Mesmerize Me


Like jalapeno ice cream, this one-hour romance is lots of sweet with loads of heat.


Ghita Bianchi loves her big, beautiful curves.  Until a bad relationship makes her question everything.  Now, she wants her ex to regret.  And becoming slim is the only way to do that.

But silver fox hypnotherapist, Guy Price, thinks she’s perfect just the way she is.  

After the session, Ghita is consumed with steamy daydreams of Guy.  Not only that, but her every sense is now fully awakened to tantalizing heights.  For the first time, she’s truly experiencing all that life has to offer.  Food tastes better.  Music sounds sweeter.  Textures feel more luxurious.  Everything looks more vibrant.  

What did he say to her while she was under his control?  What did he do?

Ghita must find out, or the relentless and all-consuming fantasies threaten to unravel everything that was her life before she walked into the fox’s den. 

A provocative dinner, passion on a therapist’s couch, international travel, and HEA.  


A filthy quickie is a terrible thing to pass up. So, go ahead. You deserve it!