The life of a young woman unable to hear, speak, read, or write. Christmastime in England, 1925, a young woman in tattered clothing arrives at the door of the home of John and Anna Thorpe, begging for food. Soon, realisation comes that she is unable to hear, speak, read or write, with evidence of brutal physical abuse. The Thorpe Family welcomes her into their home and, without knowing her given name, they call her Ellen. Together, Ellen and the Thorpe family strive to bridge their communication barriers. They evolve a method of simple hand gestures to “speak” her language. As they discover fragments of her terrifying history, they show her unconditional love, acceptance and safety. In time, her past returns, revealing itself in unimaginable horror, from which she may never return. “CUP” will take you through the mystery of this young woman, her deep fears, violent nightmares, and her amazement at a world she did not know existed. As John and Anna lovingly guide her into this new world beyond her past, they realise that they, and everyone whose lives she has touched, have gained more from her than they could ever give her in return.Follow our Facebook page: “Cup, A Novel” to view the video trailer, for continuous updates, information and fan interactions. Email: [email protected] the Authors: Robert Ernest Wills and Rachael Kristian Kasper moved to Vermont where they have been working together for a number of years on a variety of entertainment and media projects