Billion Dollar Brand: Brand You and Add a Zero to Your Revenue!

When it comes to embracing your story and using the most transformative life chapters to build a multi-million dollar business, Shaan Rais is among the branding titans.

This book pays tribute to his remarkable journey from zero to hero. As he expresses the lucrative importance of owning a personal brand, he recounts the prosperous stories of other business titans who developed a brand that will stand forever.

Pulling back the curtain in this value-packed resource entails Shaan Rais sharing the experience, education, and expertise he has gained by building a successful business from his personal brand.

This book includes advice backed by evidence-based facts and successful branding examples in the form of short stories. By the end of the book, they discover how others have built billion-dollar businesses on their name, image, & likeness, and how they too can effectively and profitably market their compelling brand story.

Shaan Rais is a Leadership Development Expert and Industrial & Organizational Psychologist as well as a Professional Speaker and Branding Strategist. He holds a double Master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Organizational Development & Change. By choosing to unapologetically invest in his story, he has inspired leaders like you to create more than a business, but a personal brand.

Throughout this captivating book, Shaan cohesively lays out the foundational differences between each brand story that aligns with industry leaders and household names. Even so, he continues to drive home the assertion that the unique path being walked by every individual is the makings of a brand story that will leave a lasting impact on the language we all speak – the global marketplace.

The Insider’s Guide to Business Credit Using an EIN Only

Fully up-to-date for 2024!

Many businesses struggle because they can’t access the funding they need to grow. Don’t let this happen to you!

This complete insider’s guide will teach you the exact steps for easily obtaining business credit using an EIN instead of your SSN, while boosting your business credit score and profile in the process. This will ensure your business can grow quickly without putting your personal assets at risk.

With our simple system, you’ll learn how to obtain 5–10 or more business tradelines in just 30 days. In fact, you can receive your first approval in just 24–48 hours, even if your business is brand new!

This book is your key to accessing trade credit, business credit cards, and even business loans with just your EIN—no personal guarantee needed.

The strategies in this book fully apply even if your business is small, home-based, or completely online.

This concise guide has no filler and no fluff. Just actionable steps and fast results.

In under two hours, you will learn how to:

  • Choose the right business structure to receive business credit and build your score with ease
  • Obtain an EIN instantly (if you don’t already have one) through a simple online application form
  • Set up your business for optimal fundability and creditworthiness in the eyes of potential creditors and lenders
  • Access your business credit reports, set up your business credit profile, and achieve the ideal score with each of the three major credit bureaus
  • Establish multiple net 30 tradelines with our recommended vendors that report to the major business credit bureaus and require no personal guarantee
  • Obtain a business credit card with no impact on your personal score, alongside our list of top business credit cards for receiving valuable perks and rewards
  • Receive a business loan with no personal guarantee or collateral required, including where to secure funding and tips for receiving fast approval
  • Unlock powerful new methods for funding your business that you may not have considered before
  • Avoid common mistakes that businesses make when applying for credit by accessing all of our must-know insider tips
  • Boost your business credit score in just 30 days, so you can receive higher approval odds, better terms, and higher credit limits

By gaining access to the insider strategies in this book, you’ll be several steps ahead of the competition and able to build your business with assurance.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start funding your business today!

Meet Alyssa Garner

Alyssa Garner is an author and entrepreneur with almost a decade of experience in the online business space. She writes business books with her husband and business partner, Garrett Garner.

Together, they’ve discovered a practical and reproducible framework for building highly profitable businesses in a short amount of time. Now, their passion lies in teaching budding entrepreneurs how to escape the grind and find financial freedom doing what they love.

NetWorth2b Theory Meets Practice – Small Business Accounting

A guide for entrepreneurs and small business owners who need a step by step walk thru of accounting principles and practices. It begins with an explanation of the chart of accounts, then continues with recording financial transactions, and ends with generating and reviewing financial statements.

Meet Jean Hines

Jean Hines is a licensed certified public accountant with a masters degree in computer science, with a focus on financial management apps, ebooks, and other digital products.

FREEZE: Inaction In The Face Of Business Crisis

Are you terrified a serious disruption could rip your business apart? Discover how to craft practical plans to get a better night’s sleep.

Is your company expanding so fast, you’re worried it’s not disaster-proof? Fearful that your baby will be destroyed in a recession? Do you want to shore up your operation and protect it from crisis? Successful entrepreneurs and consultants D. Scott Smith and Veronica Jeans have lived and breathed startups and mergers, helping thousands negotiate commercial change. Now they’re here to share expert insights into preparing yourself for any upheaval and laying the groundwork for success.

Freeze: Inaction in the Face of Business Crisis is a hands-on manual filled with easy-to-implement techniques that will fortify your enterprise to handle both foreseen and unexpected hurdles. Aimed at anyone from solopreneurs to freelancers and small businesses, Smith and Jeans lay out simple approaches to protecting your cash flow and growth. And by following and acting on their hard-earned wisdom, you’ll breathe easier knowing that your blood, sweat, and tears can weather any storm and thrive.In Freeze, you’ll discover:

  • Powerful historical examples of real-world application to surviving disasters and growing
  • How to get past inaction so you’ll always have something to act on to move forward
  • The Value Wheel and why it is key to lowering risk and making your work indestructible
  • How neuroscience aids your understanding so you can stop putting out fires and keep ahead of the game
  • Ways to identify potential cracks and mitigate against failure, useful thinking models, and much, much more!

