The Stringship Chronicles: Stories About Our Other Paranormal Lives

In this unique concoction that is our universe, there are tales waiting to be told—stories that dwell in the space between reality and imagination, where the boundaries of the known are stretched and twisted into the realm of the inexplicable.

Dive into the extraordinary with “The Stringship Chronicles: Stories About Our Other Paranormal Lives” by Gary Paul Bryant, author of “Reworld,” “The Phone” and “Awkward: The First Resurrection of Robert Levenplatter.”

In this collection of 29 short stories, Bryant blurs the lines between the everyday and the paranormal. You’ll encounter mind-bending scenarios, time travel adventures, and even a unique take on the Second Coming.

You won’t find any ghosts, demons, psychics, vampires or fairies in any of these stories, instead, you’ll explore uncharted territories of imagination, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Bryant’s storytelling talent shines through, making these tales captivating and thought-provoking.

So, get ready for a thrilling journey into the paranormal side of life. “The Stringship Chronicles” promises unexpected twists and a fresh perspective on the extraordinary hidden in the mundane.

Do Not Go Gentle

To send souls off requires a spirit seeker to choke the ambition out of them… Lazarus curses the power he was born with. The power of a spirit seeker. And he curses the memories that haunt him – his sister rising from her grave due to his magic. Now, his mentor tasks him with sending off souls on his own for the first time. But his memories cause him to question why the spirits linger… And why his mentor deals with them so violently. There has to be a better way, and Lazarus intends to find it.

Meet Alexa Grave

Alexa Grave loves to tell stories – it just so happens her characters occasionally take her on an unexpected ride. All of her fantasy, humor and romance included, embodies a bit of darkness. Alexa’s life isn’t filled with writing alone. In her spare time, she enjoys gaming with her husband. Reading and thinking up large, impossible projects to work on also top her list of fun things to do. Most importantly, she has two beautiful daughters who don’t give her much spare time to do any of the above.

Jimmy Christmas

Jimmy Christmas in Penobscot, Maine: a boy with daily wishes in a festive town. When big wishes don’t come true, a twist reveals the true magic of Christmas.

Meet Gary Paul Bryant

Gary Paul Bryant is the author of The Stringship Chronicles, Reworld, The First Ride: The Real Story of Santa Claus and Awkward, among many others. After several years working for a Palo Alto technology consultancy and before spawning dozens of web brands and businesses, Gary founded Time Pilot, a pre-Web interactive gaming magazine. Gary continues writing science-fiction, paranormal, and children’s stories from his home in the Pacific Northwest.

Mrs. Meade and the Invisible Lodger: A Short Story

“Mrs. Meade, might I speak to you a moment? It’s—it’s quite absurd, but most distressing, and I really don’t know what to do.” Mrs. Meade’s landlady has an unnerving problem: her new lodger doesn’t seem to exist! No one in Sour Springs besides Mrs. Henney has ever seen him—so where does he go when he leaves the house every morning? The obvious solution is to lay the question before Mrs. Meade. This is a stand-alone short story, which can be enjoyed in any order with the Mrs. Meade Mysteries or by readers new to the series.

Meet Elisabeth Grace Foley

Elisabeth Grace Foley has been an insatiable reader and eager history buff ever since she learned to read, has been scribbling stories ever since she learned to write, and now combines those loves in writing historical fiction. She has been twice nominated for the Western Fictioneers’ Peacemaker Award, and her historical mystery novel LAND OF HILLS AND VALLEYS was voted into the top ten of’s 50 Best Indie Books of 2021. When not reading or writing, she enjoys spending time outdoors, music, crocheting, and watching sports and old movies. She lives in upstate New York with her family and the world’s best German Shepherd. Visit her online at

The Digital Wallpaper

In “The Digital Wallpaper,” Maeve ventures into the heart of modern psychological suspense, skillfully reimagining the timeless classic, “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. In this short story meet Emily, a woman trapped in a smart home that should provide every comfort but ends up becoming her silent prison. As a promising tech journalist, she embraces the potential of smart technology, moving into a state-of-the-art home with her husband, John, who is both her partner and her jailer. John, a renowned psychiatrist, remains oblivious to her growing discontent, believing his “treatment” for her peculiar anxieties is best. As the days pass, Emily’s keen mind begins to unravel the unsettling mysteries of her environment. The digital wallpaper that lines the walls becomes her obsession, its ever-shifting patterns both mesmerizing and malevolent. Emily’s relentless scrutiny of the wallpaper reveals shadowy figures, mysterious messages, and eerie faces that beckon her into their enigmatic world. She becomes convinced that there’s something lurking beneath the surface of this smart home, something that hungers for her sanity. “The Digital Wallpaper” is a haunting exploration of technology’s grip on our lives, the insidious erosion of personal agency, and the desperate fight for one’s own identity. With each page, we bear witness to Emily’s descent into paranoia and obsession, and her struggle to reclaim her autonomy in a world that watches her every move.

Meet Anna Maeve

Anna Maeve, a talented wordsmith hailing from the enchanting landscapes of New Zealand, has emerged as a vibrant voice in the world of literature. In her thirties, Anna is on a perpetual quest to explore the intricate labyrinth of human emotions and the mysteries of the universe, much like her literary idols, Isaac Asimov, Stephen King, and Patricia Cornwell. With a passion for storytelling that has coursed through her veins since childhood, Anna’s writing transcends genres, seamlessly weaving elements of science fiction, horror, and crime into her narratives. Her ability to delve into the darkest corners of the human psyche, while simultaneously navigating the uncharted realms of speculative fiction, is a testament to her versatility as an author.

