Home Place

Will Kat Patterson manage to save her family’s farm when all her brother wants is cold hard cash? Paul’s hired Whip Tyler to develop the property against Kat’s wishes. Whip Tyler, of all people! Hasn’t their family lost enough at Whip’s hands? Hasn’t Paul Patterson caused enough damage in Whip’s life? But if he won’t take the job, Paul will find someone else – a developer who will rape the land and throw Kat’s hopes to the wind. It would be easier if Whip didn’t care. Or if that long-ago promise didn’t stand between him and Kat.

Meet Sally Crosiar

Sally Crosiar grew up in a drafty hundred-year-old house that she still calls her Home Place after decades away. Now she lives and plays in upstate New York where stories, red wine, and dark chocolate absorb way too much of her attention. Because she likes to eat, Sally squeezes online teaching and writing between play on, in, or near the water.