Freeze: Inaction in the Face of Business Crisis is an essential handbook for anyone who wants to safeguard their livelihood. If you like straight-to-the-point guidance, rock-solid methods, and ways to turn concepts into action plans, then you’ll love D. Scott Smith & Veronica Jeans’ indispensable resource.

Buy Freeze to avert a major meltdown today!

Meet Veronica Jeans

Veronica Jeans is an eCommerce business consultant, speaker, Shopify partner, lecturer, and bestselling author. She has had extensive experience helping eCommerce businesses grow in the global marketplace.
Jeans integrates her extensive knowledge in the field of eCommerce, along with her international financial expertise, to offer up a playbook for generating income online.

D. Scott Smith is a collaborator sitting at the juncture of strategy and execution. He is known as a “Motivational Listener.” Scott is a speaker, coach, and mentor who will inspire and motivate you. He works with businesses and individuals globally.

Tax Planning For Women Entrepreneurs: A Strategy to Permanently Reduce Your Taxes and Build Wealth Faster for Early Retirement

How to make the most of your tax breaks and reap the financial rewards, even if you struggle with filing…

What do you think when you hear the word “taxes”?

Odds are, you don’t associate them with anything good. In fact, it’s been said that the only two things that are certain in life are death and taxes — and nobody looks forward to either of them.

But why is that? What is it about tax season that creates a sense of dread and unnecessary stress?

The fear of taxes often comes from misunderstanding.

Many people believe that the goal of taxes is to take from the people, when in fact the tax code is written to benefit the people who contribute back to the economy.

As an entrepreneur, you know the value you bring to the table. You help create jobs, provide services, and give back with your time and effort.

So it can feel like a punishment when you file your tax return and get hit with high taxation rates and minimal returns.

The truth is, by changing the way you approach your taxes, you can transform the way they impact your life.

Through strategic planning, you can take advantage of the hundreds of deductions and credits that were designed to save you money, just for running your business in a smart way.

In Tax Planning for Women Entrepreneurs, here is just a fraction of what you will discover:

  • How to make the most of your tax opportunities to minimize expenses and take advantage of what’s available to you as a business owner
  • What the cashflow quadrant is — and where you fall within it
  • The 4 essential asset classes you must be investing in if you want a truly balanced portfolio
  • The difference between tax deductions and tax credits, and why understanding how they differ is crucial to maximizing your tax savings
  • 6 simple steps to lower your tax bracket, potentially saving you thousands of dollars
  • Small business tax deductions you might be overlooking that are costing you money each year
  • How to make the most of your real estate investments and choose the right niche for your needs
  • How to avoid double taxation by creating flow-through entities using the business that you already have
  • The easy-to-claim tax credits that you might qualify for without even realizing it

And much more.

Maybe you’ve already tried to take a strategic look at your taxes in the past, finding yourself overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information out there. You’re not alone.

Millions of people each year lose out on money they are rightfully owed, all because they don’t know how to use the system to their benefit.

This guide will take you through all the steps to take advantage of the opportunities the government gives you, all through completely legal means.

You’ll be able to confidently save for the future knowing that you’re paying the lowest possible tax rates, supporting your business, and planning for success.

If you’re ready to take the fear and stress out of taxes and make the most of your money, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.

Meet Lisa Corbitt

Lisa Corbitt is an entrepreneur, certified public accountant and the author of Tax Planning for Women Entrepreneurs.

She is a firm believer in building wealth and paving the way for early retirement in order to focus on living life to its fullest, and she funnels this passion into her work. Her writing is focused on providing practical strategies to help readers reach their dreams of wealth and freedom.

Lisa has been working in the financial industry for 26 years, combining her training as an accountant with her passion for tax planning and wealth management. Helping people achieve their financial goals brings her great joy, and she’s determined to use her extensive training to help others live the lives they truly want to live.

She has a particular passion for working with female entrepreneurs, whose dedication and drive inspire her every day. She has an inside understanding of how it’s possible to work with your taxes for the benefit of your entire life, rather than finding them a source of frustration or a hindrance to your business.

Lisa now lives in the Bahamas with her husband, a story she tells to show just how possible it is to live the life you thought was only attainable in dreams. Her greatest pleasure is walking barefoot on the sand to pick fresh mangoes for breakfast. It’s these small pleasures that make life worth living, and she’s determined to share everything she knows about accessing them with the world.

Smash It!: How to Dominate the Digital Era and Make Your Business Grow Like Hell!

“Smash It” is not just a tool for pure digital companies. It can be applied to traditional companies and to companies that need to reinvent their business models in order to keep being competitive. As such, it’s equally useful to all professionals that want to understand how to deliver value to their organizations in the coming years; everyone from c-level, to managers, to senior leaders, to salespeople, to beginners.

