Someone to Watch Over Me

A young woman’s refusal to be a victim.

Her future looks uncertain, but with her unwavering courage and determination, Alicia embarks on a journey of self-discovery and resilience. Forced to flee her home in Jerez la Frontera after killing the corrupt police chief’s son in self defence, she finds solace in the Sierras with a piano player.

As Alicia and her newfound love fight for survival amidst the backdrop of the Spanish Civil War, their anthem, Gershwin’s “Someone to Watch Over Me”, resonates in her mind, providing her with strength and hope of a better future.

With its thrilling action and moving romance, this novel is sure to draw readers in as they follow Alicia’s incredible journey.

Meet Fran Connor

Fran Connor is a British author living in SW France among the ancient villages and vineyards which he says inspires his writing. Of course, that’s what he will tell you. He’s really there because it rains less than in England, the food is excellent and the wine good and cheap!