The Friends We Make in the Psych Ward

The mental hospital can be a scary, uncertain place. However, the friends you meet there can stick with you for a lifetime When Zoey wakes up in the adolescent psych ward with no memory of how she got there, she struggles greatly to adjust to her new environment and interact with the other patients. Then she meets Melanie, a wild, sarcastic fireball of a girl whose antics regularly land her in the psych ward. As Zoey gets caught up in one of Melanie’s schemes, she finds out there’s more to her than meets the eye, leaving her haunted well into adulthood. The Friends We Make in the Psych Ward is a story that tackles themes of trauma, mental illness, friendship and resilience all told through the eyes of a relatable teenage girl.

Meet Grace Anderson

Grace Anderson is an up and coming indie author based out of Denver, Colorado. Her work centers around grief, mental health and all the emotional ups and downs that come with being human. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, thrift shopping and sipping chai at local coffee shops.

Something Old, Something New: A Short Romance Set at a Storybook Park

Megan works at a fairy tale park but doesn’t believe in happily-ever-afters. Will her niece’s fairy tale wedding and a reunion with her ex change her mind?

Meet Carol E. Ayer

A lifelong Californian, I currently live in between San Francisco and Sacramento. I’m the author of The HSP Mysteries and The Mother-Daughter Realty Team Mysteries. In my 20s, I worked at a storybook park like the one in “Something Old, Something New.”

Queen Grania’s Wake

ome two thousand years ago, nine people– including a former king and a displaced prince– struggle to live in exile on a small and rugged island off the western coast of Ireland. One of their number has crossed over to the Otherworld. Tonight, sitting high atop their island in the moonlight, they remember her. Note: This short story is a companion piece to the Celtic Journeys romantic fantasy series by Janeen O’Kerry. There are no graphic scenes in this short.

Meet Janeen O’Kerry

Like many who end up being writers, I’ve worked at many different jobs: riding instructor, horse trainer, computer programmer, and medical transcriptionist. I began my writing career in the early 1980s with articles for several national and regional horse magazines. My friend Hazel wanted to break into writing novels, so together we wrote three: A *Star Trek* novel; a rather spicy romance; and, finally a sweet romance called *April’s Christmas.* April was the one who got us started when Avalon published that book in 1994. After that I sold my own first novel, the historical romance *Lady of Fire,* to Dorchester Publishing in 1995. Today I am a full-time novelist, Kindle ghostwriter, and copy editor, and can often be found doing workshops and panels at writers’ events and conventions.

Twenty Miles West of Branch, Texas and other stories

From a desert highway in West Texas to the plains of frontier Kansas to an abandoned mine in New Mexico, from a courtroom to a high school girls’ speech contest to a nursing home, from the side yard of a suburban home to a youth revival to the halls of an urban high school, K.C. Knouse puts the main characters of the thirteen short stories and novella included in this collection into circumstances that challenge assumptions they have made about themselves, their lives, and the world in which they live:

The mother who is estranged from her son.
The young woman who has doubts about her relationship with an older man.
The widower who struggles to accept the death of his wife.
The young man who is fearful of becoming his abusive father.
The homesteader who fights to redeem his pride.
The aging salesman whose livelihood is threatened by technology.
The father who relives his past at the expense of his relationship with his son.
The boy who discovers that having money creates as many problems as it solves.
The veteran teacher who crosses an emotional boundary in spite of herself.
The teenage boy whose relationship with God is complicated by a pretty girl and a misunderstanding.
The woman who doubts her decision to put her husband into a nursing home.
The man whose faith in the justice system is shaken.
The high school girl who is self-conscious about a birthmark on her face.
The middle-aged insurance adjuster who receives more than he bargained for when he comes to the aid of an attractive woman.

K.C. Knouse uses compassion, humor and an eye for detail to bring these characters to life and bind their stories to your heart.

Meet K.C. Knouse

K.C. Knouse is the author of Twenty Miles West of Branch, Texas and other stories, a collection of short fiction, A Short Stack of Short Fiction, Three Character Driven Short Stories, and a non-fiction book, True Prosperity: Your Guide to a Cash-Based Lifestyle (1996, Double-Dome Publications).

Knouse began writing for publication in 1985 and has had his short fiction published in print literary magazines and online at He wrote a personal finance blog, LiveOnCash, from 2010 to 2021.

A career outside salesperson, Knouse enjoyed a forty-year career in the printed products industry. He spent most of his career as a self-employed person.

K.C. Knouse lives on the U.S./Mexico border in far west Texas. More information can be found on the author’s website,

The Three Families: demon is born

This is completely a spine-chilling story. Many scenes will not be appropriate for some people. I 100% assure you this will be the best horror story you’ve read in your life story. this story is about three families, three different families with different mindset. without their knowledge, they let it to the world. how do they get back from IT (the demon). read it fully, if you have the courage to watch it.

Meet Sundaresvar

Hello everyone. I’m Sundaresvar panneer .I’m from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I am pursuing engineering. I love to write books. Mainly story books. I think a lot , many stories comes to my mind when I’m doing some work. I also love to write books about love. I want you people to read these book and comment it.