James & Elle: Part Memoir, Part Fiction

Part-memoir, part-fiction, James & Elle is a delicate mosaic of vignettes reflecting a deeply personal perspective and the complications of having—and supporting—a loved one with PTSD.

Two siblings are unravelling their past and uncovering hidden memories. But what happens if the past hides a demon in the cupboard?

Follow James and Elle as they remember dark pieces of their childhood, and fumble their way through adulthood, searching for a place to belong. As a lost and disillusioned young adult, James joins the Australian Army. A tragic accident occurs while he is serving in Afghanistan and he returns to the mainland as a mere shadow of himself. James’ sister, Elle, tries to support him through the crippling PTSD and spiralling addictions.

Prepare yourself to experience a powerful insight into the impact PTSD has on the characters and their relationships. James and Elle is a deep dive into the dynamics of familial love, responsibility, and the challenges of supporting a family member in crisis. This compelling narrative will evoke empathy and understanding.

Meet Casey Rae

Casey has spent three decades travelling, studying, working in education, and loving and raising a family. She lives on the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

She is a mother of two wildflower children who remind her every day to jump in the ocean even when it is cold. Casey’s life partner teaches her about plants, gardening and the complexity of soil (who would have known!).

Casey is passionate about good food, wellbeing and creating a better future for our young people. With fifteen years of experience working in education, she knows how important it is for people to have access to engaging literature that promotes deep thinking around mental health and relationships.

Casey is excited to share her provocative and emotional storytelling with the world.

The Moonrise Warrior

He once had a future as the crown prince. Now, Khanh is a feared mercenary. With every moonrise, he shapeshifts into one of twelve zodiac animals. The warrior relentlessly seeks for answers to salvage his spellbound life. The last person he expects a job from is his little sister. As the new heir, sixteen-year-old Vinh is warned that to protect her country, she must ignore her heart. Khanh is not the whimsical brother she remembers, and Vinh fears she isn’t the only one trying to bribe him. Mythical creatures awaken and fierce tribesmen invade. The enemy discovers a way to break Khanh’s agonizing curse. And suddenly, they have leverage over him. The torn princess is forced onto a path she once thought she could never take. Will Vinh sacrifice her brother to save her kingdom? If you love long reads of epic or dark fantasy for young adults, be immersed in this story of complex characters and Asian myths. Recommended for ages 13+

Meet Vy Nguyen