercolour landscape painting is another one of his creative outlets, two of his book-covers feature his paintings.

All Shorts of Crime

Does crime pay? Not quite in the way a burglar wanted in THE OTHER ROOM – it will deter you from life on the wrong side of the law. A Manhattan detective finds that being murdered is more than just bad luck in A BUSINESS OF CHANCE. Blackmail is an ugly crime, but someone turns things to their favour in HUSH MONEY. You can push a woman so far…and no further… in THE CHINA DOG.

Crime has many guises. From the authors of LITERARY ALLSHORTS come the above tales and 15 more short stories, of events which are by turn dangerous, atmospheric, occasionally humorous and even poetic…but always written with criminal intent.

The TEN GREEN JOTTERS consistently keep you hanging on for more…

C.G. Harris, Tony Ormerod, Richard Miller, A.J.R. Kinchington, Glynne Covell,
Richie Stress, Janet Winson, Julia Gale, Jan Brown and Lilly.

Meet Ten Green Jotters

The Ten Green Jotters are a group of writers ranging from award winning authors to travellers to New Guinea, India, South Africa, Thailand. Their love of writing brought them together and following on from the success of their first anthology (Literary AllShorts) have plunged into the crime genre for this collection of eclectic criminal tales – All Shorts of Crime.

The Fabric Over the Moon

“A delightful collection of quaint and quirky tales of common people and uncommon creatures in our world and fantasy lands.” Stories come alive at night. They are whispered around dying campfires, by quiet bedsides, under deformed old trees. They might get interrupted by the howling wind, inaudible gasps, or nervous comments, only to be continued fervently once the dust settles again. Why did the girl visit the eerie village? What did the gypsy’s words mean? Can the discovery of a new flower change the world? Stories are supposed to end but they never do. They leave you wondering and longing for more. They live on in your mind, in corners with cobwebs and memories you’ve been suppressing, in recurring daydreams you have while waiting in long lines. They fester and thrive there. They spiral and soar. You wish they would die but they cannot anymore. Once you blow breath into a story, it instantly becomes yours…

Meet Ferran Plana

Ferran Plana was born in 1988, at present settled in Barcelona. He began his writing passion after a long period of improvising bedtime stories for his wife before sleeping. When he is not writing, you might find him building a sand castle on the beach, observing birds with his binoculars, playing cello or trombone, or in the hospital working as a doctor. The Fabric Over The Moon is his first published short story and flash fiction collection.

The Stories They Tell: Stories of Inspiration and Courage, Through the Eyes That Need It Most

In this collection of short stories, experience the lives of flawed and broken men, as they grow through trials and tough times. Hear the story of a war veteran, a father, a farmhand, and more critically broken people, as they overcome the dark and painful times that all people face.

Meet Aaron Maxey

Hi, I’m Aaron Maxey. I published my first book at 18, with the goal to spread to as many people as I can. This collection of stories is meant to bring inspiration and courage to those that need it. I truly hope my book changes your life for the better, enjoy!

Loose Mind Vol. 1

The downfall of human nature. In the author’s debut project, a contemporary anthology of purpose, join the author as he takes you on a journey through his mind. Through 33 short stories, you will decipher through right and wrong, all while your psyche is at stake. You will be tested to see whether you will remain with sanity or decent to madness. The author goes through this paradoxical narrative with you, figuring out if being an author is his calling, or more so, whether it is calling him. Go through stories of psychological drama, horror, scifi, fantasy, and more. See where a loose mind might take you.

Meet M. Moran

Mad Moran’s love for arts has no margin. His favorite genre of books include philosophy, history, adventure fiction and political satire, but he has built his overall enjoyment of storytelling. As a political science major, writing fiction was never a profession he saw coming, but upon writing his first piece of literature he fell in love with the process. Now he makes it his mission to draw emotion from readers as he uses fiction to tell them the story of himself, life and a primal way of thought. He hopes his writing brings his readers a sense of perspective that is different from anything they have read before, constantly looking to surprise people by bringing them to find a new love for fiction. One that feels relatable, yet a story so distant, they can enjoy it without feeling attacked. A critique in the way of the mind. Throughout his journey to tell his story, Mad Moran lets his mind stray into a constant search for a perfect form of written expression, only to go mad realizing there is none. Instead he takes his own mind and creates an imaginary world the readers can fall in love with. M. Moran invites you to read his work, questioning your definition of sanity and what it truly means to think. Enter his world and see the horrors of the sane mind, until you see their true identity.

Back to Grandmom

Janelle wants to travel back in time to visit with her grandmother again, but her older sister Janiece wants nothing to do with the boring past. With a crash and a bang, the girls find themselves back in the past in their mother’s childhood bedroom. Without her electronic devices, will Janiece survive? Or even worse, will the girls be trapped in the past without modern technology?

Meet Jessica D. Adams

Jessica D. Adams writes children’s books about The Underground Toy Society that aim to teach children to love and appreciate what they have, think of others, and hopefully clean their rooms. Jessica’s two daughters are the inspiration for the books, as well as co-illustrators for many of the books. Jessica also wrote two short time travel chapter books, Meeting Grandmom and Back to Grandmom, which are great stories for kids as well as adults to remember or talk about lost loved ones and family history. Due to Jessica’s efforts in including her daughters in her publishing business, her daughters were inspired to write and illustrate their own books.

The Edge of Insanity

Ten terrifying, disturbing tales guaranteed to leave their mark on you. From the author of ‘Conservation’, this short story collection contains an eclectic mix of tales ranging from the weird, all the way to the downright creepy. Within these pages lurks a deluded stalker chasing something he can never have, a biology professor gone insane after witnessing an atrocity in the tropics, an entire town ravaged by an organic growth hungry for blood, a twisted cult voluntarily starving themselves of food and sleep on an isolated island, a sinister video game arcade unlike any other, and many more peculiar oddities too gruesome to even mention. A mixed bag of fables are contained herein, but all of them are unified by their dark, eerie nature, taking you on a frightful journey that you’ll never forget. Are you brave enough to go to…The Edge of Insanity?

Meet James Flynn

James Flynn grew up in Kent, England. His ultimate dream as an author is to cause a reader to be confined to a mental institution and sectioned under the mental health act after reading one of his stories, although he admits that this is a bit optimistic. James’s work has appeared in Black Petals Magazine, Yellow Mama Magazine, The Scare Room Podcast, Weird Mask Magazine, Sugar Spice Erotica Review and the short story anthology Local Haunts.

Miracle at Coffeeville: And Other Legends of Christmas

No other time of the year has more of a magical feel about it than the Festive Season and in Miracle at Coffeeville: And Other Legends of Christmas there are seven unique tales that will remind you of the hope and magic that it provides, as well as its true meaning and how God can sometimes work his magic to make dreams come true.

Meet Darrell Case

Darrell Case in an American Christian writer who has been creating stories for some 26 years. He has worked hard over the years to perfect his craft, reading numerous books on writing and taking several courses. With 12 books in print, 10 in audio and 6 that appear in other languages, he has won best mystery 2020 with Author Elite Awards and also writes devotions for Call to Glory, which has a circulation of more than 33,000. Darrell lives in central Indiana with his dog, Abby and cat, Lacy. He relaxes by flower gardening, reading, feeding the birds and wildlife that abound in his neighborhood and walking in the woods near his home. He has also ministered to prisoners for the past 39 years, helping them to find God and transform their lives.