An Awful Farewell

How far are you willing to go to save someone you love?
This boy didn’t even understand why his cousin was sentenced to die, but he knew injustice he saw it. And, to battle fire with fire, he made a pact with one of the worst people in the civilized world. And this is how things got from bad to worse.

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An Unexpected Date

** Amazon Bestseller in 30-Minute Romance Short Reads **

Holly loves living in her cozy mountain town and all the surrounding beauty soothes her soul. She treasures beading jewelry for her own small business while watching nature and its amazing creatures outside her window. But, her mom begs her to move back to the city so she can find a man to marry. Holly doesn’t want to give up on her dreams, but does that mean she’ll have to give up on love?

“An Unexpected Date is a wonderful and perfect release to a stressful or crazy day.” — Cafè of Dreams Book Reviews

“It totally made me smile.” — Getting Your Read On

“Susan has a knack for light hearted dialogue and describing the zing in the connection between Holly and Dave….Be on the look out for this delightful morsel.” — Tifferz Book Review

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The Last Piece of Silver

Are you tired of being underestimated and treated with just either condescension or anger?
This is the story of someone who had everything taken away from him when he was still a child and had to prove himself resourceful enough to out-wit his father in order to see the family again. And even if proving to be more than just a disappointment was already a hard task, he was in way greater danger than he realized.
But, after traveling through unknown places filled with hostility and violence, being belittled by everyone might just be the key to survival.

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A Boy with Potential: A black pearl of a story

When 10 year-old Jake finds a dead body in the deserted church, he can’t tell police anything about the murder, although the Children’s Home say he’s the cleverest boy there. What does he really know? Is Jake’s destructive past a threat to his future, or anyone else’s? Read this if you enjoyed We Need to Talk about Kevin.

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The Only Witness


A quiet Sunday – A vicious assault – One man’s resurrection is another’s good luck.

When Alfie set out on his morning cycle ride, the last thing he expected was to be the only witness to attempted murder. The perpetrator of the crime was the only person who knew Alfie had seen him at the scene. And Alfie was easy to find. Scared out of his wits, he kept his head down and waited, as a weird sequence of events unfolded.

This short mystery story will give you a taste for the trilogy ALFIE GOES TO THAILAND.

You’ll want to read all 3 novels.

Blood Relatives


An intriguing tale about teenage angst, conflict, suspense and self-discovery that will grip you till the twist ending. How soon can you figure out the ending using the clues along the way?

Upir, a teenage schoolgirl, can’t relate to her peculiar parents. Do they have a drinking problem? She uncovers a power she never knew she had. And a seemingly insignificant incident at her friend Sandy’s house turns her life upside down.

What do you think she will discover about herself in the end?

Night Terror


A new dawn in horror lurks among the unsuspecting!

Night Terror is about the rise of a man plagued with a terrifying condition as a sleepwalker killer.

In this hair raising horror packed with suspense, mystery, and shivers, Dr. Otis Foster invites patient Christopher Gray to his office to cure him of a sleep disorder.

What Otis really plan to do is use his unsuspecting patient to eliminate potential whistleblowers to his medical billing scheme.

Death and destruction materializes on a level unimaginable!

What will become of a gentle giant afflicted with a deadly curse?

Follow along on this mind bending thriller that leads to an ironic deadly confrontation!

Read “Night Terror” today!