The Firefighter’s Unexpected Flame

A wildfire of desire is ignited when my beautiful new neighbor moves in.
I’m a single father, a firefighter who thrives on adrenaline. Women come and go, but none have ignited my soul until Hanna moved in next door. She’s smart, sassy, and younger than me, and her vibrant spirit pulls me in.
I hire her as my daughter’s nanny, thinking I can keep my distance, but Hanna’s warmth captivates my heart. The way she cares for my daughter, it’s as if they are kindred spirits, and I feel my heart swell, watching them giggling together.
My job is to fight fires, but I can’t extinguish the flames that burn inside me every time I think of Hanna. And making love to her; it’s hotter than any fire on earth.
The chemistry between us is undeniable, but my wild lifestyle and her ambitions create a gap between us. She says I’m an adrenaline junkie and she can’t live with the risks I take on the job.
I’m willing to risk it all for love, but will I lose Hanna when she’s offered her dream job in Manhattan? Our love story is filled with passion, but will she decide to follow her dreams, or my heart.

Meet Nikki Dalton

Hi, I’m Nikki and I enjoy writing sizzling hot romances with sassy heroines and the men who fall head over heels for them. I’m an avid reader and strive to take readers on a roller coaster of emotion via my writing. When I’m not working on my next story, I love researching new topics to feature in my upcoming books.

I live in Moore, Oklahoma, the tornado capital of the world! I am a lover of animals, especially my pound puppy Sophie, who turned out to be part Bichon Frise, Pinscher, and Chihuahua. I like to say Sophie is my pure bred BichePinWawa. In my downtime, I love cooking new recipes, dancing, and traveling to tropical islands. I prefer not to discuss my Netflix binge-watching problem and love good emotional, impactful storylines that stick with me long after I’ve finished them.

Blink Twice

Ruby’s life unravels when she’s ousted from her high-powered job, catapulting her into a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. This twist of fate leads her to become a nanny for Danny, the child left in Bennett’s care after the tragic death of his best friend, Enrique. Bennett, a dedicated cop, grapples with the weight of his new role as Danny’s guardian amidst his own personal turmoil.

In the tranquility of their suburban setting, Ruby’s and Bennett’s lives become intricately entwined. They stand together against the backdrop of a contentious custody battle with Danny’s grandparents and the daily challenges of forming a new family. Through her relationship with Danny and her deepening bond with Bennett, Ruby learns to recognize her worth and embrace her capacity to love and be loved.

Their story is a vivid exploration of the themes of healing, trust, and the bravery required to seize second chances. As Ruby and Bennett navigate the complexities of their shared responsibilities and confront their individual struggles, they discover the redemptive power of opening their hearts to one another. It’s a narrative that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and the unexpected journeys that lead us to the places we truly belong.

Meet Zelda Reese

Kane’s Storm

A dark elf ravaged by regret. A glamorous woman with a turbulent past. A second chance at love…if they dare. By day, dark elf Kane is devoted to his young daughter and people. By night, his dreams are dominated by a hauntingly beautiful woman he knows as ‘Sunshine’ – his subconscious’s attempt to suppress the grief of losing his true mate. Or so he believes, until he walks into his local bar, and the woman he desires. Summer is haunted by her harrowing childhood. Her successful career only highlights what she doesn’t have, as her sultry hook up with a charismatic stranger revealed. When her working vacation takes her to a blissful small town, she’s shocked to find the devastatingly enticing man she shared the steamy night with. Thrown together, their passion ignites hotter than a blazing sun. But Summer never imagined raising a family, let alone another woman’s daughter. And Kane knows he isn’t worthy of a second mate. Can he be the man Summer needs and risk opening his heart for another chance at love? Kane’s Storm is a standalone novel that is best enjoyed before Sammi’s Rock Falls series. If you like second chance romance with dark, brooding Heroes and strong Heroines with a tragic past, then you’ll love Sammi Mason’s smoldering tale. Grab your copy of Kane’s Storm to find a love worth taking a chance on.

Meet Sammi Mason

I’m a tea-guzzling, chocolate-loving, cat enthusiast who hails from the south coast of the UK. Who’s lucky enough to have two wonderful but slightly eccentric kids. When I’m not writing, you’ll find me reading. My passion for paranormal and fantasy romance grew until it exploded into my own world, which I turn into books to be enjoyed by all. Otherwise, I’d be a crazy lady talking to people in her head! I’ve released 6 books so far, with a surprise release coming as soon as I finish it, which should be soon because the Shadow Wolf refuses to wait any longer for his mate! But then, they are not known for restraint. Wish him luck because she isn’t will not be easy to win over. I’ll be back to tell you more about my books in a bit. If you love smoking hot alpha types and sassy, kickass heroines, you’ll love them.

Silver Santa

A single dad with a newly empty nest.

A strait-laced guidance counselor with one birthday wish.

This Christmas, a steamy second chance romance twenty years in the making is about to ignite.

Happily divorced high school guidance counselor Noemie Saint has moved back to Kissing Springs to be closer to her mother after her father’s death. She wouldn’t say she’s avoiding the ex that broke her heart 20 years ago, but she’s certainly not going out of her way to run into him. That all changes when their worlds collide. Suddenly he’s back in her life, looking better than ever. After a mortifying chance meeting in the adult toy section, Jameson makes a snarky suggestion that Noemie decides to take him up on.

Jameson Mitchell is finally seeing his hard work pay off. He’s the owner of a successful fitness center and his daughter is in college exploring her independence. When an opportunity to reconnect with The One That Got Away presents itself, he jumps at the chance. Twenty years ago, he chose to do the right thing and let Noemie go. Now that she’s moved back to town and they are both single, he’s sure he can convince her they belong together.

She wants one night, he wants forever. Can this second chance couple make some Christmas magic?


On a seemingly normal Memorial Day, Gabe Blake stumbles upon a girl laying next to a gravestone. He asks her who’s buried there, and she tells him a story he can’t quite believe. After years of research and interviews, he discovers the story, They’s story, is not only true, but inspirational: a story of loss, heartbreak, isolation, and above all, love. He discovers the story must be written, and he must write it. Maybe it’ll be his story, too.

Meet J.T. Moon

J.T. Moon was born in 1991 in Minneapolis, MN. He has spent many a day dreaming of faraway faces in faraway places. He currently resides in Missouri.

J.T. Moon is the author of They and The Dawning.

Love and Fast-Pitch


In desperate need of a life make-over after a terrible divorce, librarian Mallory Cruise signs up to coach her daughter’s recreational softball team. So what if she doesn’t have an athletic bone in her body? It’s the change her therapist suggested. There’s only one problem.

Her co-coach, Jason Henry, a widowed jock popular among the single ladies who’s made it clear Mallory grates his nerves. He’s an arrogant jerk who knows a lot about softball but nothing about women.

Mallory just needs to prove herself. And she does, in a horrible flip of the lineup that costs them the game. The softball moms band together and are ready to tie her to the fence during batting practice. They won’t stop until Mallory’s out of the picture.

And the only one who can save her is Jason.

Will Mallory strike out at coaching the same way she struck out in her marriage? Or will Jason rescue her when she needs it most?