Do you want to try out Facebook Advertising but have no clue where to start? Learn how to amplify your marketing strategies with the power of social media marketing with this step-by-step guide.

Advertising on Facebook is so much more than just boosting a post. Don’t lose out on sales from “abandoned cart” customers! Capture potential customers who visit your website but don’t complete the sale in your spider web with a Facebook Pixel and remarket to them in the coming days. Conduct lead generation campaigns on Facebook by having people fill out a form with their contact information. Imagine your sales team’s delight when you present them with a list of qualified sales leads.

This book will provide a basic understanding of the capabilities and walks you through how to create impactful ads on Facebook. Take your marketing strategy to the next level and expand your reach into new possibilities.

Jessica Ainsworth, Founder of the digital marketing agency Pendragon Consulting, LLC, has years of experience on helping businesses expand their reach into new pools of potential customers. She has a strong background in research and analytics and has turned that into a passion for marketing. Through easy-to-follow tips, The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook advertising will teach you all you need to know in order to run successful ads on this powerful platform.

In this book, you’ll discover:
•What Facebook Advertising is
•Why you should be advertising your business on Facebook
•How you to advertise on Facebook
•And more!

“Finally, there is a no fluff, straightforward, quick read for any small business looking to start or re-energize their marketing on Facebook and/or Instagram!” — Amazon review

Get The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Advertising and start generating more leads today!

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No Going Back

These days, everyone wants their fifteen minutes of fame. Brian Weathers doesn’t. He’s a novelist and he’s actually quite successful. The thing is, he doesn’t want to become famous at all. In fact, he’s only told six people he’s got books published. So what’s going to happen when a photo threatens to out him to the world? However will he cope?

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Even Odds (FBI Joint Task Force Book 3)

Even Odds (FBI Joint Task Force Book 3) - ASIN B081M8PJWL

Double crossed
Double agents 
Doubling down… 

…She’s putting her heart and her life on the line.

Raine Meyers is only alive today because of the heroic efforts of the Delta Force Echo Team. It’s time to pay that debt. 

As an undercover defense intelligence officer, Raine tracks a Russian threat to the Delta Force wives left vulnerable while their husbands are downrange protecting the U.S.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Damian Prescott, former Delta Force Operator – also Raine’s former fiancé, falls quite literally into the middle of her operation.

Since both the DIA and FBI have their teeth clamped onto the same crime, why not join forces? A plan is hatched to insert the two intelligence officers into the action—under the cover of a fake marriage—painting a target on Raine’s back, enticing the mole out into the open.

Damian wasn’t there when his Delta Force brothers saved Raine from the terrorists in Afghanistan…

…will he be there for her this time, when she’s in the sniper’s rifle sights?

Download your copy now and join the team for this second-chance military romance, women’s action adventure driven by spies, terrorists, and the intelligence communities who work to keep us safe.

Even Odds can be read as a standalone, as part of the FBI Joint Task Force series, or as part of the World of Iniquus.

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