My method has already generated hundreds of millions in sales for the companies I worked for and for those that have followed my speeches, classes and read my publications.

These strategies aren’t restricted to big corporations with huge marketing budgets. This unique method has been used to generate growth for businesses of all sizes.

There are 5 steps to dominate the digital Era and make your business grow like hell:

Step 1 is about the current digital landscape and how to define your strategic gap in the market. This will help you to define where you want to compete.

Step 2 is about go-to-market. Traditional
advertising is obsolete and it is time to engage with customers differently. Understanding your customer
behavior and connecting emotionally with your customers is key to achieve digital growth.

Step 3 defines a new way of management. Companies do not want to be digital, they want to behave like a digital company. Quick, flexible, innovative and with many other skills and attributes that you and your
business should achieve and make use of.

Step 4 is where everything starts. You will not achieve digital growth until you realize it is about mindset. Not only about the company mindset but also your own thinking process. Digital rebirth is the way you start a fresh new life for your business.

Step 5 is about how to define your digital leadership skills to scale up your transformation into something bigger than yourself.

The 30-Second Scorecard: How to Build Systems to Put Your Business on Autopilot

Do you run your business, or does your business run you?

All entrepreneurs and business leaders reach a point of frustration with their business performance. Do you find yourself saying: “Sales growth has stalled”, “Profits are not at expectations”, “Employees are not performing”, “I don’t have the time to figure things out”? The good news is that there are answers and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Author Tim Cox has spent three decades in and with businesses witnessing what works and what doesn’t work. With this experience and knowledge Cox developed the Sepiida Framework™. This is a practical step by step framework that can be implemented successfully in any type of business and in any economic condition. These proven systems and principles are the key to freeing up your time, re-gaining your business momentum, and setting your business up for a future of growth and success.

In The 30-Second Scorecard, Cox shares some of the critical methods and principles within his proprietary framework that are the foundation for a successful business. These are not theories, but proven strategies and systems that are being used by the most successful companies in the world. You’ll discover simple yet powerful ways for you and your team to move your company to the next level.

In the book, you will:

• Understand the why behind strategic systems and scorecards
• Learn step by step how to build systems
• Learn the important components in your scorecards
• Create your playfield to understand the flow of your systems
• Identify exactly where your priorities should be
• Evaluate activities to be sure you’re not over-paying
• Find additional revenue with little to no cost to you
• Find hidden cash in your business
• Get a FREE “Action Steps” guide
• Get FREE templates and examples

Whether you are a veteran leader or an aspiring entrepreneur, this book will spark your creativity and inspire you to make positive changes within your organization.

Million Dollar Service Secrets: Systems to Do Less & Grow Fast

Million Dollar Service Secrets: Systems to Do Less & Grow Fast - ASIN B08DXWXNXT

You want more for your service business. As a matter of fact, you KNOW you were meant for more. 

Wherever you are on your entrepreneurial journey—you want more.

You’re ready to get off the “do everything myself while the employees get paid first and I get left over scraps” merry-go-round. 

You’re ready to own a REAL business with real systems and with REAL employees that give you freedom instead of sucking the life from you.

A business that doesn’t require you to “do the work.” That pays you exactly the same whether you’re in the office, spending time with your family, or on vacation.

A business that will make your in-laws, friends, and maybe even a couple enemies jealous. 

You want CONTROL over your life, your time, who you spend it with, where you spend it and of course, the money to make it all work!

The problem is, owning a service business hasn’t given you that time with your kids or your spouse. 

You’re working harder than ever but you’re not getting ahead financially. Maybe not even staying afloat.

The craziest part of this whole thing is… You wouldn’t give it up for the world.

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The Agency Blueprint: The Business System That Leads to Success

The Agency Blueprint: The Business System That Leads to Success - ASIN B08CBM9VZH

Every business starts out with an idea; the business owner endeavoring to make a dream a reality. Between starting the business and the realization of success, almost everything changes.

In the Agency Blueprint, Creative Agency financial expert Robert Patin draws on his experience to outline and demystify how businesses lose their way from the original vision. Through methodical processes, Patin outlines his tried-and-tested approaches to bringing businesses back in line with what entrepreneurs want their company to be. This book provides a refreshingly straightforward and insightful read, with plenty of real-life examples of its approaches implemented. The Agency Blueprint demonstrates that change is attainable and motivates the reader to accomplish their dreams.

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Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Small to Medium Businesses: The Definitive Guide to Driving Growth and Success


Today, small and medium businesses are faced with daunting challenges:
*Increasing global competition
*An unprecedented array of media and technologies
*New and evolving buyer expectations
*Demand for real-time and relevant brand engagement

To succeed in today’s environment, effective strategies are needed.
This book is for start-ups and established companies who want to grow their business.
*Create winning approaches to the market
*Avoid common pitfalls, saving time and money
*Eliminate waste on unproductive approaches and tactics
*Accelerate revenue growth and success

Marketing For Entrepreneurs and Small to Medium Businesses: The Definitive Guide to Driving Growth and Success will help you thrive in today’s complex marketplace.